Google Android 13 Preview Images shared by Developer & We have got Our Hand on It?

The Android 13 Developer Preview is now available for download, albeit with a few caveats. The images are for devices that have the DP1 build. The DP1 is also referred to as the DP1 factory images.

The Google Android 13 Developer Preview is a free download for Pixel 4 users. Obviously, it will contain bugs and unfinished changes. However, you should not use it as your daily driver. 

If you have any hopes of using Android 13, you can look forward to Android 13. The team has prioritized privacy, security, and user control over its newest operating system. You can also find the GSI image for Pixel devices in the Google Play Store.

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Google Android 13- Eligibility

The Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 4 XL, and Pixel 5a (5G) are all eligible for the developer preview. The Android Emulator is also required. The release timeline for the Android 13 Developer Preview is a bit longer than that of previous releases. 

But it follows the general Android release schedule. It is expected to reach Platform Stability in June. In addition to the Developer Preview, the final release of Android 13 is also scheduled for April.

The new developer preview is a preview of Android 13. It contains several features, as well as an Android Emulator. The emulator is able to simulate foldable devices and tablets. 

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Google Android 13

Google Android 13- Availability

It also has a number of GSI images, and system images for Pixel devices. Although the new version of Android is not ready for consumers yet, it should be available for developers in a few months. But as with any new release, there’s always room for improvement.

As of today, the first developer preview of Android 13 is now available for developers. The update is a beta version of the OS and is aimed at developers. 

The first public beta build should be available in April and the final release is planned for July. Despite the limited time frame for the release, the update is still a huge improvement over its predecessor. You’ll be able to see the new features and improvements in the emulator.

Android 13 preview images have already been made available for developers, as well as other users. As the developer previews are only for developers, the release will be limited to developers. 

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Google Android 13- Features

After this, a public beta build is expected in April, followed by two builds with “Platform Stability” in June and July. These new images are available to download and test on devices in the market. These early releases are very important.

As the developer preview is a beta version, it is not available for everyday consumers, so it is not suitable for every smartphone. It’s designed for developers, but consumers should not expect it until later this year. 

If you’re a developer, you’ll want to download the beta first, since the update is not finished. There are a number of differences between the developer preview and the public beta, and they will most likely be fixed in a few months.

The new version of Android will come with a GSI, system images, and a Pixel emulator. It will also come with the Android Emulator, which allows you to emulate a tablet or foldable device. 

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Google Android 13- Wrapping Up

It will also be available in the GSI images for Pixel devices. The developer preview will be available to everyone for testing purposes, but don’t install it on your daily driver. This beta is likely to be a beta version, and the developer preview is not recommended for a production phone.

The developer preview version of Android 13 will be available for a few weeks after its official release. If you have a Pixel, you’re eligible to download it. If you’re not a developer, you’ll want to wait until the final release of the beta to test the new OS. 

If you’re interested, visit the Android Developers site and download the preview. In the meantime, you can download the first beta build for free from the link below.

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