BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme in Jan 2022 Update- Here are Insider Details

The latest BGMI update is going to add a collaboration skin for Spiderman. According to the company’s teaser, the theme will be available in the game’s Jan 2022 update. 

If the collaboration works out, the game will feature new content and special missions that will allow players to play as their favorite characters. The theme will be added in the BGMI version 1.8 update.

The game is currently running on version 1.7 but will be receiving a new 1.8 update on the 14th of January. Along with the update, the Spiderman theme will be a new addition to the game. 

The new update will also introduce several bug fixes. The current Celiac Erangel map will be available in the game. The Livik map will also be added to the game.

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BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme in Jan 2022- Bug Fixes

The BGMI Spiderman theme update will be available for Android and iOS gamers on January 15th. The release date has not yet been announced by the developer. 

However, users are advised to download the update via a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to ensure the best quality of service. The latest BGMI update will come with several bug fixes and improved graphics. A few other notable changes that will be included in the game are more detailed below.
BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme to Jan 2022? The latest BGMI update is going to include a new theme for Spiderman. 

The update will be available for Android devices from 12:30 PM to 8pm IST on January 15th, and for iOS users, it will be available for download at 4:30pm IST. The size of the update is not known yet, but it will be substantial.

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BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme in Jan 2022

BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme in Jan 2022- Tie up with Sony Pictures

As of today, BGMI will add a Spiderman theme to the Jan 2022 update. The update will be available for iOS and Android users in the upcoming weeks. The updates will be available for the players on January 15th. 

While it is not clear when the new themes will be available, it is important to note that there are no known limitations as to when the BGMI update will be released.
The BGMI team is excited about this collaboration, and a lot of players have been waiting for this announcement for months. The latest update will be rolled out to both Android and iOS gamers on January 14th. 

As of now, it is unclear which versions of the game will receive the update. A few players have reported that the BGMI team is working closely with Sony Pictures on this project.

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BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme in Jan 2022- Download Date

The update will be available for Android users from 12:00 PM to 8 PM IST on January 15th, while iOS users will be able to download it at 4:30pm IST. 

The size of the update has not been released by Krafton, but the developer has said that it will be a major update. The latest BGMI updates often contain a number of small changes, and this time will be no different.

The BGMI update will introduce the new Spiderman theme on January 15th. The update is a result of the collaboration between the game developer and the Spiderman franchise. 

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BGMI to Add Spiderman Theme in Jan 2022- Launch Date

The game will also add new premium skins for the characters. The latest BGMI update is expected to launch on January 15th, and the update is expected to bring many improvements and bug fixes to the game.

The BGMI Spiderman update is set to roll out in India on January 15. The updated version will include new minigames and special missions. It will also include new wallpapers. 

If you’re a fan of the superhero, you’ll be happy to know that the game will be available on a global scale. There’s no need to wait until January 2022 to enjoy the game.

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