Huawei to launch self-made 5G Chipset very soon for their Flagship Phones!!!

Huawei will soon launch its first flagship smartphones that will have its own self-made 5G chipset. The company previously revealed the Mate 20 X (5G) in China. 

But the first of these devices won’t have the much-coveted feature: 5G connectivity. Instead, the Chinese company is forcing its customers to use their own software instead of Android.

The first flagship Huawei phones will be powered by a new chip from the Taiwanese company MediaTek. Qualcomm received permission from the US government to sell its own chips to Huawei, but the company may be forced to use Qualcomm’s own chip in the future. 

The US sanctions will make it more difficult for Huawei to ship flagship smartphones with their own high-end Kirin processors after this year.

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Huawei to launch self-made 5G Chipset

Huawei to launch self-made 5G Chipset- How effective it will be???

The company also has to worry about the restrictions on its supply chain since the US Department of Commerce listed Huawei on the “Entity List”. 

As a result, Huawei is banned from purchasing technology components from U.S. companies. It’s unclear if this will affect its ability to manufacture 5G-capable smartphones, but it’s likely that the new chipsets will be in the Mate 40 series and the Xiaolong X5 handsets.

The rumour that Huawei is developing its own 5G chipset could affect the upcoming flagship phones from Huawei. The Chinese company is not yet ready to sell its own 5G chips, but it has reportedly received permission to sell some of its own components to the Chinese firm.

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Huawei to launch self-made 5G Chipset- Components

This means that the company isn’t able to bundle closed-source Android components with its own operating system. As a result, the Chinese manufacturer is left with its own version of the OS, HarmonyOS.

The rumor that Huawei is preparing to launch a self-made 5G chipset for its flagship smartphones could affect its flagship phone. 

The company is already manufacturing chipsets for its mobile devices, and is relying on them for their 5G services. This is one of the main reasons why its latest handsets are so popular among consumers.

While it is possible for other companies to create a chipet that is proprietary, the US Department of Commerce placed Huawei on its Entity List. 

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Huawei to launch self-made 5G Chipset- Software Compatibility

The restriction prevented the Chinese firm from bundling its own Android-compatible components with their own smartphones. That left the Chinese company with their own proprietary HarmonyOS, but also a few other manufacturers. 

But in order to remain competitive, it is necessary for the Chinese company to create a chip that meets the highest standards.

Despite the recent ban on Huawei’s 5G phones, the company has remained optimistic. The company’s growth has been unprecedented for the company. 

Earlier this year, it briefly became the world’s largest smartphone maker thanks to strong sales in its home market. However, this year, the Chinese company will focus on a global expansion strategy. 

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Huawei to launch self-made 5G Chipset- Final Conclusion

By developing its own 5G chipset, Huawei will be able to better compete with Apple and Samsung in the mobile industry.

The Chinese company has made progress in the development of their 5G chipset. The shortage of certain components has not hampered the company’s plans for its next-generation flagship smartphones.

Meanwhile, Huawei is still working on the issues related to the chipset. Its high authority says that it is a “king” and will return to the smartphone business in 2023.

While Samsung’s 5G phones are powered by Qualcomm chips, Huawei has an advantage in terms of scale and marketing. Both companies are competing in the global market. And both companies have different strengths. 

So, while Huawei may be able to match Qualcomm’s chip in terms of performance and cost, Samsung’s will have the edge. So, watch out! And let’s hope the company makes its own 5G chip for Flagship smartphones!

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