How to Delete Swiggy Account in just few steps in 2021

Swiggy is India’s one of the largest food delivering service providers. This Bengaluru-based company was established in the year 2014. When Swiggy was new in this food delivering business, they were able to serve their services in few cities only. 

Now their business has expanded a lot and currently, they are serving in around 500+ cities all over India. In the year 2019, Swiggy has also expanded its business in General store products delivery. With this, the company can add more new customers to its platform leading to an increase in revenue and profit the company. The company is currently facing huge losses year by year but many experts believe that its solid business plan will make them into profit again. In addition, the company is backed financially by the world’s renowned investing firms. If you have ever tried ordering food online then you must have come across Swiggy. New users get very good offers, cash backs, and free deliveries for their first order on the platform. Swiggy is a very good food delivery company but it has got some bad too. Many of the users are here searching for how to delete a swiggy account. If you are searching for the same query then you are in the right place because we are going to explain to you step-by-step methods to delete or deactivate your Swiggy account. Also Read- Best 5G Smartphones under 30000

How to deactivate Swiggy Account

how to delete swiggy account

1) Open the Swiggy app and log into your account using your registered mobile number or email. 2) Now, Tap on the Account option visible in the bottom left to delete swiggy account 3) There you will see an option of Help. 4) Tap the Help option and you will see the list of options. You will have to select the FAQs to delete swiggy account 5) After that scroll a little bit down and you will see the option of Deactivate my Account. 6) You will get an official Swiggy support email ID on which you have to just type “I want to Deactivate my Swiggy Account” and send it to that particular email to delete swiggy account After a few hours or days, you will receive an email from Swiggy regarding the deactivation of your account. In most cases, the request is approved so need not take pressure regarding it. Also Read- How to Hide Apps in Samsung

How to Delete Swiggy Account Permanently

If you have made your mind to delete your Swiggy account permanently then follow these steps. 1) Open your Account section from the Swiggy app. 2) Go to the Help option and visit the FAQs option. 3) Now you will have to search for the Deactivate My Account. 5) You will get an email ID- 6) Now send an email to the Swiggy and type “I am using two swiggy accounts and I want to Delete account linked to”. After that, you will receive a confirmation email from the swiggy team when your account will be deleted permanently.

FAQs-How to Delete Swiggy Account

How to remove email from Swiggy?

If you do not want to receive unwanted emails from swiggy then you can simply unsubscribe them on Gmail. All you have to do is 1) Click any one of the emails sent from swiggy. 2) Click on the three-dot menu in front of the sender email. 3) You will see the block option. 4) Tap it and you will not receive unwanted emails from swiggy anymore unless and until you unblock the email. Also Read- Costliest Phone in the World

Conclusion-How to delete Swiggy account

Swiggy is India’s one of the decent food delivery platforms providing its service to more than 500 cities in India. But sometimes a situation arises when we have to delete the app. Some of the situations in which users think to delete their swiggy account are either they are shifting to a new food delivery app, they have got multiple swiggy ids, or they do not like the service of the app. In all the cases users find deleting the account most preferable. Hope our article regarding the deletion of the Swiggy account helped you a lot. If you like our blog post then do not forget to share it amongst your friends and relatives. Also, do visit our website daily .as our contents are added and updated regularly for you. Also Read- Top 10 best 5G smartphones under 15000

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