Filmyzilla 2021-22-The only destination for the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, & South Movies


    If you are searching for a website where you can get all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and South movies then Filmyzilla is the best destination. For your kind information, Filmyzilla is the name of the pirated website and we do not have any intent to promote the piracy of the films.

    In the world of pirated websites, Filmyzilla ranks on the top. The credit goes to the latest pirated movies which get listed on the website as soon as they are released. Not only Bollywood movies, but the website has got a catalog of Hollywood movies that have been recently launched. Not only that, sometimes they also do hard dubbing of famous Hollywood movies.

    This is result giving an adverse effect on the film industry. Either Hollywood or Bollywood both are facing the same problem of piracy. Because of the websites like Filmyzilla, audiences have left going to the movie theatres which is the main source of earning for any film

    The OTT platforms are also not safe in the era of Pirated websites as the web series they offer is available on these kinds of websites for absolutely free. Sometimes the situation gets so worse that even movies leak on the websites like Filmyzilla before they actually launch in the film theatres. Movies like Sanak, Into the Wild with Bear Grylls & Ajay Devgan, Inside Job, Jungle Book, etc. has already been leaked on the website.

    If you are also one of the visitors of the pirated websites then you must have known that within the 24-48 hours of the film or web series release it is available on the website for download. Any new film which is launched in Hollywood or Bollywood, you will find it right here. That’s why these kinds of websites have traffic in millions.

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    In-Depth Details about Filmyzilla

    Filmyzilla is one of the established and notorious pirated movie downloading sites on which you get the recently launched Bollywood, Hollywood, other languages (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, etc.) movies in 240P, 360P, 480P, 720P, as well as in HD+ resolution.

    Not only movies, the web series that has been launched on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Voot, and other platforms are also available on Filmyzilla to be downloaded for free. If you are searching for movies and web series that have just launched and you don’t find them anywhere then Filmyzilla becomes your last hope.

    If we talk about the user experience, then in the case of Filmyzilla the ads and redirections are kept very low. This in return boosts the user experience on the website and their intent of visiting the website over and over again increases. As compared to other pirated movie websites, it emerged as one of the top websites in terms of accessibility and usability.

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    Filmyzilla A to Z History

    A few years back when Filmyzilla was recently launched, the owner of it use to share some pirated copies of hit films usually in low resolutions. Soon because of the hit content and user-friendly designed website the website start gaining a large base audience those who got bored and frustrated with so many ads that were placed on their pirated websites.

    Slowly and slowly the audiences, as well as the latest content, get uploading to the website and today is the day when the website is the #1 choice for any of the users who knows about piracy websites.

    As it becomes more and more popular, government authorities in order to prevent piracy of the films began monitoring and tracking the website. In order to take strict steps against these types of websites, the government started blocking their URLs and Domains so that they may become inaccessible.

    But the owners of the pirated websites go one step ahead and they regularly change make slight changes to their domains which again becomes accessible by the users. Piracy is causing a great loss to our film industry as well as to our country’s economy as well. So, think once again before ever accessing these types of websites.

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    Video Quality Types available on Filmyzilla

    In the earlier days of launch, Filmyzilla was not able to provide high video quality type content. But as the days passed and the website begins popular among the audience. This gave the website team a boost to introduce high-quality tye content.

    Slowly they started working on the video content quality as well and have introduced so many video resolutions supported by the website. Some of the most popular resolutions are 240P, 360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P, 2040P with the supported format of MP4, Blueray, DVD, MKV, HD+, etc.

    The most widely used video format is MP4 but sometimes users want to watch the content of Filmyzill in HD+ resolution probably they are having huge screen devices such as a TV, or laptop. So from the above, we concluded that even in the field of high-quality content, the website does not disappoint its user. 

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    List of Movies & Web Series Category on Filmyzilla?

    Within few years of launch, Filmyzilla websites have uploaded many new categories in movies, web series, and TV shows. Usually, the movies and web series are categorized into various folders so that they can be easily found by the users.

    But there is one back draw in this app which is you will not find a search box on this website so that you search your favorite movies and web series in just one click. Here are all the categories which you are going to see on the Filmyzilla website.

    • News
    • Latest Updates
    • Popular TV Shows dubbed in Hindi
    • Web Series Download
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
    • Bollywood Full Movies
    • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
    • Hollywood English Movies Download
    • South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi
    • Latest Indian TV Shows (The Kapil Sharma Show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, etc).
    • Hindi Web series such as Inside Job, Maya and the Three, One Mic Stand, etc.
    • Game of Thrones all seasons fully dubbed in Hindi.
    • Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Bhojpuri Movies.
    • Site Disclaimer (Site Privacy Policy)
    • Types and Qualities of videos
    • Report Error etc.

    These are all the categories and types of content which you are able to see on the Filmyzilla website.

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    Is it Safe to Download Movies & Web Series from the Filmyzilla Website?

    You must have heard the quotation “Nothing comes for Free”, the same concept applies here in the Piracy business of movies. They are providing you with download links through which you can easily download movies but do not charge a single penny with you.

    To download movies or web series from websites like Filmyzilla is neither recommended nor it is safe to download movies from this kind of website. This is because the advertisement or redirection links that are placed on this kind of website are completely spammy.

    These websites use third-party ad platforms other than google Adsense which is not recommended by any Internet experts. In some cases, the websites also trace the user’s Internet searches if they are active in the background which can cause a serious breach of our privacy & security.

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    How do websites like Filmyzilla make money?

    The most common way through which the websites like Filmyzilla make money is by

    1) Advertisement

    2) Promotion

    3) Affiliate Marketing

    Here are some of the detailed explanations on how Filmyzilla is making money by the above three steps.

    1) Advertisement- contribute the largest percentage of earnings to the Filmyzilla website. They use the third-party ad platform for placing ads on their website. The most probable reason why they choose such a spammy third-party advertisement is that because Google does not give approval for pirated websites.

    2) Promotion- The pirated websites also earn lucrative amounts of money by doing a brand promotion. Since the website generate millions of visitors monthly by piracy so some third standard companies collaborate with these pirated websites paying them hundred and thousand of dollars for promoting their products.

    3) Affiliate Marketing- The third and least used method through which this kind of website generates revenue is Affiliate Marketing. In this type of method, certain product details have been mentioned and if visitors land on the website and end up buying that product from the link provided on the website then the owner will get a certain amount of commission.

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    What is the original website link of Filmyzilla?

    Since pirated websites like Filmyzilla, Skymovieshd, Filmy4wap, 9xflix, URLs and IP addresses are regularly traced by the government authorities. Once their website URL comes under surveillance, the website domain immediately gets blocked making it inaccessible for the website visitors.

    In order to prevent their site from getting banned they frequently change their domian name so that they may survive the government actions against them. Filmyzilla has also changed the domain regularly.

    Currently, the website runs on the domain URL- which is directly accessible on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

    Conclusion-Filmyzilla Website

    Filmyzilla is the renowned name in the world of Piracy. They illegally leak movies and web series on their website for free. Many awareness campaigns and promotions have been done in order to educate people about the adverse effect of piracy on our film industry.

    Piracy is like a termite to our evergreen film industry that will slowly eat our film industry. Thousands and millions of country’s youth have been attached through it directly or indirectly which provided them employment. 

    When the websites like Filmyzilla leaks film it affects the revenue of film which is to be made only when users visit film theatres and cinema halls for watching movies. If we try then we can stop piracy to the great extent but the thing is that we have to start it with ourselves.

    Video Source- YouTube | FactDesk