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Paytm, the Indian multinational company which is also said to bring up the digital payment revolution in India. The Noida-based company has made the Paytm app available in 11 native Indian languages so that it would be easier for the user to navigate through the app.

Paytm has become a successful company after the demonetization was announced in India. This situation has made it very difficult for people to withdraw their own money from the bank. During this period, the usage of Paytm and other payment app was at its peak because through it we can easily transfer money from one account to another. Though, there are several other digital payments app available in the country such as Phonepe, Google Pay, and others. Besides being one of the leading digital payment company the company has also a well-established e-commerce store in the name of Paytm Mall. You can use all your Paytm rewards and other cash backs which cannot be transferred to a bank account. If you want to delete a Paytm account for any maybe as you want to create a new Paytm account or wanted to shift to another UPI app. In this case, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. Also Read- SBI Yono Account Opening Process

What to do Before Deleting/Closing Paytm Account Permanently?

If you have finally made your decision to delete your Paytm account permanently then there are certain points which you should keep in mind before deleting your account.

1) Make sure to empty all the money you have in your Paytm account else you will not get those money back after the deletion of the account.

2) Make sure that you have no pending rewards and offers on the way as you will not be able to get those rewards benefits after deleting your Paytm account permanently.

3) Make sure to delete all your transaction history before deleting the account.

4) You will not be able to receive any further payments in your Paytm account. So make sure that you must have some other UPI apps registered from the same mobile number so that your payment may not be affected.

These are some of the influential points which should be kept in mind before deleting his/her Paytm account permanently.

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How to Delete Paytm Account Permanently- Here are the Steps

Deleting your Paytm account is not an easy task because the delete option is hidden deep inside the Help and Support option. Even if you are a very experienced Paytm user then also you will face difficulty in deleting your Paytm account.

But don’t worry, we are here to give you the full proof answer to your query “How to Delete Paytm Account?”. You just need to follow the simple steps we have mentioned below.

how to delete paytm account

1) Open your Paytm app and click on the Profile option appearing on the top-left corner.

how to delete paytm account

2) A side menu will pop up displaying all the important options of Paytm. You just need to tap the Help & Support option.

how to delete paytm account

3) View all the categories of the Help & Support option and then you have to select the Profile Setting option.

how to delete paytm account

4) After selecting the Profile Settings option, a new interface will open up with lots of FAQs given. In those options, you will also find the option of ‘I want to Close/Delete my Paytm Account’.

5) A new Interface will open up displaying all the details related to delete your Paytm account and at last, you will see an option of Close Account.

how to delete paytm account

6) Now they will ask you a reason why you want to delete your Paytm account. Type any valid reason and press the close account button.

After entering the Paytm Pin, your account will be permanently terminated from the Paytm server and all your services related to the Paytm account will be stopped.

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How to Deregister UPI ID from Your Paytm Account?

If case you want to use another UPI ID and wanted to leave Paytm then in that case you may also opt for deregistering your Paytm account.

We will also recommend you deregister your account rather than deleting it permanently. This is because you might get a situation in which Paytm is more useful than other UPI apps. So think about it once again and follow the steps to deregister your UPI Id from the Paytm app.

1) Open your Paytm app and go to the UPI option.

2) In the UPI option you will have to select the three-dot menu appearing on the top right corner.

3) There you will find an option of Deregister your Paytm account.

4) Select the option and enter your UPI password to proceed further.

After final confirmation from you, Paytm will deregister your UPI account from their app. In case if you want to reactivate the UPI account once again then you will have to simply click reactivate option>Verify your Phone Number & UPI Pin then your UPI Pin will be reactivated instantly.

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FAQs- How to Delete Your Paytm Account?

We have also covered full FAQs that are often asked in by the audience related to deleting the Paytm account. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

1) How to delete Paytm Transactions history?

1) Open the Paytm app, click on the Balance & History from the My Paytm section.

2) There you will see the option of Paytm wallet. Tap it.

3) You will be able to see all your transactions history. Filter out if you want to delete any specific one.

4) Swipe the history and see whether you are able to see the Delete option.

In case if you are not able to delete Paytm history then you may contact Paytm customer care to guide you further.

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2) How to close the Paytm Payment Bank account online?

1) Open your respective Paytm app and go to the menu bar of the app.

2) You will find a Bank Section option there. Click on it.

3) Now, enter your Paytm Pin to Log into your Paytm Bank.

4) There you will find the 24×7 option. Click on it.

5) Choose the Account Type and select the option of ‘Having Issue with my account’.

6) After that, a new interface will open up and you will find “I want to close my account”.

Tap on the confirm button to proceed further with the request and your Paytm Bank account will be deleted. But make sure that you must not have any money deposited into the account else there will a problem in getting those money back.

3) How to Delete Paytm Account If my Phone is lost?

In case you have lost your mobile phone in which you have your Paytm account then the first thing you have to do is to call the Paytm customer care. They will explain to you each and every single process how you can close your Paytm account from that smartphone and transfer all data to your new smartphone.

You can call on the number 0120-4456-456 for further guidance. Note that this is an authentic Paytm customer care number.

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Conclusion-How to Delete Paytm Account?

Paytm is one of the best apps which is being recommended for UPI transactions. The best part about it is that the app is Made in India and providing great services to its users for years. Although their services are exemplary sometimes a situation arises in which we have to delete our Paytm account.

We don’t go into further detail on why we want to delete the Paytm account. In case you proceed further, it is recommended that you should deregister your Paytm account rather than deleting it permanently. This is because many times we find that we do not need this app anymore but after sometimes we need the app very urgently.

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