How to Send Long Videos on iPhone- 4 Best Methods of 2021

Owning an iPhone is the dream of everyone. But when it comes to understanding its functionalities and features then it becomes our biggest nightmare. One of those nightmares is how to send long videos on iPhone. For your kind information, Apple does not have any dedicated features available for this service.

In today’s generations, the iPhone records high-quality videos with over a file size of 100MB as most iPhones camera record at least 720P or 1080P video resolution. If you try to send it via text messages or compress it with various tools and software then you might end up losing the originality of video quality.

Well, before coming to this website for the solutions you must have tried various ways of sending long videos. If you are one of those people who doesn’t lose hope then you must have tried sending long videos on iPhone using email, WhatsApp, or other apps which are popular nowadays.

But wait, it is not impossible to send long videos on iPhone as we have come up with the trick that will just blow your mind. The tips & tricks which we are going to discuss are 100% tried and tested by professionals. So you don’t need to worry about anything fake on this website.

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how to send long videos on iphone

1) How to send long videos on iPhone using iCloud

If you stay updated with each and every service and app that Apple owns then you must have come across the name iCloud. For your kind information, iCloud is the cloud service offered by the company exclusively to users who own any of the Apple devices.

The iCloud is the same as Microsoft Drive, Google Cloud, and others. It allows you to share as well as store data on their cloud hosting without consuming your phone’s data. So, to send long videos on iPhone you can use iCloud services. Here are the steps you need to follow

1) Open the long video/videos you want to send from your phone.

2) Select each one of them and tap the Share button appearing on the bottom left.

3) Scroll down and you will see an option of Copy iCloud link.

4) As soon as you press the option, the link will be copied to your clipboard.

5) Now, select the way through which you want to share the long videos and Paste the link. At last press the Send button.

In this way, you can easily send long videos on your iPhone using links. The receiver just has to click on the link and download it into their own smartphone.

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how to send long videos on iphone

2) How to send long videos on iPhone using AirDrop

If the person you want to send long videos is near to you then you can use the feature called AirDrop to quickly send long videos to other phones. All you have to do is.

1) Open the Photo Vault from the iPhone and select the videos you want to send.

2) Click on the Share button and from there select the AirDrop.

3) This feature will ask you to enable some features such as Wi-Fi. Also, ask your friend to switch on the AirDrop from their phone.

4) After enabling the AirDrop feature, it will automatically start scanning the Nearby Devices.

5) Click on your friend’s device and then you will see the long videos will be transferred to another phone within few minutes.

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how to send long videos on iphone

3) How to transfer long videos on iPhone using Google Drive or Microsoft Drive

The major drawback of iCloud is that it is supported only in Apple devices. But it is not necessary that your friends or relatives with whom you want to share long videos also own Apple devices. They might be having a smartphone running on Android or they may have a laptop/PC which runs on Windows.

In this case, it is advisable to select the cloud platform which is supported by the receiver’s smartphone or laptop. Here are the steps you should follow.

1) If your friend has an Android smartphone then download Google Drive and if he/she has a Windows laptop then download Microsoft Drive from the Apple App Store.

2) After installing the app, Sign in to it by entering all the valid account details.

3) After that upload your long videos on the Google Drive/Microsoft Drive platform.

4) Now, select those long videos and click on the Share option provided.

5) Choose a convenient way of transferring videos and click on the Send button.

6) The videos will be Sent via the link and can be easily downloaded just with a single click.

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how to send long videos on iphone

4) How to send long videos on iPhone using Shareit

As we have discussed before that the back draw of using Apple inbuilt services is that it is only supported in Apple devices. What if the receiver does not own an iPhone then in this case you can use a third-party app called Shareit.

1) Go to the Apple App Store and download Shareit from there. Also, ask your friend to download the app.

2) Now, select the long videos you want to share.

3) Press the Share button appearing in the bottom left and choose Shareit.

4) Ask your friend to open Shareit. As soon as the Scan completes, you will see that file transfer will get started.

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Conclusion-How to Send long Videos on iPhone

Hope we have answered your question regarding sending long videos on iPhone. Every single method that we have discussed above is 100% genuine and authentic which is tested by tech experts.

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