Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle Unveiled- HarmonyOS Support, Customizable Design, etc.

The Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle is a revolutionary water bottle that uses a small touchscreen display. It can display your name and the amount of water you’re drinking. 

The device also measures the internal temperature, the time left in the bottle and the amount of water left in it. While the accuracy of the device’s measurements is not perfect, it’s more accurate than most. In addition to this, it can send you reminders to drink more.

The Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle comes in blue, black, and white colors. The bottle is made of stainless steel, so it’s germ-resistant and easy to clean. The bottle also features a screen that shows your name and prevents accidental mouth contact.

It can run up to four weeks on a single charge. The product connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone to monitor the temperature and send you reminders when you need to drink more water.

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Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle

Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle- Capacity

The 440-ml capacity Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle features a display made of 316L stainless steel. It can show the water’s temperature in real time. The smart bottle also has an integrated touch screen to show your name and prevent accidental mouth contact. 

The device is also capable of connecting to your cell phone via Bluetooth, so you can get notifications whenever you drink more or less water.

The Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle is available in three colors: black, grey, and white. It has a 410-mL capacity and can maintain the temperature for up to 12 hours. 

The water is also safe to drink, as the water is regulated through its temperature sensor. The smart bottle is controlled through a proprietary application on your smartphone. In addition to its touchscreen display, it has antibacterial PP material on its parts.

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Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle- Antibacterial Protection

The smart water bottle is capable of detecting the temperature of the liquid you drink. It can be used for drinking juice, tea, and milk. It also offers 99 percent antibacterial protection. 

The battery life of the Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle is approximately 12 hours. The company sells it in three colorways: black, white, and gray. The bottles are now available on the VMall website in China.

The Haers Smart Water Bottle is a 440-ml device that has an LED display that shows the temperature of the liquid. It has a 316L stainless steel liner and a touch-sensitive screen. 

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Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle- Price

The bottle is made of stainless steel for protection against germs. The water bottle can be personalized by displaying the name of the owner on a screen, which prevents accidental mouth contact. 

The Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle will be sold at a retail price of 159 yuan in China which is around $ 25.

The smart bottle comes in two different colors: black and blue. The bottle’s stainless steel lining protects it from germs. It also has a touch screen to display the name of the owner. 

It can be connected to a cell phone through Bluetooth. It can send reminders to the user to ensure the drink is not too hot or too cold. It also works as a smart bottle.

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Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle- Wrap Up

The Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle is a stylish and innovative gadget for the health conscious. It is a 440-ml water bottle that can be found in black, blue and white. 

Its stainless steel body provides protection against germs and is also designed to prevent accidental mouth contact. Its a rechargeable battery that lasts up to four weeks. The smart bottle can connect to a cell phone via Bluetooth to send reminders.

The Huawei HAERS Smart Water Bottle has a 440-ml capacity. The device is available in black, white, and blue-green. It is made of stainless steel and offers protection from germs. 

The screen on the bottle lets the user see the name of the person drinking the water. It also prevents accidental mouth contact by showing the owner’s name. Its battery lasts for up to four weeks. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows it to send reminders to the user.

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