Hakii Ice TWS Earbuds is all-here- See the Specs, Price, & Availability

The HAKII Ice TWS Earbuds Bluetooth headset features high-pitch, rich bass, and treble. It also comes with a protective clear resin outer layer. The product is designed for gamers who want to hear every detail of their music. 

If you want a Bluetooth headset with the best sound quality, the HAKII ICE TWS is definitely for you. The price of the HAKII ICE is quite affordable, too.

The Chinese name for hakii ice is ‘zui jing’. It means ‘to eat the whole ring’. It has a rounded shape with a thin center. Hakii ice tws are typically made from a mixture of halibut and sugar. If you want to buy a tws, you can buy two at a time, one for each ear.

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Hakii Ice TWS Earbuds

Hakii Ice TWS Earbuds- Specifications

The TWS has already been launched in China and due to its outstanding performance it is said to be one of the top competitors of Apple Earbuds in the market. 

The case of Hakii Ice TWS has got its own reputtation with the shape like of ice it resembles a truely flagship level earbuds. If you are buying a case, you can add the silicone inserts to keep the tws secure.

The new Hakii ice design is not only beautiful, but it also has practical benefits. The textured design is functional, yet attractive, and features a protective clear resin outer layer. 

The earphone case is an excellent choice for people who love earphones. It can be used for your iPhone or any other earphones. Aside from being practical, a hakii ice is perfect for those who enjoy music.

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Hakii Ice TWS Earbuds- About the Case

The Hakii Ice TWS is an earbud case that features a double-shot molded outer shell with a textured inner layer. The case’s double-shot design allows it to create an optical illusion. When light is shined on it, the earbud looks like an ice block. Its innovative design has made it a popular choice for music lovers and techies.

The earbuds are designed for indoor and outdoor use. If you play games outside, the earbuds can be worn easily. But the case is also suitable for playing games indoor. A hakii ice tws can be worn for as long as 10 hours. 

The case is very comfortable and can be used for playing music on the go. This wireless headset is a great choice for gamers who are looking for a slender Bluetooth headset.

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Hakii Ice TWS Earbuds- Additional Features

Aside from a cool look, the Hakii Ice is also an excellent noise cancelling headset. It’s very easy to pair up with other devices. The hapy design also makes it easy to set up. 

Its earbuds are Bluetooth 5.2 TWS headphones. Its touch-sensitive panels make it very easy to connect. Its battery life is seven hours, which makes it perfect for gaming.

The Hakii Ice earbuds are a good choice for active wearers because they make you look cool. The earbuds look like they are trapped in ice. 

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Hakii Ice TWS Earbuds- Final Words

However, the Hakii ice earbuds do not fit in the ear. A pair of earbuds is a must for an active wearer. Aside from being cool, a pair of hakii ice tws will also be comfortable.

The ice tws are perfect for gamers. Its low-latency feature makes it ideal for gaming. The new generation Bluetooth chip has a range of 10 meters. Therefore, a person can comfortably place the earphones in their home. 

The earphones can be placed in their office or at home. Its Bluetooth connection distance is also excellent. The ice tws are easy to use.

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