Edifier X2 TWS Earbuds Released- See Price, Features, & Availability!!!

The Edifier X2 TWS Earphones have a sleek and comfortable design. These earbuds are made of high-quality woven canvas and come with a leatherette carrying case. 

Designed for easy storage and travel, these headphones also have a built-in ANC system and are fully rechargeable in about an hour. With 9.5 hours of battery life, these headphones are perfect for everyday use.

These wireless earbuds have a built-in touch control on the right wing, which also serves as a remote. The earbuds are also equipped with a microphone for calling, and the left wing has a button for playback. 

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Edifier X2 TWS Earbuds

Edifier X2 TWS Earbuds- Compatibility

The Edifier X2 TWS earbuds support a 10-meter range. However, users are required to manually hop from their phone to their computer and vice versa to use Siri.

The X2 TWS Earbuds are an excellent option for people who want to listen to music and watch movies. They feature a stylish design and ergonomic fit. Furthermore, their seven-hour battery life makes them an ideal choice for long trips and workout sessions. 

As long as you have a decent amount of space to spare on your phone, the Edifier X2 TWS is a good choice for your next Bluetooth headphones.

For under $100, the Edifier X2 TWS Earphones are an excellent option. They feature a long battery life and a decent user interface. In addition, they support aptX streaming. 

A decent pair of headphones will provide you with a great listening experience. A good pair of Bluetooth earbuds will allow you to listen to music and enjoy your favorite podcast or audiobook.

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Edifier X2 TWS Earbuds- Connectivity

These earphones also come with a microUSB cable. This allows you to connect them to your phone easily and connect to your PC or Mac. With an in-ear detection, the X2 TWS NB2 Pro earbuds can also be used as standalone headphones. The NB2 Pro model includes a built-in microphone and is tested to be IP54-rated.

With its IPX4 water and dustproof rating, the Edifier X2 TWS Earphones are one of the best-priced and most durable earbuds available. They are also very durable and offer long battery life when used in the office or while traveling. Aside from their low price, they also come in three different colors, making them a great choice for many people.

The Edifier X2 TWS Earphones are an excellent choice for those who enjoy music and games. Despite their low price, the TWS1 headphones are an excellent choice for people looking for a cheap pair of headphones. 

They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and support the aptX codec. They also have Bluetooth 5.1 and AAC decoding. In addition to their excellent sound quality, the TWS1 has a convenient microUSB charging case and is a perfect match for the iPhone.

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Edifier X2 TWS Earbuds- Features

The X2 TWS Earbuds are Bluetooth-enabled and have an integrated app for controlling the headphones and charging them. They also have a built-in ANC function and can detect ambient noise. 

The NB2 earbuds can be paired with a number of mobile devices. In addition to being compatible with a variety of phones, the NB2 earbuds are compatible with smartphones and tablet computers.

These earbuds are a good option for those who want a set of headphones that will meet their needs while being affordable. They have IP54 dust and water resistance, and have an IPX4 rating. 

They also look good and are a great value for the money. They are a good option for budget-conscious listeners. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that don’t break the bank, they’re a great choice.

The TWS NBQ has beaten the AirPods Pro in battery life. With ANC on, it can last 4.5 hours. With ANC off, you can extend the battery life to 7 hours. 

The TWS NBQ has an impressive ANC feature that allows you to control the volume. The ANC function is a feature that allows you to customize the sound and listen to music without the need to worry about the sound quality.

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