How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire- Untapped Tricks of 2021

If you love battle royale games then you must have heard the name Garena Free Fire. The game has got more than 1 Billion downloads with millions of users playing it daily. Its high-end graphics design and user-friendly navigation make it an awesome game.

Free fire users increased drastically after the ban on Pubg. Both of the games are best at their places but when it comes to popularity, free fire has left Pubg, COD, and other battle royale games far behind. Last year, the game has broken all the milestones as it has crossed a limit of 20 million active users per day. When talking about the revenue generated by the app it has crossed over $1 billion. If you are a free-fire player then you must have heard about the diamonds. If you want to purchase new weapons or enhance features of your character then diamonds play a crucial role in it. You can easily win games with the help of diamonds. Are you also wanted to get diamonds for free and searching for how to get free diamonds in free fire all over the internet? Don’t worry we will suggest to you the legit methods through which you can easily get diamonds.  The free fire lets you choose your strategic location at the starting of the game. After that, all the players go for the search of weapons, medical equipment, and other items. When you will have weapons and other equipment purchased through diamonds then definitely you will not need to collect all those. Hence, your winning probability will be more as compared to others. If you also want to know how to get free diamonds in free fire then read the blog till the end because we are going to suggest to you the best methods to get diamonds for free.

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how to get free diamonds in free fire

Trick 1- How to get free diamonds in free fire using Google Opinion Rewards

Google has recently launched a new survey platform namely Google Opinion Rewards where users will be paid on answering the questions asked in the survey. The amount paid will be in the form of Google Play Balance and luckily free fire accepts these amounts for purchasing diamonds. Since Google is an authentic and genuine company so your money is going nowhere and you will get Google Play Credits for sure. To buy diamonds from that amount, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below 1) Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Google Opinion Rewards app. 2) Download and Set up your account on the app. 3) After Signing Up, you will get a survey to answer. Complete each survey and instead, you will get Google Play Balance. 4) After you have earned a sufficient amount to buy diamonds then visit a free fire homepage to buy diamonds. 5) Click on the Diamond icon and select the diamond pack you want to purchase. 6) Now in the Payment option, Select Google Play Balance. You can buy the pack if you will have a sufficient amount in your Play balance. Also, remember that this is a free method but it does consume your time. If you are a real hardcore free fire gamer then you can easily earn a sufficient amount of balance to buy Diamond Packs. You have to only ensure to complete all the surveys timely. Also Read- Meesho Supplier Panel 2021how to get free diamonds in free fire

Trick 2- How to get free diamonds in free fire using Booyah! App

The second genuine and authentic way to get free diamonds in free fire is by using booyah! App. Heard the name the first time! Don’t worry the app is self-owned by a free fire corporation where you can get the details of the latest host events and tournaments. Participate in the tournaments which have been recently posted on the app. If you are a good free-fire player then you can easily win the tournaments. With the tournaments, you can also purchase diamonds. Here is how to do it! 1) Open your Google Play or Android App Store and search for the Booyah! App. 2) Now link your free fire account to Booyah. You will get the linking account option in the Side Menu. 3) After linking your account, go to the Task Center from the Menu and all the tasks will be shown to you. 4) Choose your desired tasks and complete them in the given time. In return, you will get a reward through which diamonds can be purchased. 5) After you have earned rewards, claim them and all your rewards will be transferred to your Free Fire account. In this way without many hurdles, you can easily win diamonds and many other rewards too. Also Read- IGRSUP.GOV.IN Website review 2021how to get free diamonds in free fire

Trick 3- How to get free diamonds in free fire using Swagbucks

The other best website through which you can earn money and can easily buy diamonds is Swagbucks. It is GPT (Get Paid to) website in which you will get paid after completing certain tasks. The website is trustworthy and many users are earning real-time money with it. If you want to purchase diamonds then you just need to complete some simple tasks and earn great rewards. Here are the steps to how you can win rewards. You have to just need to collect SB (swag bucks coin, 100SBs= 1$)  which you can convert into dollars and later Diamonds in the free fire.  1) Go to the Swagbucks website and simply register on it. 2) Now a link will be sent to your email which you have entered while creating an account. 3) Now go to the Homepage and you will see all the methods through which you can earn money. 4) Let’s choose Answer methods to earn SBs in which all you need to do is answering simple questions. 5) After you have earned sufficient SBs you can convert them into dollars and transfer them into your bank account. After you have successfully received those amounts in your bank account you can easily buy diamonds from that money. In this way, without spending a single penny you can earn free diamonds in the free fire. Also Read- How to Uninstall Folder Lock Without Password

FAQs- How to get Free Diamonds in Free fire

We have also covered some additional questions regarding the topic and have tried our best to cover those question’s answers with in-depth details.

1) Who is the richest noob in Free Fire?

In the Indian Community, Lokesh Gamer is considered the richest noob. He has also got his YouTube channel with more than 12 million subscribers. In his recent video, he has opened up that the news that around 17 lacs has been spending by him on purchasing badges in the free fire. He got to open up all the events that is recently featured in the free fire. In addition to that, he has also got all the cosmetics skin which is needed. When it comes to the richest player, in my opinion, nobody has still been able to surpass him.

2) Which are the best apps through which we can get free diamonds in thefree fire?

In my opinion, the best apps through which you can get free diamonds in free are Booyah and Swagbucks apps. The booyah is self-developed by free-fire teams. By participating in the events organized by the booyah app, you can easily win great rewards which include diamonds too. The second app I will recommend you to get free diamonds is Swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you will get money by completing simple tasks. Now, by using that money you can easily buy a lot of diamonds.

3) Who is the best character in Free fire?

As per the free fire gamers and experts, DJ Alok is considered the best character of free fire. The character has got some really admirable abilities which make him completely different from other characters. Some of the abilities of the character are Dropping the Beat, Increasing the movement with allies at the rate of 15%, Restoring upto 5 HPs in just 10 seconds, etc.

Some other best characters are Chrono with the ability of time turner, K- Master of All, Moco- The Hacker’s Eye, Jai- Raging Reload, etc.

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Conclusion- How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Free fire is the world’s most famous battle royale game of the world. Diamonds are the most trusted way through which you can enhance your ability. It gives you a chance to buy the latest weapons, protections, and medical equipment.

Diamonds don’t come with the free of cost. You have to purchase it by spending a good amount of money. But what if you can purchase these diamonds for free? Yes, it is possible to get diamonds for free. We have come up with three tricks through which you can get diamonds for free.

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