BenQ MOBIUZ  EX3410R Curved Gaming Monitor Launched- What’s so Special???

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX341R is a 34-inch curved gaming monitor with a 1000-rand curvature. It features a native aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. 

The EX341R is equipped with an 8-bit IPS panel and features a 5000:1 static contrast ratio. It has a stand that has height, tilt, and angle adjustment. It also includes a built-in microphone and a headphone jack.

The MOBIUZ EX341R features a 1000-rand curve, a 21:9 aspect ratio, a 3440 x 1440 resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The EX3411R also comes with a 2.1-channel speaker system with a 5W woofer. The display has two USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI 2.0 interfaces, and an integrated wireless remote.
The new BenQ EX341R curved gaming monitor also features a 144Hz refresh rate and a 34-inch ultrawide gaming display. Its specifications are similar to the LG 38WP85C, and both models are based on the same LGD LM375QW2-SSA1 display panel. The XL2411DT includes a Headphone Jack and a microphone.
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BenQ MOBIUZ EX341R- Display Feature

The EX341R has a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a 144Hz refresh rate. It supports HDR10 and VESA DisplayHDR 600. It is equipped with a 2.1-ch treVolo speaker and a 7.1-channel DTS-HD audio system. It also has an OSD-enabled mic.
The BenQ MOBIUZ EX3415R curved monitor offers a maximum pixel density of 3440 x 1440 and a 144Hz refresh rate. It supports HDR10 and VESA DisplayHDR600. The EX3410R has a VESA-P3 certification and is compatible with most gaming PCs.

Designed with gamers in mind, the BenQ MOBIUZ EX3415R Mobiuz monitor is the first gaming monitor to incorporate a 1000-rand curvature screen. It offers 98 percent DCI-P3 color space coverage and VESA DisplayHDR 600. Additionally, it comes with a curved base and a proprietary 2Wx2 + 5W audio system.

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BenQ MOBIUZ EX341R- Connectivities

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX341R is a 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor with a 3440×1440 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. It supports VESA DisplayHDR600 and HDR10. It comes with a wireless remote and a subwoofer. This is a monitor you won’t want to miss!
The new MOBIUZ EX3410R is a curved gaming monitor with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The typical brightness of this display is 350 nits. Its 144Hz refresh rate makes it perfect for gamers. A veSA DisplayHDR 600 certified curved gaming monitor is available for the same price as the EX3410R.

Among its other features, the MOBIUZ EX3410R curved gaming monitor has a 3000:1 contrast ratio. It supports HDR10 and VESA DisplayHDR600. Its dual HDMI 2.0 interfaces are designed for maximum connectivity.

Its 240Hz display is suitable for a wide variety of games. The 440:1 contrast ratio makes it ideal for gamers. The typical brightness of this curved gaming monitor is 350 nits.

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BenQ MOBIUZ EX341R- Performancee

The EX3410R curved gaming monitor features a curved design and a 3440×1440 pixel resolution. The 144Hz native refresh rate makes it perfect for gamers who want to play games with high-definition images. The EX3410R curved gaming model’s rounded corners make it easier to grip while playing a game.
The MOBIUZ EX3410R is a curved gaming monitor with a 27-inch TN panel and a 1000:1 static contrast ratio. Its 165Hz refresh rate and 256k:1 dynamic contrast ratio makes this curved gaming monitor a powerful tool for serious gamers. The ZOWIE XL2546K also features a rounded stand style.
The EX3210R curved gaming monitor is bigger than the standard EX3410R and has a higher diagonal. Its dimensions and weight are similar to the previous-generation EX2710R.

The screen has the same QHD resolution and VESA DisplayHDR400 certification. The BenQ EX3410R is more expensive, but it offers a higher contrast ratio and more color reproduction.
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