Baidu Tiantian Smart Fitness Mirror launched!!! To feature 43-inch IPS Display

The latest product from Baidu is called the Tiantian Smart Fitness Mirror, which is a big-screen smart fitness mirror that can help you achieve a gym-like effect in the privacy of your home. 

It features a 43-inch IPS screen with a full-length mirror for a realistic workout experience, and an AI virtual coach to help you succeed. 

The Baidu Smart Exercise Mirror can also connect to LTE networks to make it easy to stay connected and receive personal training sessions from famous trainers.

The smart fitness mirror is a product based on the Xiaodu Assistant, the AI-based personal assistant, and is the first product from Baidu that perfects the Xiaodu Assistant’s business ecology. 

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Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror

Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror- Connectivities

The company has been deeply involved in smart technology for years and now has a full product matrix of smart speakers, screens, headphones, educational and translation, and smart fitness mirrors.

The product line spans audio-visual entertainment, fitness, and education.Besides the Xiaodu Assistant’s core functionality, the Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror perfects the business ecology of the Xiaodu Assistant. 

As the company has been working on smart technology for several years, it has launched products in diverse categories including audio-visual entertainment, translation, and even smart TV. The company’s product line is a comprehensive one.

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Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror- Xiaodu Assistant

With the Xiaodu Assistant at the center of its business, Baidu has a product offering that encompasses the entire spectrum of the smart technology industry, from music and entertainment to sports and fitness.

The smart fitness mirror is a product with a large scale and serious undervalued value. The company has surrounded itself with top investment funds, including DST Global, Tencent investment, and Baidu Capital. 

Its layout has attracted attention from traditional brands, like Xiaomi and Huawei. Now, the company has officially launched the smart fitness mirror, and it’s not hard to see how it can become a household name.

The device has already received a warm reception from consumers. Although it is not as widely available as other smart fitness mirrors, the device is the most useful accessory for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 

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Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror- Ergonomics

It is designed to track your progress and show you what needs to be improved to improve your physical health. Its FITURE mirror has been featured by many Japanese media outlets, and the FITURE Mirror was recently reprinted on the Yahoo! Technology Channel. 

The FITURE Mirror is now being used in China, Japan, South Korea, and other East Asian countries. In fact, the FITURE has become one of the most popular products in the field of science.

While the fitness mirror has its functional benefits, the device is primarily used for aerobic and shaping exercises. It is not yet practical for people who do heavy strength training, iron lifting, and other traditional fitness methods. 

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Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror- Fitness Dedicated

In addition to capturing the results of your exercises, the smart fitness mirror also offers a variety of AI fitness courses. The software can be used to improve the way you exercise, and perform a variety of other tasks.

The smart fitness mirror is the only smart fitness device to offer professional guidance and is priced at a price that is beyond the reach of ordinary people. 

With this new product, the company hopes to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle for millions of Chinese consumers. 

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Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror- Wrap Up

The price is also a huge barrier, but it is worth keeping in mind that the technology isn’t as expensive as it is in the United States and Europe.

Currently, the Baidu Smart Fitness Mirror has over 10,000 active users. The smart fitness mirror features a wide range of fitness courses and exercises. The mirror’s custom-built wide dynamic sensor can record 2K 60fps images, which makes it ideal for sports. 

The smart fitness mirror is also equipped with a 3T computing power and an 8-core AI processor. It offers many other services, including music entertainment and life services.

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