How to Hide Apps in Realme in 2021-100% Proven & Working Method

Realme is India’s one of the top-selling smartphones. The mightiest design, exemplary performance, and affordable price make the smartphone geeks crazy. The company is continuously increasing its smartphone range. Previously, Realme use to manufacture mobile in the budget range but now they are expanding in the upper mid-range category also. 

Realme is also working on its UI enhancement based on the latest Android updates. In the past few years, Realme has increased so many inbuilt features in their UI such as adding more photo & video filters, dedicated gaming mode, hide apps feature, and a lot more.

In the list of enhancements made, the most fabulous feature according to us is the hide apps feature. Many of us store personal information inside our apps and wanted to hide those from others and there comes the role of the Hide apps feature of the Realme smartphone. This feature helps us to conceal our apps so that we could protect our privacy and also secure it.

How to hide apps in Realme? This is one of the frequently asked questions. In this blog, we are going to suggest you step by step method to hide or unhide apps in Realme using both inbuilt method and third-party app.

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How to Hide Apps in Realme using an inbuilt feature

Let’s take a glimpse of the easiest and convenient method of hide apps in Realme using the inbuilt feature. We have also included a step-by-step guide for this.

how to hide apps in realme

1) Open your smartphone and visit the Settings area of your smartphone.

how to hide apps in realme

2) Inside the Settings, you will see the Security to hide apps in realme

3) After clicking on the Security, you will see the App Encryption option available there.

how to hide apps in realme

4) There you will the list of all the apps installed on your smartphone.

5) Select the app you want to hide and set the Passcode so that it can be protected.

After the final click, your app will be hidden from the smartphone. For checking whether the app is hidden or not go to the Home screen and search for the app.

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How to bring the Hidden Apps Back

Well, you have known that how simple it is to hide the apps in Realme but how to bring those hidden apps back. Don’t worry, this step is even more simple than hiding the apps.

We are going to tell you the two different methods of accessing those hidden apps. It is up to you which methods best suits you.

How to Access Hidden Apps directly from the Keypad

1) Before hiding the app, you must have received the option to Set an Access Number.

2) You can set any access number starting and ending with “#”. For example, #1234#.

3) To bring the hidden apps back, open your keypad and type the Access Number you have created while hiding apps.

4) There you will see all the apps hidden.

5) Select the apps you want to unhide and finally click on Submit.

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How to Access Hidden Apps from Settings

In case you have forgotten your access pin or wanted to access the hidden apps from the Settings then here are the steps.

1) Go to the Settings.

2) Visit the same Security and later App Encryption option.

3) Enter the Passcode.

4) There you will see all the hidden apps.

5) Select the app you want to unhide and finally click on done.

For checking whether the app is unhidden, Search it on your Home screen.

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How to Hide Apps in Realme using third-party apps

If your Realme smartphone is too old and not supporting the in-built Hide Apps feature then you can also use a third-party app. We are going to suggest to you the best third-party app which you can use to hide apps on your smartphone.

Also, the app is available free on the Google Play Store.

how to hide apps in realme

1) Go to the Google Play Store and download the Apex Launcher app.

2) Open the app and opt for the Free version.

3) As you grant it all permissions, you will see the change in your entire Homescreen.

(You do not have to worry about the changes and if you didn’t feel comfortable with the changes then you can reset to your home screen anytime).

how to hide apps in realme

4) Go to the Apex Launcher Settings where you will see the Hide Apps feature.

5) Go to the option, add the app you want to hide from the home screen.

how to hide apps in realme

6) Set the Passcode and click on Done to finally hide apps.

Please note that the apps are hidden only on the Apex Launcher home screen. As you will go to your original android home screen you will see all the apps present.

To delete the Apex Launcher you have to just long-press the Apex Settings option. Now, you will receive the App Info option. Click on it and at the bottom press Force Stop. The Apex Launcher will be stoped and you will be back to your original home screen.

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How to Hide Apps in Realme- FAQs

We completely understand that our users must have some more queries related to hiding apps in Realme. That’s why we have also added some frequently asked questions. 

1) How to Change Access Code in Realme?

Sometimes it happens that we forget the access code that we have placed in the Hide Apps option. It causes great trouble to access those apps which are hidden. But don’s worry follow the simple steps to change or reset the Access Code.

1) Go to the Settings and open the Privacy option.

2) There you will find App lock and further go to the App Lock settings.

3) Now, you will find an option to change the Access Number.

4) Enter the Home Screen Password then you will be able to reset your Access Code easily.

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2) How to Open Hidden Apps?

There are two ways available through which you can open the hidden apps in Realme smartphone.

Firstly, you can open the hidden apps directly from the Keypad. You have to enter the access code that you have placed while setting up the Hide Apps feature.

Secondly, you can open those hidden apps from the Settings. You have to go to the same App Lock option where you have enabled the Hide Apps option. You have to enter the Passcode and you will be able to see all the hidden apps which you can remove or customize.

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3) Which is the best App Hider?

We have reviewed many apps recently and found that the Apex Launcher is the best app hider available on the Google Play Store. Though, Apex Launcher is not made but it is best suited to be used as App Hider.

The app comes with both paid and free versions but the free version is enough to hide apps. The Apex Launcher app is made to customize the home screen in the way users want. As we know that the smartphones come with pre-built customization limits but to extend those limits you may use this app.

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4) How to enable or disable notifications of the hidden app?

If you have hidden some apps in the Realme smartphone and wanted to enable or disable the notifications for the app then you should Go to the Settings> App Encryption> Hide Apps> Enter the Password.

After entering the option, you will see the Enable Notifications option. If you want to receive notifications of the hidden apps then tick otherwise untick the option.

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Conclusion: How to hide apps in Realme

Realme has added several new features to its UI. One of the best features added is the Hide Apps. Many of us wanted to hide our gaming or social media apps from our relatives and friends but doesn’t get the best method and approach to do so. But now, we can easily hide the apps in the Realme smartphone using this convenient feature.

We can also choose whether we want to receive notifications of the app or not. From setting the Passcode to accessing the app through Keypad, it has got all the ideal functions to protect our privacy.

If you also want to protect your privacy from outsiders and luckily you have a Realme smartphone then you may opt for the inbuilt Hide Apps feature. We have mentioned both the inbuilt and other ways to hide apps in your smartphone. Hope you like it!!

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