15 Epic Games are Free from Dec 16 to Dec 30- Check Out at Epic Games Store!!!

During the month of December, you can download 15 Epic Games for free. You can get Star Wars Battlefront II for free, Creature in the Well, Dead Rising 3, Rage 2, Absolute Drift, and Metro: Last Light Redux for free. 

The store also releases one new game every day, including Dungeons 3 and SOMA. In addition, you can download Bad North for free, Elite Dangerous for free, and The World Next Door for free.

The list of available games includes RUINER, Nuclear Throne, Costume Quest, SOMA, and QUBE 2. Some of the other titles you can get for free are Alan Wake American Nightmare, Layers of Fear, QUBE 2, and QUBE 2. You can also pick up Minit, Surviving Mars, and Soma, all of which are due out in November.

Throughout the Christmas season, Epic Games is giving away free games. From December 16 to December 30, you can play up to 15 games for free. Each of these games is available for download on the Epic Games Store. 

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15 Epic Games are Free from Dec 16 to Dec 30- T&C

You’ll have 24 hours to claim each title, but you can choose any of them. These freebies are not the only way to get new titles for free. If you’ve been looking for a new RPG to play, the Epic Games Store has got it covered. It features popular titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Dauntless Reforged, and Rogue Company.

Epic Games is preparing for the holiday season by releasing free games to the public for two weeks. The sale will start on December 16 and run until December 30, with one game being given away every day. 

Once you’ve downloaded a game, you can keep it forever. The final title will be available for a week and will only be available for a limited time. The freebies will be available only in the Epic Games store, so get ready to play!

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15 Epic Games are Free from Dec 16 to Dec 30

15 Epic Games are Free from Dec 16 to Dec 30- Other Details

The Epic Games Store will also give away free games throughout the holiday season. The store will offer at least one free game per day from December 16 to December 30. 

The freebies are available exclusively for those who have Xbox Live Games with Gold. It is possible to get these titles without a subscription. However, you’ll need to be a member of Xbox Live in order to get the offers.

The freebies are limited to three per day. The first one is a multiplayer game, which will allow up to four people to play together. The second one is a free trial version of the game. 

The free trials are limited, so don’t miss out. There are also a few other restrictions. The games have to be free to be eligible for the promotional offer. You need to download them in order to get the full version of the game.

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15 Epic Games are Free from Dec 16 to Dec 30- Limitations

The freebies aren’t just limited to the current year. If you are looking for a Christmas present for the whole family, consider downloading the 15 Epic Games for free.

You’ll find a variety of games to download for free, including AAA hits like Dead by Daylight and While True: Learn(). You can also get a new game every day during December by searching for the word “free” on the site.

Until the end of December, you can download more than 15 free games on Epic’s website. The company is gearing up for a holiday sale, and a free game is something everyone should enjoy. 

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15 Epic Games are Free from Dec 16 to Dec 30-Wrap Up

The next free game is a mystery and will be unveiled on December 16. The first is out of the box, but it’s worth a shot. The game isn’t the only one being offered, either.

While you can’t download the games for free, you can download them from the library. You can purchase them at any time to play them at any time. But you don’t have to immediately install them. 

You can also download them from the library and play them later for free. If you want to spend money on these games, make sure you check out the free demo versions of these titles. You’ll be glad you did.

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