Blackview Tab 11 is available on Aliexpress!! 10.76-inch Display, Android 11, and lot more

The Blackview Tab 11 is a budget tablet that is expected to be released this November. It is made from a plastic and metal frame with expandable storage and 4G LTE connectivity. 

It also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard, a Dual SIM tray, and wide-angle camera. The official poster of the Blackview Tab 11 has been leaked online. This new model is different from the older models, with a more flat edge design.

The Blackview Tab 11 has a smooth gaming experience, and comes with an official keyboard and stylus. The tablet is sleek and has an excellent touch feel. The Android operating system makes it easy to use and enables it to work efficiently in any environment. 

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Blackview Tab 11

Blackview Tab 11- Price & Availability

Whether you want to be more productive or just enjoy a good view, the Blackview Tab 11 is sure to impress. You can purchase it at an Aliexpress listing for about $200.

You can purchase it at a discount if purchased as soon as possibile. The device is available in three colors and weighs 460 grams. The tablet is listed with a Google Widevine L1 DRM certification which clearly means that we can watch our favourite contents on OTT platform in HD+ resolution. 

It is 8.1mm thick and has three navigation systems. It also has a Notes app and a dedicated Split View app. It is designed to be durable, so you can expect it to be sturdy.

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Blackview Tab 11- Display & Design

The screen of the Blackview Tab 11 is large, and has an eight-megapixel front camera. The tablet’s screen offers an excellent viewing experience. It is a great tablet for everyday use. 

The battery can provide up to 7-8 hours of uninterrupted gaming when used moderately. The device’s 2D curved edge touchscreen is responsive and allows for fast charging at 18W. The battery is also reliable and has great color accuracy.

The Blackview Tab 11 is a budget tablet powered by a UniSOC T618 processor with a maximum burst frequency of 2.0GHz. The blackview tab comes with a 6580mAh high-capacity battery. The tablet is a great choice for schoolchildren. 

Aside from the features of the Blackview Tab 11, the tablet has many advantages. It is a 2K display, a great battery, and a high-quality camera.

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Blackview Tab 11- Other Specs

The Blackview Tab 10 has a modern and professional design. Its price is under $200 USD, making it a budget tablet that’s also very affordable. It is also available in two different colors – black and grey. Both are priced at about the same amount on AliExpress, but the Black seems to be the best of these two. Aside from its attractive price, it has a strong camera.

The blackview tab 11 has many positive features. It is an affordable tablet with a powerful processor and dual speakers. It has an 8-inch display. Its battery life is also long enough to run for one hour or two. 

The tablet is also compatible with various video formats. Its wide-screen is another great feature of the blackview tab 11. However, this tablet does not support Widevine DRM. Consequently, the content is not streamed.

Aside from its excellent performance, the Blackview Tab 11 is an Android tablet that has many other good features. It has a fingerprint sensor, dual SIM card support, and an FHD screen. Its design isn’t designed for gaming, but it does support YouTube.

It’s compatible with Netflix and most other apps. With its new features, the Blackview Tab 10 is an impressive budget tablet. In addition to its high-quality camera, it also boasts an FHD display.

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Blackview Tab 11- Final Verdict

The blackview tab 11 is a tablet that features the latest technology. It is available in multiple versions and is available in the online market soon. 

It has dual SIM card support. Its dual SIM cards make it compatible with a wide range of devices. Its a powerful tablet that’s designed for families. Its BDS features let parents and children stay in touch with each other.

The blackview tab 11 is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The tab has a dual-SIM slot and supports two SIM cards. It has an 8 MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera. Both versions have the same USB ports. It has a dual-SIM support. The tablet has a built-in battery. Moreover, the tablet is portable and has a removable cover.

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