BMW teased 31-inch 8k Display for rear passenger in CES 2022- Here is Full Details!!!

The 31-inch Theatre Screen in the BMW i8 will bring a truly cinematic experience to the driver’s seat. With a 32:9 aspect ratio and resolution up to 8K, this large-screen display comes down from the headliner of the vehicle, allowing the front and rear-seat passengers to watch movies in high-definition. 

The vehicle will also come equipped with Bowers & Wilkins speakers and dual wireless headphones for those passengers who want to enjoy their movie-going experience while in the car.

The BMW Theatre Screen blocks the rear-view mirror and ambient lighting in the rear. The audio experience is accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s sound experience. The surround sound system in the car plays multimedia audio. 

Volume controls are conveniently located on the rear door handles and the side of the Theatre Screen. The system is designed to be a complete, whole-car experience. 

For drivers who don’t want to lose sight of the road, the screen can also be used with a Bluetooth headset to hear the movie without disturbing other passengers.

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BMW teased 31-inch 8k Display for rear passenger in CES 2022

BMW teased 31-inch 8k Display for rear passenger in CES 2022- Display

The BMW Theatre Screen is expected to be ready for production sometime this year. It will be a 32:9 format display with 8K resolution and will block the rear-view mirror. It will be compatible with rear-facing cameras and will work with cars that feature rear-facing cameras. 
The BMW Theater Screen is still a prototype, so the company hasn’t released a release date. However, it is closer to reaching the retail market. Some models will have this feature, but a full-fledged product is unlikely for the time being. 

Until then, it will only be available on select models. If the BMW Theatre Screen becomes available, expect it to go on sale shortly.

The BMW Theatre Screen will also block the rearview mirror, so the drivers will still have the ability to see what is happening in the rearview mirror. 

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BMW teased 31-inch 8k Display for rear passenger in CES 2022- Connectivities

Despite the large size of the screen, the driver will be able to see the small LCD screen, which may cause FOMO. The car will also come with a built-in DVD player. Its release date has not yet been revealed.

Although the BMW Theatre Screen is a prototype, the company plans to offer it as an option on some models. Currently, the technology is still under development and the car hasn’t been revealed yet. 

But the car is already fitted with lounge chairs. Besides being comfortable, the BMW Theatre Screen also has a USB port for your phone. The device will allow you to stream videos and music.

While the BMW Theatre Screen is still a prototype, the large screen will block the rearview mirror. This is a good thing, as drivers can still see the screen when they are looking out the back. 

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BMW teased 31-inch 8k Display for rear passenger in CES 2022- Wrap Up

While the screen is big, it will also be blocking the rearview mirror, which may lead to a case of FOMO. The Theater Screen is not available yet, but it is expected to come in a few years.

The BMW Theatre Screen will also block the rearview mirror. Unless you have a rear-facing camera, this screen will block the mirror, but the driver can still see the small screen on the screen. 

The Theater is an immersive whole-car experience, and the drivers can enjoy it without the help of a rearview mirror. A full-screen experience will not only make your car more stylish but will give you a great sense of immersion.
The BMW Theater Screen is equipped with a large 31-inch display on the roof of the car. Its purpose is to entertain backseat passengers while driving. 

Its design can fold, but the car can still see the smaller LCD screen, which can cause FOMO. The BMW Theater Screen is currently only in the concept stage.
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