Huawei Smart Glasses Launched in China- See Price, Specifications, & Availability!!!

Huawei has just announced that it is going to launch its first smart glasses in China on December 23. These wearable devices will be powered by its own operating system, HarmonyOS, and have left and right firing speakers. 

The company has already released two pairs of glasses with Gentle Monster under its brand name, but this time there will be no co-branding. Other expected features include a new smartwatch with blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor.

The eyewear isn’t the only new feature, though. Huawei has teamed up with fast-growing eyewear brand Gentle Monster to launch the first version of its smart glasses. 

The Smart Glasses are available in two price variants of 1699 (INR 20k or $266) Yuan & 1899 Yuan ($ 298 or 22k).

The EyeWear glasses are a popular unisex style that lacks a camera but does feature voice recognition technology. The eyewear even has earphones that don’t connect directly to your ears.

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Huawei Smart Glasses Launched in China

Huawei Smart Glasses Launched in China- See Availability

Huawei has also announced plans to sell its Smart Watch in China. The first generation of the device will feature a Bluetooth smart hub, as well as a cellular phone. 

The first two glasses will be sold for Chinese consumers, and are expected to go on sale in July. These wearable devices are not expected to be available in the U.S. until July, so it’s worth the wait.

Huawei smart glasses are likely to debut in the Chinese market first, although it is unclear if they will be released globally. It’s likely that smart glasses will be more of a novelty than a real use case. 

The price of the Huawei smart glass is incredibly high and will most likely be limited to enthusiasts. But the technology itself is a huge step forward. If the Chinese market is a place where there’s demand for wearable technology, that might change, but we can expect a global release in July.

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Huawei Smart Glasses Launched in China- Ergonomics

The Huawei Smart Glasses have three different models that come with a detachable front frame. While the glasses are still a smart accessory, they can also be used as classic sunglasses. 

The two frames can be interchanged independently and can even be attached to a smartphone. They have a motherboard, two microphones, an antenna, and a touch panel to operate the various functions. 

Users will be able to control the device using voice commands. Moreover, the HUAWEI smart glasses will have noise reduction technology and a variety of other features.

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Huawei Smart Glasses Launched in China- Features

The glasses also have a touch sensor to detect objects and synchronize music and videos. The third model does not have a camera and is designed to allow the user to keep a smartphone within the range of the device.

The new glasses have five different models, and each model can be used as a smart accessory or as classic sunglasses. They will have a touchscreen display and a microphone and will also be equipped with a voice assistant. 

The HUAWEI smart glasses are also compatible with Android smartphones, and users will be able to communicate with their mobile devices via a number of different devices and applications. When the new smart glasses are launched in the UK, they will be sold under the Huawei brand.

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Huawei Smart Glasses Launched in China- Wrap Up

The Huawei smart glasses will have a number of features, such as the ability to send notifications and a built-in microphone. The company claims that the smart glasses will be marketed under its own brand, and will be available in 140 stores throughout the country. 

The Huawei smart glasses are now available in China in 5 different styles and colors. The first pair of glasses features a Bluetooth-compatible headset and is capable of answering calls. The new model also features a built-in microphone and two microphones with beam-forming technology. 

The HUAWEI smart glasses will be available in the Chinese market on July 24. The device is designed to be a smart accessory for both Android and iOS users. It is also compatible with many other types of phones.

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