Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum available at great Discount!!! See Features & Reviews

The Dreamtech D9 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can quickly adapt to the type of floor it’s vacuuming. Its 3000Pa suction power and low profile allow it to clean carpets with ease. 

The machine is also versatile and can switch from vacuuming to mopping. Its self-leveling system allows it to traverse over obstacles less than 0.8 inches high, so it can do both tasks well. It’s also easy to use and can be adapted to any floor type, whether tile or wooden.

It is available at a great discount price of 30% on Aliexpress as well as Amazon. You can order it now in the Black Friday Sale to avail more discout. The company is also delivering internationally so it doesn’t matter if you live in US or India, you can order the cleaner any part of the country. The current price of $ 223.

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Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum

Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum- Features

The Dreamtech D9 robot vacuum is easy to operate. A narrow band with three LED buttons is located next to the Lidar sensor opening. You can press the center button to start the cleaning process. It can also be used as a power source.

The D9 also features a recharge and resume feature. It can clean a large area around the house but cannot climb stairs. It can only clean the floor level it’s installed on, so it’s best for homes with several floors.

The D9 offers many functions. You can adjust suction power and water distribution. You can also set the vacuum to stop when it reaches the desired level of dirt. You can even control the suction power from your smartphone. 

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Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum- Compatibility

OTA updates are also available to help you make the most of the robot vacuum. The Dream D9 even allows you to talk to it with your voice. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, and you don’t even need to plug in the Dreame D9 to use it.

The Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum has several useful features that make it ideal for any home. It has a built-in battery charging station, a 570-mL dust bin, and a 270-mL mopping reservoir. 

It also has a high-quality rubber lining on its underside that prevents it from damaging your furniture or surfaces. You can use it to clean your entire home, or set up specific rooms to be inaccessible to the machine.

The D9 Robot Vacuum is also compatible with Xiaomi’s Eve Plus app. After mapping your home, it will automatically find and clean each room. Once it has finished, it will start mopping. 

Once the cleaning process has been completed, the D9 will pause to receive updated information. Once you’ve configured the D9, you can begin the installation process. You’ll need to install the Mi Home app to get started.

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Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum- Sensors

The Dreamtech D9 robot vacuum is a cordless robot vacuum with a laser distance sensor. In addition, the D9 has four cliff sensors near the sides of the robot vacuum cleaner. These sensors are located near the spinning wheel and are perfect for protecting the machine from falling on the floor. 

It can also navigate the floor mats, which aren’t always easy to clean. The D9 can easily maneuver into tight spaces and is designed to clean hard-to-reach places.

The Dreamtech D9 robot vacuum has a maximum suction of 3,000 Pa and is very capable of cleaning carpets with high pile. Its SLAM smart algorithm can scan up to eight metres and capture 96% of debris. 

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Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum- Final Words

It can also use two different settings to clean a room, so you can control the suction power and the vacuum’s direction. Aside from the SLAM smart algorithm, the D9 also has a built-in IR camera that can detect obstacles.

The D9 is not a very impressive robot vacuum. Its design isn’t very appealing, and its batteries don’t last very long. However, the D9 has many other advantages. 

The main advantage is the fact that it has a laser distance sensor, which helps it to detect objects up to one inch. It also has a sub-surface sensor that helps it to detect carpets without moving them.

The Dreamtech D9 Robot Vacuum features a digital map to avoid obstacles. Its high-resolution sensors allow it to reach difficult to reach areas and can be programmed to follow a specific pattern. 

It has a 150-minute battery life, but its low-resolution screen makes it difficult to read. The D9 will also be able to clean larger areas than its predecessor, but it has a limited height.

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