Google Pixel Watch Rohan is in Process- See Features we have known so Far!!!

The Google Pixel Watch is a wearable computer that runs on Android. The company has been working on an in-house smartwatch codenamed Rohan since past few months. The device would have a round face, a heart rate monitor, and basic fitness tracking features. 

The device may also integrate with Fitbit, but it is not yet known if this is the case. It has not been named yet, but Google employees told a publication that it plans to launch the device in spring 2021.

The Google Pixel Watch has a number of features. The most obvious one is its heart rate monitor. The device can track your basic health activity, and it has proprietary watchbands that are compatible with the Android operating system. 

Although the watch is designed for a variety of body types, Insider claims that it would fit 90 percent of the population. However, it is not known whether the device will come in different sizes. 

If it is, the company will need to make changes to the device in order to make it more appealing to a wide range of users.

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Google Pixel Watch "Rohan"

Google Pixel Watch “Rohan”- Features

There are other rumored features of the Google Pixel Watch. The first is that the smartwatch will have a touchscreen and no bezel. This is one of the biggest selling points for the Pixel 4a. This smartwatch would have a touch screen interface and bezel-less design. 

In addition to these features, it would have a microphone to listen to the sound of a heartbeat. Moreover, it would be compatible with other Google products, such as the Pixel 7 and Pixel Buds.

The second rumored feature is that the Google Pixel Watch would launch in India in 2022. The name ‘Rohan’ means ‘growing’ in Indian. The Google Pixel Watch will be available worldwide, but the company has not yet announced its branding. 

Its release date is not known yet, but it is expected to debut in India later this year. As per the insider report, the Pixel Watch will be available globally in 2022.

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Google Pixel Watch “Rohan”- Other Details

The name Rohan was suggested by a YouTuber named Jon Prosser. The project codename is a mix of Google and Android and it is currently expected to be released in 2022. 

It could be priced at around $350 and compete with the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense. It could be available in various colors, and the price is determined by the user. It is important to remember that the Pixel Watch will have a touch screen that allows you to see the time and track activity.

The Rohan smartwatch has yet to be officially named by Google, but it has been a popular idea among YouTubers. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘Rohan, which means ‘growth’. 

The company said the device will be available globally, but it has not announced the brand name of the new smartwatch. Some of the images were leaked to the public, and multiple renders were made based on them. The images show the watch’s basic functionality.

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Google Pixel Watch “Rohan”- Compatibility

The Rohan is also said to be compatible with the Android OS. The company also said that the Rohan will support Google Maps. The new device is also available in a number of colors. 

The name may vary depending on the availability of stock. There are many reports on the availability of the Rohan. The product is reportedly a bit expensive, but it will be available globally. The insider document says that the phone will be comfortable for 90% of the population.

According to the Insider document, the Rohan smartwatch will be available globally. The Rohan is also compatible with the Google Pixel 4a. Its name is “Rohan,” but it doesn’t mean any specific language. It is an in-house project, and it will be available worldwide. 

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Google Pixel Watch “Rohan”- Final Words

It will be made of metal. The insider also claims that the company will sell the device in different sizes. The insider claims that the phone will be “a great way to stay connected and informed.

Apparently, the name is a codename that means increasing in Hindi. It will feature a wraparound display and a centrally located crown, and it will support up to 20 different colored bands. 

The company is also planning to release the device in India alongside the Pixel 6 sometime in October. The new smartphone is expected to be a notch higher than the original, but it will be more compact. The new model is said to be the best option for people who live in the US and Europe.

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