How to Hide Apps in Samsung in 2021- Proven Ways

Samsung is the world’s renowned smartphone manufacturer company. It offers smartphones ranging from low-end feature phones to high-end premium phones. The company offers smartphones in all ranges loaded with some decent features and specifications.

 Besides that, Samsung is known for experimenting with new and advanced chips, camera sensors, and tech-related hardware. Some of the latest examples of it are the latest Exynos chipset and ISOCELL camera sensors. With the launch of the latest Samsung One UI, many new features have been added to its smartphone. One of the greatest and most useful features that were recently introduced is the Hide Apps feature. This helps us to hide apps in our Samsung smartphones without using any third-party apps. If you are also very keen to know how to hide apps on Samsung smartphones then this content is written especially for you. No matter which Samsung smartphone you use, you will get a complete and detailed answer for your genuine queries. If you have a Samsung smartphone that is quite old and does not support the hide apps feature. Do not worry because we will suggest you the best third-party app to hide apps in your Samsung as well as other brand smartphones too. Also Read- Best 5G Smartphones under 30000

How to hide apps in Samsung using the inbuilt method

Hiding apps in Samsung is a straightforward method. You just need to follow some simple steps to execute these simple steps and here it is. 1) Open your Samsung smartphone and go to the Settings to hide apps in samsung 2) From the Settings option, Go to the Home Screen option. 3) Tap the option and there you will find the option of “Hide Apps”.how to hide apps in samsung 4) Click on the Hipe Apps option, there you will see the list of all the apps available. 5) Select the app you want to Hide and Press to hide apps in samsung With this method, you will be able to hide apps in Samsung very easily. To check whether the app is hidden or not, Go to the Home screen and search for the app. If you have correctly applied the method then you will find that the app is hidden. Also Read- Costliest Phone in the World

How to bring the Hidden Apps Back

Well, you have hidden the apps successfully but how to bring those hidden apps back? Don’t worry there is a solution for that. You just need to follow some simple steps to unhide the apps in Samsung. Go to the Settings>Homescreen>Hide Apps You will be able to see all the hidden apps there. Now, select the app you want to hide and click on Done. You will see that the apps that were hidden previously will be shown up on the home screen.

How to hide apps in Samsung using a third-party app

If your Samsung smartphone is quite old and does not support the hide apps feature then you may also opt for a third party to hide apps. We have tested several third-party apps for hiding apps and with this, we have come with the best suggestion for you. The app which we recommend is the App Hider. The only thing you have to do is. 1) Install the App Hider for the Google Play Store. 2) Launch the App Hider and select the app you want to hide. 3) Simply drag and drop the app you want to hide and at last keep the password for it. 4) To access the hidden apps, you have to go to the calculator option. Type the password and you will get the list of those hidden apps. Also Read- Top 10 best 5G smartphones under 15000

Conclusion- How to Hide Apps in Samsung

These days hiding apps have become a popular trend nowadays. Also, this is one of the most secure and safest ways to protect one’s privacy and data. Many Samsung users are searching for ways of hiding apps. Since the “Hide Apps” in Samsung is hidden deep inside the settings option so it is not easy to find out the option. To help our users with this, we have written a blog post that will help to hide apps. We have tried and tested the methods every step suggested so that you can easily hide your apps. If you like our dedicated service then do not forget to share it amongst your friends and social media. This will help us to get more reach and audience as well. Also Read- MediaTek Helio G95 vs Snapdragon 720G

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