Airtel Prepaid Pack hiked from 26 Nov- Here are the New Pricing Details

When will Airtel prepaid plans increase? The price of the most popular plans like the Rs. 79 recharge pack will be increased by Rs. 30 in November 2021. A Rs. 79 recharge pack will offer 200MB of data and 100 SMS daily. The prices of the Rs. 149 recharge plan will be increased by Rs. 50. The price of the Rs. 249 recharge plan will increase by around 12%.

Earlier, the company increased entry-level pricing and upgraded some postpaid plans but not the prepaid plans. Jio has increased the prices of its voice plans. The new Rs. 99 tariffed voice plan will give customers 50 per cent more talk time and 200MB of data per day. 

The new price of the Rs. 79 plan is compared to its current price of Rs. 79. Apart from the price hike, Jio has also improved the quality of its call quality. The new Airtel prepaid plan will have a higher call resolution and a better signal strength.

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Airtel Prepaid Pack hiked

Airtel Prepaid Price Hike- Here are all Information

The price hike for the Airtel prepaid plans is not small. The base recharge plan will cost Rs. 79. This means that the Rs. 75 prepaid plan will now cost Rs. 99. 

Similarly, the Rs. 219 cellular plan will cost Rs. 264. In addition, the price of the Rs. 251 top-up will go up by 5%. The Rs. 148 prepaid pack will now cost Rs. 179.

The Rs. 698 prepaid plan will be increased to Rs. 719. It will now offer 24GB of data for the entire validity period of 84 days. The Rs. 1,498 plan will cost Rs. 1839. The Rs. 379 prepaid plan will cost Rs. 449 and the Rs. 599 prepaid plan will cost Rs. 2,498 will be increased by 25%. The new Airtel prepaid plans are available in four different validity periods.

The new prices for the Rs. 379 plan will increase to Rs. 449. The Rs. 399 plan will increase to more than Rs. 549 plan will rise to Rs. 719. The Rs. 298 prepaid plan will cost Rs. 499. However, the two99 and Rs. 149 plans are identical in terms of calling and SMS benefits. It will cost you Rs. 299. If you need unlimited data, the Rs. 298 plan will be more expensive.

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Date from which Airtel Prepaid Plans will Hike by upto 25%

The new prices of Airtel prepaid plans will be 25 to 25% higher in November. This will be a significant hike for the Rs.598 plan, while the Rs.298 plan will cost Rs.798. The new plans will also increase by about 20 to 30 percent for the Rs.298 prepaid plan. And the Rs.298 yearly plan will be up to three times more, so a total of 20 to 25 percent increases.

The new prices for the Rs.149 entry-level prepaid plan will be available in the retail network starting November 26. The base plan with 28-day validity will cost Rs.79, while the Rs.49 entry-level prepaid plan will cost Rs.79. In terms of postpaid plans, Bharti Airtel will hike the prices for 84-day and 56-day plans by twenty-five percent.

The new rates for all prepaid plans are going to increase by a further 20 to 25 per cent. The entry-level tariffed voice plan will cost Rs.99 and will be accompanied by a 50-day talktime quota. The new plans will also have a 100-minute SMS quota and one-gigabyte of data. The corresponding changes in data usage are expected to be felt gradually by consumers.

The new prices for the Airtel Rs.698 prepaid plan are now Rs.839 for 50-GB data and Rs.248 for three-gigabytes. The upcoming increase in data top-ups has triggered a debate among industry watchers. During the last quarter of 2018, the ARPUs for the operator’s two major rivals have dropped to about Rs.200, but analysts predict that the ARPUs will go up to Rs.300 and even 200 in the near future.

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