70Mai Dash Cam Pro+ Features- Will make your Car more Smarter???

This dash cam supports IOS and Android systems and comes with an application that allows you to download and view HD video from your vehicle. The app also helps you lock the emergency video. 

The video will only be recorded for two weeks before it needs to be formatted. Its Defogging algorithm prevents the images from distortion and reproduces clear vision even in a smoke environment. 

It uses WDR technology to adjust exposure balance to capture greater detail even in low-light conditions. Installing this dash cam behind the rearview mirror will keep the footage safe and prevent it from being erased by the next recording. The price of this amazing gadget is INR 9,999.

The dash cam supports up to 128GB MicroSD cards, and it has an emergency mode as well. When you want to record video from your car, you can easily switch the mode by pressing a button on the device. 

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70Mai Dash Cam Pro+

70Mai Dash Cam Pro+- Storage

The device supports up to a 128GB MicroSD card, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space. It also overwrites old files to make room for new ones. The 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ has a 12-month warranty and works well after the first setup.

The 70Mai Dash Cam Pro+ is a smart car camera. It has an emergency mode that records images for up to 30 minutes. It also acts as a reverse camera for one minute. Depending on your needs, you can switch the mode with the push of a button. 

You can use up to 128GB MicroSD cards in the 70mai Dash Cam Pro+. This will ensure that the camera doesn’t run out of space and you won’t lose any footage. The cameras work after they are first set up. Once you set them up, you can change them from the app or the device.

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70Mai Dash Cam Pro+- Compatibility

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4. It has a built-in G-sensor and can automatically start recording when parked. You can easily access the videos with the help of the app. 

The camera is also designed to provide voice alerts when it detects sudden shakes or collisions. It can even be used to restore an accident scene if you want to use it as evidence.

The 70Mai Dash Cam Pro+ is a powerful dash cam with many features. It can be used as a rear camera if needed. It can be easily switched by pressing a button on the device. 

You can also get a QR code to learn how to operate the rear camera. Its battery lasts for 12 months. The device can also be used in extreme weather conditions and in hot climates.

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70Mai Dash Cam Pro+- Connectivities

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ has a backup battery, GPS module, and G-sensor. It also has a 480x800px resolution and can be used as a reverse camera in emergencies. 

Its software is very user-friendly and is compatible with iOS 9 or Android 4.4. If you have a problem with your 70mai Dash Cam, you can easily fix it with a few clicks on the device.

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ comes with installation stickers, user manuals, and a dual USB car charger. It comes with a mounting plate and a bundle of connecting wires. 

You can install both the front and rear cameras on the dashboard and enjoy complete security and peace of mind. The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile phones and is powered by the smartphone via Bluetooth.

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70Mai Dash Cam Pro+- Camera Features

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ features two cameras. The front camera supports Full HD recording. It features a 130deg Wide Angle camera with an F2.0 aperture. It also has a hardwire kit to power the dash cam while parked. 

The 70mai dash cam is equipped with voice-activated navigation. The device uses the GPS feature to help the driver in navigating. Its built-in GPS will give you more accurate information about your surroundings.

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro+ features six lenses with WDR 140deg wide angle capability and is equipped with a built-in G-sensor. This camera is fully functional with a microphone that you can control with your voice. 

The video can be viewed on the screen on the smartphone or on the dash cam’s LCD. The dashboard of the car is not visible but it can be used to detect theft.

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