Facebook Meta working on first Rotatable & Detachable Smartwatch!!!

The Facebook-owned meta. the app is currently in development. It has an elongated curved screen and a front-facing camera. The company plans to launch the device by the summer of 2022. 

The image below shows the watch’s design and its camera. It also has a control button on the right side. The company is rumored to be working on a smartwatch with a rotatable display and will feature three cameras for AR and VR applications. 

The new smartwatch will have two cameras for video calls and photos. The company is also planning to release an AR headset. The smartwatch may be released at the same time.  However, there are no specific plans on when it will launch. Nonetheless, the details of the watch’s design and functionality have been leaked on the Internet. The upcoming release of the device is expected to be announced in 2022. Also Read- Samsung Patents twice foldable Laptop

Facebook Meta working on first Rotatable & Detachable Smartwatch

The Meta smartwatch could feature three cameras and a rotating display. The display will be secured with magnetic six-pin connectors. The device is expected to have a battery that lasts up to five hours, and it will also have GPS functionality.  The display will also be detachable and rotatable. It’s unclear what kind of technology the watch will have, but it is going to be innovative. While the watch is still in the prototype stage, it’s already in production. The rumored Meta Watch will be designed to allow users to change the way the watch works, and will even work as an input device.  Also Read- Nokia G21 teased on Russian Retail Website

Facebook Meta working on first Rotatable & Detachable Smartwatch- Sensors

The Meta Smartwatch patent application also mentions that it will feature three camera sensors. The cameras will rotate around the perimeter of the screen, changing the lens that sits in front of the sensor. In February 2022, Facebook Meta and the company is now working on a smartwatch that will feature a rotating screen and three camera sensors.  This is a new product, but it is not yet ready, and the MetaWatch has already been patented. The device will be made by an ex-Facebook employee, and it will be marketed as a social network. The Meta Smartwatch will come in two versions, a squarish model and a circular one. The watch will have two or three cameras, a detachable display, and touch controls.  Also Read- Vivo NEX 5 teased by Digital Chat Station 

Facebook Meta working on first Rotatable & Detachable Smartwatch- Display

The Facebook watch will have a rotating screen, a rotating display, and three built-in cameras. Those who use the device daily will be notified of the updates. In 2022, the Meta smartwatch will have two cameras, one for video calls and another for capturing photos. The cameras will be positioned on either side of the round clock.  The round clock will be rotatable and held by magnets. The camera will have several lenses, including a telephoto lens. The watch will be detachable from the straps. The first model will be available in 2022. The display will have three cameras and two rotating screens. The second display will have two or three cameras. The smartwatch will have a rotatable screen and will rotate.  The squarish model will include a rotary display. The squarish model will have a camera on each side. It will also have a rotatable camera. The user can select the camera they want to use by rotating the screen. Also Read- Soundcore Life Note 3 launched in India

Facebook Meta working on first Rotatable & Detachable Smartwach- Wrap Up

The Meta smartwatch is a rumored smartwatch with a rotating screen, three camera sensors, and a fingerprint scanner. It was reported that the watch would be launched in February 2022.  The device was already optimized for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, and it could have a detachable wrist strap. If it does, the company should be releasing it in the future. While there is no official word on the device’s release date, a new image of the Meta Milan smartwatch has been found in the Meta app. The company’s team recently filed a patent for a smartwatch with a rotating camera block.  This patent was approved on January 13, 2022. The Meta Milan smartwatch has a detachable wrist strap and a rectangular display. The device looks like an Apple Inc. watch and is far more advanced than the typical fitness tracker. Also Read- Nvidia GeForce Now Game available on Apple App Store