How to Port Jio to Airtel in 2021- Complete Step by Step Procedure

Reliance-owned Jio has totally revolutionized the telecom market in India after being launched in the year 2015. The company had introduced a much cheaper price of 4G packs that Indians have never thought of.

Many telecom companies were not able to survive the Jio storm and many are still struggling to battle in the telecom market. Many companies filed for bankruptcy whereas other completely shut down. Vi (Vodafone-Idea merger) and Airtel are the only big players left in the telecom market.

The only company which is giving edge-to-edge competition to Jio is Airtel. The company is again making gaining subscribers at a massive rate. Not only that, the latest quarterly reports submitted by Airtel clearly indicate that the company has made around Rs 759 crores.

Airtel is now improving its network quality day by day and because of this many existing Jio customers are also shifting to Airtel. Also, Airtel has also tested its 5G network compatibility with the help of Qualcomm.

If you are also getting very low speed in Jio and wanted to know how to port Jio to Airtel then this blog post is written especially for you. The fast, reliable, and stable network connection is the thing that users expect with their telecom operators and Airtel is the old and dynamic player in this field.

If you also wanted to feel the blazing speed of Airtel and wanted to port from Jio to Airtel then here are the steps that you have to follow. We are going to suggest you 3 methods, it’s on you to choose which one is best but before that here are some points that you should remember before porting Jio SIM to Airtel.

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Points to be Noted before Porting Jio SIM to Airtel

1) Make sure that you should port your SIM when your recharge is going to vanish within 3-4 days else you will loose all your money.

2) You have to enter all the details correctly else you will not be ported.

3) Provide the details of the original owner of the SIM.

4) If you do not receive any response from Airtel then you have to contact your Airtel customer care or Airtel Store for further guidance.

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1. How to Port Jio to Airtel Online

Gone those days when people use to have many paperwork and ups-down for porting SIM. You can now port your SIM from Jio to Airtel online.

how to port jio to airtel

1) Open your respective browser and type Airtel MNP or simply click on the link.

2) You will see the official Airtel website on the top.

how to port jio to airtel

3) There you will see the Menu icon appearing on the top left. Click on it.

4) Now you will see the option of Prepaid & Postpaid there. Select the service you want to use for the SIM. Let’s choose Prepaid.

how to port jio to airtel

5) As you click on the Prepaid option, you will see the Port to Airtel Prepaid option.

how to port jio to airtel

6) Click on the link and enter all the details asked on the website and click on Submit.

After entering all the details correctly, you will be asked to select the date on which you want to verify your documents. One of the working staff will come for your ID verification on behalf of Airtel.

Once the ID verification is done, your SIM will be ported. 

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2. How to Port Jio to Airtel using SMS

The other best and effective method for porting Jio SIM to Airtel is by SMS. It might seem strange that how can anyone port SIM just by using SMS.

Anyone can use this service but it is best recommended if you have a keypad mobile. Follow our guided steps if you also want to port your Jio SIM to Airtel using SMS.

how to port jio to airtel

1) Go to the SMS section of your smartphone.

2) You have to SMS PORT <Your Mobile Number> to 1900. Note that, SMS must be sent from the SIM that you want to port.

3) After sending the SMS, you will receive UPC (Unique Porting Code).

4) Go to the nearest Airtel Store, show them your code and ask them to port your SIM to Airtel.

5) They will verify your account and if they approve it your mobile number will be ported within 5 days.

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how to port jio to airtel


3. How to Port Jio to Airtel by visiting nearby Airtel Store

The third and most straightforward method of porting SIM from Jio to Airtel is done by authentic Airtel Store. You have not to follow any procedure or steps for porting your SIM. All the processes will be done manually by the Airtel store staff.

One thing you should keep in mind that take your authentic document and if able also take one photograph of yours

With all the documents, visit your nearby Airtel Store and ask him/her to port your SIM to Airtel. The staff will manually verify all your documents and in most cases, they approve the request. If all goes well then your Jio SIM will be ported to Airtel within one week.

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Some frequently asked questions on how to port Jio to Airtel

People have so many doubts and questions related to porting of SIM from Jio to Airtel. We have tried to cover some of the frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to port Jio to Airtel?

– If you will follow method 1 then you do not have to pay any price. The staff will be sent by Airtel will verify your KYC and instantly approve your request of porting Jio SIM to Airtel.

But in the second and third methods, you have to go to your nearest Airtel Store and they will charge a small amount of fee for sure. But visiting the authorized airtel store has got its own benefit because your SIM port request will be approved instantly.

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How much time does it take to port Jio to Airtel?

It hardly takes around a week to finally port Jio to Airtel. Since Airtel has got a large chain of service centers all over the country so the verification and doorstep delivery of SIM is done within few days.

If you will go to service centers then it will hardly take 5-7 days to get your SIM ported.

Airtel has also set the date feature if you port your SIM using the first method in which you can choose your own date and time of KYC verification. Once the process is completed the SIM will be handed over to you.

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How can I change my Jio to Airtel number Online?

For changing your Jio number to Airtel online go to your search engine, write the Airtel MNP in the search box. Click on the official Airtel website that is visible on the top. Thereafter follow the steps mentioned in method 1 to get your mobile number port online.

Is Airtel better than Jio?

We cannot compare both SIMs on the basis of performance. Both the telecom companies have got a large number of satisfied customers.

The performance of SIM depends upon the network range available. If you are getting more signal strength of the Jio network then you will find Jio is faster and if the signal strength of Airtel is more then Airtel will be faster.

How do I know if my SIM is ported from Jio to Airtel?

After your SIM has been successfully ported, you will receive a confirmation message. If you have applied online for porting your SIM to Airtel then you will instantly get a ported SIM from the staff who came for KYC verification.

But if you have chosen the SMS or other method then you need to wait for at least a week. Most of the time, SIM is ported within 2-3 days. 

To check if your SIM is ported to Airtel, Go to the Settings> Connections> SIM Card Manager. If your SIM is ported then you will see the Airtel Network option.

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How to Port Jio to Airtel- Some Terms & Conditions

If you want to port from Jio to Airtel then there are some prescribed terms and conditions that you should follow.

– The SIM which you are porting must be used for at least 90 days.

– If you have recently ported your SIM then you have to wait for 3-4 months before making another porting request.

– Make sure that the UPC code which you have got for SIM porting must not be get expired. That’s why it is advisable to visit the nearest Airtel Store within 5 days so that they could proceed with your request further.

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Conclusion- How to Port Jio to Airtel

Airtel has got very large area network fidelity and they are expanding their signal towers so that they could give faster data speed. The company has also recently stepped into satellite internet service and has already launched 38 more satellites to provide better internet services to their users.

The company has also successfully tested out its 5G network susceptibility and if everything goes well then the 5G service will be launched as soon as government approves its relative bandwidth. The company is all around giving tough competition to Jio and if thing goes well then Airtel will be once again the undisputed king of the Indian telecom market.

We have researched a lot before writing this blog post on how to Port Jio to Airtel. If you appreciate our work then do share it with all your friends on social media.

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