How to Change Username in Snapchat- The Proven Guided Steps

How to change username in Snapchat? Snapchat provides all the basic features to change the Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Email but does not allow to change the username. You cannot change the username in Snapchat directly but there are proven ways to change the username.

Snapchat is one of the renowned social media platforms. The reason behind the success of Snapchat is that it has a wide range of filters for photos and videos. The best part about it is  that you can share this photos and vidoes across this social media platform without actually storing them in your smartphone.

Snapchat is the first of its kind which offers sharing stories that lasts for 24 hours. Beside offering  such features, Snapchat is also keeping user privacy on top. Also, the reason behind which they are not updating the Username Change feature is for the security and privacy of their users.

If you have ever tried to change your Username then you must not able to do so. Well, that’s true but what if we suggest to you alternative ways to cover up your username.

In the Help & Support portal of Snapchat, it has been mentioned that we do not offer to change username. You will have to use the same username that is entered while creating the account.

We are going to discuss with you the two methods. Hope this will help you out to cover up your irrelevant usernames

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How to Hide Username & Display Name in Snapchat

Unfortunately, you have known that Snapchat does not allow you to change your username but what if you can display your actual name instead of your username to your friends connected on the app. Besides that, your query related to how to change username in snapchat.

To enable this option you follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Open Snapchat on your respective smartphone.

how to change username in snapchat

2) Tap on the My Profile option.

3) Now, on the top-right you will see the Settings option.

how to change username in snapchat

4) A new window will open in which your Name, Username, Date of Birth, and other details will be visible.

5) Click on the first option which is the Display Name. Edit your name and press the save option.

how to change username in snapchat

After clicking on the Save option, the Snapchat users can search you with your name and your username will be merely used.

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How to Create a New Username in Snapchat

Since we cannot change the username in Snapchat but what if we delete the current account and make the new Snapchat from the same mobile number or email ID.

Snapchat itself recommends you delete and create a new ID from the same account. You have to first of all deactivate your account on Snapchat. After one month, the account will be deleted automatically.

To deactivate your account.

how to change username in snapchat

1) Go to the Support section from the Settings.

2) In the section, you will find an option I Need Help.

3) Scroll Down and you will see the option of My Account & Security.

how to change username in snapchat

4) Then, go to the Account Information & you will find an option of Delete My Account.

5) After that you will get a link through which you can go to the Delete Account Page.

how to change username in snapchat

Enter your Password and click on continue. Your account will be deactivated and will be deleted after one month.

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FAQs- How to Change Username in Snapchat

Many questions arise when trying to change our username in Snapchat. We have picked some frequently asked questions that will answer almost all your queries related to the topic.

1) Is there any way to change your Snapchat Username?

Frankly speaking, there is no effective method available till date which can help us to change our username. Snapchat clarifies that they have done this because of security reasons.

We have known how many cyber crimes have increased today. If hackers can get into your social media accounts then it is probably the worst thing to ensue.

We have suggested two different methods that might be helpful to you for changing your username.

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2) Can I hide my Username on Snapchat?

Yes, you can hide your username by enabling the Display Name option. After activating this option your every snap, streak, and story will display your name instead of Username.

This is the best method available through which we can easily hide our username and display our name instead. We have explained the method in the above section of the blog.

3) How do I make a creative Username?

Every Snapchat users want that their username should be uniques, attractive, and able to pull users towards their respective profile. People generally spend a lot of time researching the best usernames that suits their personality, and physique.

The second thing you must do is keep the username which is unique of its kind. If you will be able to do this then probably a lot of users will visit you posts, stories, and streaks making you viral on the Snapchat.

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4) Can we recover the Snapchat Streak?

Snapchat let its user to view shared phots and videos that will be deleted after 24 hours. If you think that your post has been removed before the end-time of 24 hours then you may contact the Snapchat support team. They will give you further guidance.

As we know that the streaks are the number of times we and our friends have exchanging snaps daily. If you forget to share your snaps for even a single day then you will miss your snapchat streaks.

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Conclusions: How to Change Username in Snapchat

Social media sites have changed our way of living. Many social media sites have come up with different ideas and features. Snapchat is one of those apps that have got a great reputation in the field of socializing.

The social media platform introduced many new features and gained good users with in short period. It is said that every good has got its bad too. Snapchat has got the flaws too and one of the most irritating is we are not able to change usernames.

There are many well reputed social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc which provide the username changing feature but not snapchat.

Though it is not possible to answer how to change username in Snapchat but we have got really helpful methods. This methods will helpful for you. We have written this blog post after the good research and testing. If you like our post then do share it.

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