How to Add Channel in Tata Sky in 2021- Step by Step Guide

Tata Sky is an Indian Direct Broadcast Service that came into existence in the year 2006. The company is owned by Tata Sons & Walt Disney. This broadcasting company provides services of more than 600 channels to its users.

Not only that, the users of Tata Sky get full control to add or remove channels. Also, adding or removing channel requests can be done via an App, SMS, Voice Call, or Whatsapp. It all depends on you which method seems most suitable to you.

Tata Sky is becoming the #1 choice of Indian because of its ease of use. The company has also dynamic adaptability and they are continuously focussing on increasing HD channels so that users can easily watch it on 4k, LED, and other big screens.

The major competitor of Tata Sky is OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, ZEE5. Many companies such as DishTV, Videocon D2H have given up in front of such OTT platforms but Tata Sky is still stood and fighting hard.

The recent reports show that Tata Sky is at a loss but if they compete aggressively in the market then there might be a chance that it will again reach the zenith in the business of Satellite Broadcasting.

As we have discussed above that in Tata Sky, you can easily add or remove channels. Now we are going to discuss the step-by-step methods on how to add channel in Tata Sky.

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How to Add Channel in Tata Sky using an App?

If you are an old tata sky user then you must have known that the company does own an app. The app is available on both iOS and Android in which you can easily avail or remove many services. 

The best part about the app is that you can also add or remove channels in Tata Sky with just a single click. 

1) Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download Tata Sky App.

how to add channels in tata sky

2) Open the app and Log in with your Registered Mobile Number or Tata Sky ID.

how to add channels in tata sky

3) After signing in to the Tata Sky app, click on the Menu icon appearing in the top right corner of the app.

4) You will see the option of My Tata Sky, you have to click on it.

how to add channels in tata sky

5) You will see all your Pack info, there will also see the Manage Packs option.

how to add channels in tata sky

6) Inside the Manage Packs, your Subscriber ID, Recharge Data, and many more details are available. At last Modify Pack option is present.

7) You will see all the current channels included in your pack. Choose the channel you want to add and click on Select & Proceed.

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How to Add Channel in Tata Sky by SMS?

Well, if the above process seems too lengthy and time-consuming then you can also add channels in Tata Sky using SMS. The SMS service is most beneficial for users who do not have smartphones.

With this SMS pack, you can easily send the name of channels that you want to subscribe. For this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

how to add channels in tata sky

1) Open the SMS section of your smartphone.

2) Write ADD on which it is broadcasted. For example, ADD ZEE14.

3) After writing an SMS, send it to 56633. Remember that, the message must be sent through your registered mobile number.

4) After a moment, you will receive a confirmation message of your pack details.

In this simple way, you can easily send messages and activate your favourite channels with just a single click. Also, the Tata Sky response team is very fast so you do not have to wait for so long.

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How to Add Channel in Tata Sky with just a single phone call?

If the above two methods don’t seem the best for you then don’t worry we have got the third and easiest way in which your pack will get instantly activated without following so many steps.

how to add channels in tata sky

1) Call the Tata Sky customer care executive (1800 208 6633) with the registered mobile number. Also, note that the number mentioned above is toll-free.

2) Ask him/her to activate the channel you want. They will share the full pack info with you.

3) If you agree with all the pack details then you can ask them to proceed further.

4) You will receive the confirmation email, giving you the full details of your active pack.

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How to Add Channel in Tata Sky using Whatsapp?

Tata Sky now provides its service on Whatsapp also. You can add or remove channels using this service. If you also want to avail Tata Sky on your Whatsapp then follow the steps mentioned below.

how to add channels in tata sky

1) Give a missed call on 9229692296 using the registered mobile number.

2) If you have received a message on Whatsapp from Tata Sky (18002086633) then your account is approved.

3) Now, request the channel that you want to add to your current pack.

4) Once your request is approved you will receive a confirmation message.

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How to Add Channel in Tata Sky- Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions by the users of Tata Sky. Though we have covered the topic of how to add channels in Tata Sky with in-depth details, some of the topics were left out. 

So, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions related to it.

1) Can we add Channel for one day in Tata Sky?

Tata Sky also comes with a one-day recharge coupon. You can purchase it at your nearby DTH service store. You have to take the coupon, scratch it, add the code mentioned in the Pack using your registered mobile number.

After that, your pack will get activated and you can watch the channels mentioned in the pack for one day.

2) How can I add or drop a channel on Tata Sky?

There are several ways available through which you can add or drop channels in the tata sky. For this, you can use the tata sky app if you have a smartphone. Simply download the app from your app store and request your channel within the app.

You can also send SMS or call the customer care executive requesting the channel you want to add. They will send all the pack details after the confirmation.

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3) How can I add free channels on Tata Sky?

To add free channels on Tata Sky download its app from the app store. Log In the Tata Sky app> My Tata Sky>Manage Packs>Modify Pack. Now select the free channels you want to add to your tata sky pack. After that, click on Submit button and you can enjoy all the free channels in your account. You can also call the toll-free number 18002086633 if you want to activate the pack through customer care.

Conclusion: How to add channel in Tata Sky

Tata Sky is considered one of the best satellite TV service providers. They ranked amongst the top when it comes to providing service to their users. With one day to one year, the company has all the recharge plans available.

Tata Sky provides several ways to add or remove channels. It’s upon the users which method do they choose for adding channels. The steps that we have mentioned above are 100% genuine and authentic. We have researched a lot before writing this blog. If you like our post then do share it on your social media platforms and also visit our website regularly.

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