Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple SharePlay Feature!!! See Features

The Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple Share Play Support, allowing users to watch the catalog of content from the service in sync with a FaceTime call. While the feature is not yet common, it could be the future of entertainment consumption for younger Apple users.

The feature also allows users to chat with one another, so they can both watch the same episode in sync. With the new support, SharePlay is available globally on the Disney+ App.

The new SharePlay support allows multiple devices to share content and allow multiple users to watch at the same time. It is compatible with FaceTime and enables multi-party viewing. Those who want to enjoy their favorite shows and movies with others will be able to do so in the same room.

With this new feature, users can watch their favorite shows and movies with their friends and family without the need to download any special software. However, the new feature does not apply to streaming sites.

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Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple SharePlay Support

Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple SharePlay Support- Compatibility

The new SharePlay support for Disney+ was first previewed in iOS 15. Now, Disney+ offers this feature to subscribers worldwide. The new feature will allow users to watch content they’ve synchronized with another device in the same room.

In addition to enabling co-viewing, users will also be able to select the language that they’d like to speak while interacting with their friends and family.

The new Apple update will make Disney+ App OTT compatible with SharePlay for Apple devices. It will also be available for iPads and Apple tvOS.

The new service will also allow users to choose their preferred language and subtitle the content for their viewing pleasure. As a result, the new app will be compatible with Apple iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. The Disney+ App OTT will be available for iOS 15.1 and tvOS 15.

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Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple SharePlay Support- Features

SharePlay is an iOS 15 feature that supports up to 32 people at once. The app has been designed to make sharing content simple and convenient. The new feature is compatible with all iOS devices, so users can share and watch content with family and friends.

This new feature also helps users to co-watch videos on the app, and it works with Apple TV apps. In addition, it also supports the latest episodes of popular TV shows and movies.

Disney+ App OTT now supports SharePlay support for FaceTime. To use the SharePlay feature, users should start a FaceTime call and then open the Disney+ app.

Then, the SharePlay notice will appear in the faceTime call and users can select content to share by tapping on it. While all users can view the content at the same time, playback controls are shared among all the users of the session. The playback controls include pause, fast forward, and rewind.

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Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple SharePlay Support- Key Supports

In addition to sharing videos with other users, Disney+ now offers support for Apple’s new co-viewing technology. In this way, people can share a movie with another person and co-watch with them.

Moreover, Disney+ supports sharePlay on FaceTime as well, which means you can watch a Disney movie with the same friend in the same room. If you have a large family, SharePlay support will help you connect with your friends via video calls.

The SharePlay support on the Disney+ app allows you to watch content with your friends and family. The feature allows you to use the same Disney account and can also be used to synchronize content between different Apple devices.

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Disney+ App OTT now supports Apple SharePlay Support- Wrap Up

The new feature lets users watch Disney content with friends using FaceTime. It works on iOS 15.1 and macOS Monterey. Unlike other streaming services, it will allow you to share a video with your friends in real time.

In addition to that, you can also send messages to each other. If you have a Mac, you can use FaceTime to share movies and TV shows with your family and friends through the SharePlay feature.

Furthermore, the feature is available on MacOS 12.1 and above. If you are an Apple user, you should upgrade the latest version of the Disney+ App OTT to use SharePlay.

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