How to Send PDF in Whatsapp- 5 Ultimate Ways


Whatsapp is currently the world’s #1 messaging app that has more than 5 billion downloads worldwide. The app is currently owned by Facebook which helps us to send messages, call friends, or send Files and PDFs in the easiest and safest way possible.

Whatsapp uses end-to-end encryption technology to secure users data and the Facebook claims that the messages sent can’t event read by the Company. The App is also currently in news because of its new Privacy Policy which most of the users think is a breach to their privacy.

Though, very few users have shifted from Whatsapp to any other social messaging platforms because of its undisputed and easiest ways to do messaging, chatting, and sending files which packs all in one solution. Some of Whatsapp competitors are Telegram, Signal, Microsoft Kaizala, etc.

Although, sending and receiving PDFs files are very easy on Whatsapp but when it comes to sending larger PDFs it lacks. So, in today blog post we will discuss every possible way on how to send PDF in WhatsApp.

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how to send pdf files on whatsapp

1.Sending Small PDF Files from Android Phones 

If you are one of the regular WhatsApp users then you must have come across sending photos and videos on the app. Just like sending photos and videos, it is as simple sending small PDFs files on Whatsapp. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your answer regarding how to send PDF in Whatsapp in normal ways.

1) Open the Whatsapp messaging from your dedicated Android phone.

2) From the app, select the person to which you want to send small PDF files that must be under 100MB in size.

3) After opening the contact, you will see the Attachment icon on the top right corner of the phone.

4) Tap on the Attachment icon after which a pop-up will open in which options will be given to share Documents, Videos, and photos. You have to tap Document options.

5) After tapping the Document option you will be redirected to the Document section of your phone in which you have to choose the PDF that you want to send.

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2. How to Send large PDF Files on Whatsapp

Sending small PDFs files is not a big deal on Whatsapp but when it comes to sending big PDF files, the process is known to very few people as large PDF files can’t be sent directly from the above method.

So if you are also one of them who wanted to share large PDF files but does not able to do so then this blog post section is for you just follow the steps mentioned below.

how to send pdf files on whatsapp

Method 1- Sending Large PDF Files by Converting it into Flipbook

1) For sending large PDF files in Whatsapp you can convert it into a Flipbook that turns your PDF into an accessible Link which can be easily accessed by the reciever.

For this you have to visit Website that converts PDFs into Flipbook some of them are,,, etc. Note that, the above-mentioned websites are completely free to convert PDF into Flipbook.

2) After opening the Website, they will ask you to choose the file which you want to convert into Flipbook.

3) Click on the Choose File Option and you will be sent to the Document section of your phone.

4) From there, Select the large PDF that you want to send via Whatsapp and press OK.

5) After that, the Website will ask you to enter your e-mail ID in which FlipBook Link will be sent.

6) Enter your respective email ID and just press send. The Link will be shared to your Email that can be further edited if necessary.

7) Copy the link you have received in your email and then Paste it into the Whatsapp messaging section and press send. After that receiver can click on the link to access your PDF File.

how to send pdf files on whatsapp

Method 2- Sending Large PDF Files by Compressing

There is also a second method available for sending PDF files on Whatsapp if you don’t like the first one. Here is how to send PDF on Whatsapp by compressing it.

how to send pdf files on whatsapp

1) From your Dedicated Android or iOS smartphones, you have to simply install PDF compressing App which is available for free on both Google Play Store as well as Apple App Gallery.

2) After installing the App, convert your large PDF files into a small one with just a few clicks.

how to send pdf files on whatsapp

3) After compressing the PDF File successfully you can directly send it as a file on Whatsapp without any large file size issues.

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how to send pdf files on whatsapp

3. How to Send PDF on Whatsapp When File is Stored in Google Drive

Most people also store their PDF Files on Google Drive as it offers extensive space for data storage. The videos, photos, and files uploaded on google drive are very easy to access from any corner of the world on the other hand it is completely free to use Google Drive.

Sending your PDF Files, Photos, and Videos from Google Drive via Whatsapp has become super easy now and it requires just a few steps to in order to send files from Google Drive. Here are the steps you need to follow.

how to send pdf files on whatsapp

1) Open Whatsapp from your smartphone and click on the contact you want to send PDF File stored in Google Drive.

2) After Opening the Contact click on the Attachment Icon on the top right corner of the smartphone.

3) After that Select the Document Option.

4) Next, on the top you will see the Browse Other Docs option. After that, you will see the Menu Pop-up that will have an option of Google Drive.

5) Select on Google Drive option and from it, choose the PDF File you want to send via Whatsapp.

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how to send pdf files on whatsapp

4. How to Send PDF on Whatsapp in iPhone

If you are one of the newest iPhone users then you might face little problem in sending PDF files on Whatsapp. This is because Whatsapp has slightly changed UI and functionality in iPhone but still both Android and iOS shares almost the same functionality and procedures for sending Videos, Photos, Files, etc. Here are the steps.

1) Open Whatsapp on iPhone and select the contact whom you want to send PDF files, photos, or videos.

2) Tap on the Attachment icon that is placed just beside the messaging bar on the bottom right.

3) After tapping the icon, a pop-up will open in which you have to choose whether you want to send Video, Audio, or Documents.

4) Click on the Document and then another pop-up will open asking you to choose the PDF.

5) Select the PDF and click on the send icon. Congrats! you have done it.

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how to send pdf files on whatsapp

5. How to Send PDF on Whatsapp, When File is Stored in Computer 

If you have stored your PDF file, Videos, Photos, etc. on WhatsApp and wanted to share it then here is the procedure.

1) Open Google Chrome or other respective browsers that you are using.

2) Type on the search bar and click Search.

3) Click and open the link and you will see a QR code on your computer screen.

4) Now Open your Phone and click on the Three Dots provided at the top of the Menu.

5) After tapping the Top Menu bar, You will see that in the third option it is written Whatsapp Web.

6) Now a QR Code scanner will be opened on your computer and you have to scan the QR code shown on your computer screen.

7) After scanning QR Code you will see that your Computer has all your Whatsapp logs and Chats on the Screen.

8) From there Select your Documents, Videos, and Photos that you want to share with your contact and finally Click Send.

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Conclusion- How to Send PDF on Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become almost everyone’s need today. From photo-sharing to video-calling, from chatting to sharing documents we use Whatsapp. Many times it happens that we don’t how to send PDF files on WhatsApp but the method is very sweet and simple. 

In this blog post, we have briefly explained how to send PDF in WhatsApp on any platform either it is Android, iOS, or Windows, we have tried our best to cover every single aspect of it. In return, we just hope that you like and if you do then do share the website link to your social media platforms so that we may get more reach.

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