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9xFlix.com is an illegal movie download site that can be directly accessed in India. The website shares the pirated content of the latest movies and web series. The revenue made by this website is huge which really harms the overall income of the Film-makers.

As per Amazon Alexa, the website is very popular in India with an overall Alexa rank of around 67k. Since the website ranking depends on various factors such as the average time that users spend on the website, average pages surfed, Bounce rate, etc.

The website ranking can change from time to time on the basis of the above factors. We do not claim the accuracy of the ranking as different platforms have different stats to measure the overall website ranking.

The movies and web series shares by 9xFlix are completely illegal under the Indian IT rules. It is very difficult to take down those pirated websites from the Internet. It is so because they regularly change their domain name making it difficult for the government to trace down those websites.

The 9xFlix.com is mostly popular in India and per the ahrefs data, it has more than 200k monthly traffic. This huge number of traffic generates good revenue for the website owners.

On the other hand, the film-makers and real owners of the film is not able to earn the profit they deserve. The pirated movie websites are destroying our Indian Film industry and strong action must be taken against those websites.

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9xFlix.com 2021- Website Information

9xFlix.com is counted in India’s one of the top pirated movies sharing platforms. Though the website has a user base all over the world but the majority of its audience is from India. The other countries in which the 9xFlix.com website is most are Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

This pirated website is becoming popular day by day because all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and web series will be available to download within a few days of release. Users can also download Full HD content from this website with high definition sound quality too.

The second reason for the 9xFlix.com website’s popularity is that it can be directly accessed without any intervention. It seems that the website has not come under government surveillance yet because it can be accessed directly from google.

The pirated websites are becoming popular day by day as the audience can directly download all the latest movies and can watch it for free. It is true that the audience saves hundreds and thousands of rupees for watching movies but on the other side, they are making a loss of lakhs and crores of film-makers.

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How can 9xFlix.com website be accessed if it is Pirated?

There are innumerable websites out there that share pirated content. In order to find the pirated website, the government officials have to go through a lot of websites which takes some time to be noticed. Since the 9xFlix website is not too old that’s why it is not banned yet.

There are many websites that are banned from direct access but they continuously change their domain name so that they might escape from getting banned. We have got some legendary users too as they access the banned website using the VPN.

If someone does not know what VPN is? then it is software that connects users to another countries server. There are several VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) apps available both on the Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

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Content available on the 9xFlix.com website

9xFlix.com website has a wide range of Indian web series and movies content available. Some of the listed contents shared on the website are.

1) Bollywood movies.

2) Hollywood movies.

3) Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi.

4) Hindi movies with Dual audio.

5) South movies dubbed in Hindi.

6) Web series in Hindi.

These are some of the major categories of the website.

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List some of the web series and movies leaked on the 9xFlix

Almost all the latest web series and movies are available to download on the 9xFlix.com website. Some of the recently leaked video contents of the Bollywood movies and web series are Chehre, Bell Bottom, Badnaam, Happy Hardy and Heer, Bhuj- The Pride of India, Shershah, etc.

Besides this, there are many other movies and web series which can be illegally downloaded on the 9xFlix website. The plus point on this website is that all the video contents are available in 360P, 540P, 1080P, and also in 2040P resolution to download.

The advertisement on this illegal website is kept low hence improving the overall user experience. Whereas the other piracy websites have a lot of ad content making the overall site experience poor.

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How do the 9xFlix.com and other pirated websites earn

The websites that promote piracy is completely illegal and google does not allow to place ads on their website. So they opt for other third-party advertising companies to run ads on their website. The advertisement is the biggest source of revenue for piracy websites.

Additionally, they also promote products on their website and get paid every time someone buys the product from their website.

The above two methods are the major source of revenue for the websites like 9xflix. With these two methods, they make a diversified amount of money. As per the reports, some of the websites even generate revenue of more than $10k which is just unimaginable.

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How much popular does the 9xflix.com website is?

The 9xflix.com website has gained popularity after the 2020 lockdown. The website has monthly clicks of more than 200k and an average user spends around 3- 4minutes on the website.

The above statics suggest that 9xFlix.com is one of the most popular and liked websites in India and its neighboring countries where people have still got a craze for Bollywood movies.

Also, note that the above stats are taken from the website analysis software. The above data is just an assumption and real-time results may vary from what is mentioned above.

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What is the exact URL of the 9xflix website?

The piracy websites continuously changes their domain name so it is very difficult to identify the exact URL of the website. As per our result currently the URL of the website is 9xflix.link. 

The government continuously monitoring the piracy websites and if found guilty then the government is free to take precautionary action against the website owner. 

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How come people download movies and web series from 9xflix.link?

Users nowadays know every tips and tactic to download movies and web-series from the Internet. Downloading the pirated movies are super-easy in the 9xflix.link website.

1) Open the website.

2) Search for the movie or web series that you want to download.

3) Click on the movie you want to download.

4) A new link will open in which a download link will be given at the bottom.

5) Click on the link to download the movie.

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Other FAQs related to the 9xflix.com

1) Is 9xflix.link is a pirated website?

 – Yes, 9xflix.link website is completely pirated and illegal to access. It is so because the website leaks the movies and web series on their website without the filmmaker’s consent.

2) If we are doing an Illegal activity by downloading movies from the website?

Yes, by downloading movies from this type of website we are doing illegal activity and we are answerable before the court of law.

3) How much money do the Pirated websites like 9xflix.com make?

– Pirated websites like 9xflix.link generates revenue in thousands of dollars. 

4) Does 9xflix and alike websites cause huge losses to the film-makers?

– Yes, piracy website causes huge loss to the producers, directors, actors, and other film staffs who have put their money and efforts in the film.

5) Can we stop Piracy?

Several steps and efforts have been put by the government and cyber-crime experts to stop the illegal downloading of the film. But at last, they cannot do it alone we as responsible citizens must come forward and try our best by educating people of how much loss the film-making industry is suffering because of piracy.

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There are many Illegal movie downloading websites that make the film industry suffer the most. The Techloverrs website does not aim to promote piracy in any way. It is completely illegal and if a person is found promoting this type of activities then he/she is punishable under the court of law under the Copyright Act of 1957.

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