How to Uninstall Folder Lock without Password in 2021- Step by Step Guide

In this time of technology and computer, it has become important to keep your data secure. It has become common that you have to share your computer with others at your place. Sometimes, you think to use a folder lock to keep your files secure. Meanwhile, you might think out of the box and think about how to uninstall folder lock without a password if you have forgotten. 

It is a common problem for most people around the globe. Many users have reported that they saved their folders under folder lock but now they have lost their data because they do not memorize the password. In this article, we will show you a complete guide regarding folder lock, its features, and how to uninstall this program without a password. 

Many internet users think that it is a simple process and they can complete it with a cup of coffee. The reality is if you have taken a wrong step in the entire process, you will lose your data and no one will be able to recover. Yes, this service is only for premium users to get back up when they have bought and locked with the premium folder locker. 

Besides, let’s have a look at this private safe and the answer to how to uninstall folder lock without a password. 

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What is Folder Lock?

A folder lock is a specific program that will act as a private safe for you to keep your folders and files inside this tool. It will allow you to enter your file and locked them with a password that will remain in your memory. In turn, you will be able to keep sensitive and private data away from unauthorized and unethical access. 

This folder lock is the best choice for those who have to work with their computer or laptop regularly. Sometimes, you might have to share your device with your siblings and friends. It is not good if you hand over your device without taking precautionary measures for making your sensitive data safe. That is where you will get this program the best and amazing. 

You can set up a lock having a different number of digits you can call password or pin. In this way, no one will be able to access that private safe unless they know the password. So, you can keep your personal data, documentation, and other media types in that safe without any worries. 

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What Can I do with the Folder lock?

Many people ask what they can do with a folder lock and how it will be useful for them. Here is a brief overview of the features that you will get in this program. First of all, you can keep your files, documents, pictures, folders, or anything else in a safe place. No one will know what you have kept inside your locker and why you have to create security around that data. 

There are some features and options that you will find magical when looking to lock your folders. First of all, you can simply lock any folder with this tool and set a password for that folder. It will be simple to set a password and access data with that password in simple steps. 

The second option you will get of hiding files or folders without getting noticed by someone. No doubt, you can use a built-in hiding feature to remove your files from other’s access by opening the properties of the folder. But it is not secure as anyone can follow the same process to unhide those files and folders. 

With this folder locker, you can also lock and hide your folders at a time. It means that your data will be in a private safety as well as invisible. You will be the sole person who knows about that data and you have an invisible folder on your computer. 

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What Happens if I Forget My Password?

It is the common question of what will happen if I lose my password. This question is valid enough because you have to know about this section and take precautions to tackle such conditions. The simple answer to this question is that you will lose your data and won’t be able to recover your files with the simple mean. 

How To Uninstall Folder Lock Without Password?

When you have lost the password of the folder lock, you can’t apply any action on this program. Many people think that they can get their data back if they have uninstalled this program. It is because many android applications will restore your data back if you have installed them again after uninstallation. 

But this program has some complex sections that will not enable you to do this simple task. If you have lost the password, you won’t be able to uninstall this program with simple means. Here is what you have to do for the uninstallation of a folder lock without a password. 

After reading the following paragraphs, you will be able to know how to uninstall folder lock without a password. First of all, you have to open the registry editor on your desktop by clicking on the start button and give the command to run a dialogue box. 

Now, you have to write “regedit” without any upper case and click the enter through your keyboard. It will open a dialogue box where you have to tap on the “Yes” button. It will open the registry editor on your screen. In the left menu bar, you will get a folder named “NesSoftware’s”. 

You only have to click on that to get the subfolder of the folder lock. By tapping on that folder twice, you will get multiple different folders where uninstall folder is also available. Tap on that to get the uninstall button on your screen that you have to simply click. After clicking this, you will get a dialogue box having value data 1. You should edit that and paste 0 instead of 1.

After doing this, you have to click on “Ok” and close all the windows open in the task manager. Keep in mind that you have to close all windows for effective outcomes but do not turn off your computer unless you have completed the following sections. Once you have closed all the programs, refresh your screen 2 to 3 times. 

Now, you have to go to the control panel of your system and open “App & Features”. Here you will get a folder lock that is still installed on your system. Just click on the name and then tap on uninstall button simply without making mistakes. The installation process will be completed in a while and all of your files will be in the original position without any lock. 

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Can I Remove The Password From Files Even if I Forget The Password?

Sometimes, you may not be looking to uninstall this program but want to crack the password only. For this, you have to be prepare and taken some steps at the time of installation. Let’s have a look at those steps that will enable you to get a safe way to get your data back and restore all your folders. 

First of all, you should keep in mind that this process directly belongs to the installation process. So, you have to keep these steps in your mind while installing a folder lock on your computer. When you are installing this program, you have to keep checking for the screen where you will be asked to set a backup password. 

Here you will get an option to set the master key of the program as your password if you have lost the original one. You only need to check in to that box and then follow the steps to install this program. In this way, you do not have to worry if you can’t memorize your password. 

You simply have to check the directory of the program in your drive and look for the master key. After this, you have to paste that master key inside the password box and your folder lock will be open for you. In this way, you can get into the folder and keep your data safe while looking to change the password of the folder. 

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To Sum Up

The folder lock will be good only if you can keep your password in your hand at all times. If you have lost that key, you will be in great trouble. But you can bypass the system and get access to your data with the above process. Also, you can easily uninstall this program from your system and get your data back safely at your desired places. 

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