Android TV 12 Finally gets Official Launch!!!4K, HDR, HDMI CEC 2.0, etc.

There’s a new version of Android TV available today namely Android TV, and it’s called Android TV 12. It’s still a beta version aimed at developers, so you can’t download it just yet. However, if you have an ADT-3 device, you can download it manually. 

If you’re not one of these people, you can also download the new version of the operating system from a mirror. While the new version is meant for developers, ordinary users can’t get it yet, unless they have a Chromebox or an ADT-3 device.

The update comes with many new features and improvements, including privacy indicators, background blurs, and 4K support. Developers can also install system images manually on their devices. 

It will be available soon on all Android TVs, but OTA updates aren’t always possible. If you’re a developer, you can manually install the system image. But there’s no ETA on when this update will hit other smart TVs.

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Android TV 12

Android TV 12- Features

The biggest new feature of the Android TV 12 platform is a native 4K UI rendering. Previously, the UI on Android TV supported upscaling to 4K resolution. However, the new version of the software will support native 4K UI rendering, which should result in sharper visuals. 

You’ll also find that the camera and microphone privacy indicators are now more visible. This update is not limited to Pixel phones. It’s also expected to arrive on more smartphones and tablets in the coming months.

The new version of Android TV 12 features a number of new improvements. For example, it supports 4K UI rendering and background blurs, HDR, and surround sound. It’s also compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. And, it has an intuitive user interface. 

This latest version also brings improved security and privacy, and it’s easier to use than ever before. It’s a big upgrade for the TV OS, and it’s available on Google’s ADT-3 developer device.

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Android TV 12- Improvements

The new version of Android TV 12 offers a variety of improvements. Not only does it have the best UI of any of the current versions of the operating system, but it also offers improved support for HDR formats and HDR UI rendering. 

There are also several new features available in the Android TV platform. And if you have an ADT-3 developer device, it will automatically update to the latest version. But if you don’t have one, you can manually update it by flashing the system image.

Another new feature in Android TV 12 is its ability to render in 4K. The older version of the OS featured rectangular prompts. Now, these popups are more pleasing to the eye. It is possible to customize the screen resolution to achieve a more immersive experience. 

And it has a variety of other improvements, such as a better camera and microphone support. There’s also a new version of the settings menu. There are many apps available on the market for the Android TV, and it’s not just Android.

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Android TV 12- Switch Options

Another feature that has made Android TV 12 a more seamless experience for users is Cast Connect Stream Transfer. This new feature lets you seamlessly switch between content from different Google devices. 

You can also control the volume on the TV by adjusting the volume. And as you can see, the new Android TV 12 update also includes the ability to change the frame rate of the content. There’s no need to worry about your device’s compatibility with HDR anymore.

Developers can now update their apps on the Android TV using the ADT-3 transmitter. Using this transmitter, you can update your TV to Android 12. Currently, the ADT-3 transmitter is available on many devices, including TVs, but this is still a preview version and only for developers. 

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Android TV 12- Final Verdict

This is a beta, and it’s not available on consumer devices, so you can only test it on an emulator. So, if you are a developer, you’ll need to upgrade to get your ADT-3 to get the new version.

The new version of Android TV offers a few improvements. You can now change the font size of your TV to accommodate different display sizes, and watch movies with 4K resolution. 

And you can even access Netflix on the TV by logging into your Google account. Streaming video to the television from the Internet is now possible through Google’s Stream Expansion, and you can even add more speakers with a BT-Cable.

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