Blackview Tab 6 Kids Launched- 8-inch Display, Unisoc T310 SoC, 5580mAh Battery, & Others!!!

With the new launch, Blackview has launched two new 4G tablets. The Tab 6 is aimed at students and new comers to the workplace, and the Tab6 Kids is designed for younger users. 

The differences between these tablets are limited to the size of the screen, but both tablets will have the same specifications. These tablets feature a 5580 mAh battery and the latest Android 11 operating system. Both tablets will have a dedicated app store for the kids and will have the same UI.

The Tab6 Kids features a colorful display, an array of kid-friendly apps, a protective case, and a parental-control space. The device is also designed to be safe, with a reinforced protective casing and a portable grip handle. 

While this device is a tad more expensive than the Tab6 (which retails for $129), it is well worth the money. For around $130, this is a great deal for kids.

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Blackview Tab 6 Kids

Blackview Tab 6 Kids- Display

The Blackview Tab6 is the first 8-inch tablet in the world, outselling many of its competitors. This tablet is aimed at children under 12 years old. It is designed to keep children safe from accidental damage and is equipped with parental controls to help parents monitor their children’s use of the device. 

iKids is a preinstalled app that includes games, educational videos, and fun activities for kids.

Unlike the Tab6 Pro, the Tab6 Kids is designed with a child’s needs in mind. The 8-inch screen is ideal for young children, and there are several lovely colors available for the tablet. 

The rugged protective case adds to the tablet’s drop-proof capabilities, and comes with a leather case for convenient storage. The keyboard is detachable, and can be used as a stand while studying online.

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Blackview Tab 6 Kids- Features

The Tab6 Kids is designed for children and aims to bring them joy. It features a plethora of kid-friendly apps, beautiful themes, and useful screen modes. The iKids app offers a set of pre-installed apps that will make learning fun. 

The iKids app will allow children to explore the world around them with their tab6. These applications are available on the official Blackview website and on Aliexpress.

The Blackview Tab6 Kids is a tablet made with the child in mind. It is designed to be a safe playmate for the young and offers an abundance of kid-friendly apps, useful screen modes, and beautiful themes. 

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Blackview Tab 6 Kids- iKids

A separate app for kids is iKids, which contains a variety of pre-installed apps. However, there are some features that will appeal to the grown-ups as well.

The design of the Tab6 Kids is aimed at the children’s needs. The tablet is light and smooth and offers great balance for children. It also has a leather case, which can be used to hold the tablet while the child learns. 

The leather case is also compatible with a matching detachable keyboard. While a docking keyboard costs more, the tab6 Kids will still be a great choice for young people.

The Blackview Tab6 Kids is made with the children in mind. The 8-inch display screen is great for kids. Its rugged design offers drop-proof ability. The tablet also features a built-in keyboard for extra convenience. 

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Blackview Tab 6 Kids- Other Connectivites

In addition to the tablet’s dual SIM card support, the Tab6 Kids features a leather case that can be used as a holder while the child studies. While this tablet is great for children, it is also perfect for parents looking for a tablet that is easy to clean and has great connectivity.

The Blackview Tab6 Kids is a great option for kids who want to explore the world through a tablet. The design is sleek and light, making it easy to carry and use. The dual SIM card support is a great feature for parents who have a mobile phone and want their child to stay connected to them. 

With a 5580 processor, the Blackview Tab6 Kids is a fantastic tablet for kids. It will be a great companion for kids, and they can learn on it at their own pace.

The Blackview Tab6 is a great tablet for kids. It features an 8-inch screen that is designed for children’s eyes. Its dual-band Wi-Fi is another great feature for the Tab6 Kids. 

It supports two 4G SIM cards, and has a dual-band GPS. A kid’s screen is also big enough to accommodate an iPad or a MacBook. The dual-band Wi-Fi support is great for older kids, too.

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