How to Share Instagram Profile Link- 100% Working Tricks in 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites available. It has got a lot of exciting features and supports make it the best place to socialize with people around the globe. Instagram is owned by Facebook one of the most prestigious social networking sites so we can also say that it is fully secure and reliable.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in the year 2012 for around 1 billion US dollars. The app allows us to share videos, images, and reels with exciting filters. The app has also hashtag and geographical location-based search features through which people can easily access posts based on their interests.

Instagram has also come up with video monetization features through which the creator could earn money. The app also allows you to add promotional posts through a dedicated page.

Many of us wanted to share our Instagram profile link so that our profile may get more reach and exposure. If you are also one who is not able to find his/her Instagram profile link and searching for how to share Instagram Profile Link then this blog post is written for you.

We have tested the best tips and tactics and came up with the best content that will let you find and share your Instagram Profile URL.

You can share the URL all over the Internet wherever you want such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. If you share your post regularly then very soon you will have a good number of followers on Instagram and every single post of yours will receive thousands and millions of likes.

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How to Find & Share Instagram Profile link through Google

Finding your Profile URL on the Instagram app is very difficult. You can easily access others’ Instagram Profile links on the app but not yours. Then what should you do? Here are the steps you should follow to access your Profile URL.

how to share instagram profile link

1) Open Google Chrome browser and search for Instagram Login.

2) The first query will be of Instagram Login. Click on it.

Be aware of the pop-up will open asking you to open the Instagram app. It will redirect you to the app where you will not able to find your profile URL. That’s why you should continue with the browser.

how to share instagram profile link

3) After successfully Logging into the browser search for your Profile and open it.

4) After you have opened your profile, you will see the URL of it in the Google Search Bar.

how to share instagram profile link

5) Copy it and share it wherever you want.

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How to share Instagram Profile Link using the app

If you want to get your Instagram profile link then you have to create one additional account on Instagram. We are recommending this because you will only be able to share other Instagram Profile URLs, not yours.

Follow the steps mentioned below to share the Instagram Profile link using the app.

how to share instagram profile link

1) Open your Instagram app and create one additional account on it.

2) After creating an account you have to search for your Profile in the search box.

how to share instagram profile link

3) Open your Profile, you have to click on the three-dot menu appearing on the top-right corner.

4) You will the Copy Profile URL option.

5) Click on it and paste the URL wherever you want to share it.

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How to share Instagram Posts URL Link

Well, the above two methods are especially for sharing Profile URLs on Instagram but what if you want to share your Instagram Profile URL

Though, Instagram gives you an option to share your posts directly to other social media platforms but sometimes a situation arises where we need our Instagram post URL to share it.

1) Open the Instagram app.

2) Select the post you want to publish.

3) After publishing the post you have to click on the three-dot icon of the post.

4) There you will see the option of Copy Link.

5) After tapping the option, the link will be saved to the clipboard and you can easily share it on Pinterest and Quora-like platforms on which you cannot share your posts directly.

How to Share Instagram Profile Link- Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the people have got a lot of questions to ask on the topic and we have tried to give answers to all your queries related to the topic. 

1) How do I share my Instagram link?

– You can easily share your Instagram profile link using Google. Just log into your Instagram ID on Google and open your profile. As you open up your Instagram profile, you will see your profile URL in the Google search bar.

You can also access your Instagram Profile URL using your friends and relative Instagram ID. You have to just ask them to open your Instagram profile and click on the three-dot menu. There you will get your Profile URL, Copy your URL and share it on your Phone.

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2) Can I add a link to my Instagram Post?

Instagram does not allow to paste links either in the description or comment section. If you add any link to it then it will be pasted as plain text and your users have to copy and paste the URL in their respective browser in order to access those links.

But, Instagram gives you to add one link which can be directly accessed by the users. For this, you have to create a page on Instagram. There you will get an option of Add Website in which you can enter the URL you want.

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3) How to Share Instagram Profile Link on YouTube?

Access your Profile link through the steps mentioned above. Then open up your Youtube channel. In the description section, you can simply paste the link.

As you upload the video, you will see the link is posted on your youtube channel and if you mention it in your video then you will get a good number of users on your Instagram profile.

4) How to copy Instagram link in email?

Inserting Instagram link in email is very easy. You have to just copy your link with the help of steps suggested above. After that, simply paste it on the email. The link will be successfully placed in your email and you can send it where ever you want.

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5) Why my link is not clickable in the Instagram Bio?

Instagram does not allow you to place links in the bio sections. Not only that, you also cannot post links on your post descriptions, comments, headings, etc.

If you do own a page then you can place a single link of your website. It is not mandatory to put the URL of your website only instead you can also post the link of your other social media account.

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Conclusion- How to Share Instagram Profile link

Many people face hurdles in sharing their Instagram Profile links. This is so because the does not allow us to access our own profile URL. But there are so many proven methods available through which you can easily access your Instagram Profile Links.

We have suggested the two best methods available through which you easily know Instagram Profile Link and share it wherever you want. If you like our blog posts then do not forget to share this post with all your friends and relatives.

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