Huawei’s HiSilicon will make Comeback in 2022!!! Company’s CEO Confirms

In an interview with Forbes, Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that the company has decided to make its own HiSilicon chips to differentiate its phones from other companies. 

He said that the ban on the company’s chip production would last until May 2022 and that he is confident that the company will be able to bring its own foundry up to speed with cutting-edge processes. 

The Chinese firm needs to find a way to manufacture these chips without using tools made in the United States.

The name of Huawei’s new chip is derived from a Chinese poem, Zhuangzi Gengsangchu. It means “the natural light of wisdom.” Besides the Kirin processor, Huawei will also be launching two Kirin chips in 2022. 
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Huawei’s HiSilicon will make Comeback in 2022- Here are some Names

In January 2018, the US banned Huawei from using HiSilicon chips because of its ties with TSMC. Qualcomm also backed away from buying 5G Snapdragon chips from Huawei because it feared that the company would use its own alternative chip. 

After the ban, the company started using its own in-house chip, Kirin HiSilicon. However, according to the Digitimes report, the company will produce its own chip in its own factory. This will begin production in stages, starting next year.

The name of the new chip is “Tianguang” – the name of which comes from a Taoist text referring to the natural light of wisdom. The company has been developing several HiSilicon chips over the years, including the Tianguang 800 and the Kirin SoC. 

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Huawei’s HiSilicon will make Comeback in 2022- Improvements 

While HiSilicon chips were a hit in the early days of the mobile phone industry, Huawei had to change its strategy to obtain the chips it needed for its smartphones. 

Since the ban was lifted, it has shifted its focus to chip research and development, which has helped it become a leading company in the chip market. This strategy, meanwhile, has been successful in securing the future of the company’s smartphone sales. 

The HiSilicon chip has already been in the limelight for a few months. It has been used in smartphones and tablets since long time. But the company had to change its strategy after it was imposed by US sanctions.

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Huawei’s HiSilicon will make Comeback in 2022- 5g Technology 

In the short term, the company has been unable to produce its own chips due to the ban. The company has been forced to use inferior Kirin chips instead of HiSilicon chips and was forced to choose inferior 4G Snapdragon chips because of US sanctions. 

It has also faced difficulties in purchasing 5G chips due to the ban. In order to overcome this ban, the company has been working on the production of HiSilicon chips. 

While the HiSilicon chip has been in the news for a few years, it has recently come under the spotlight again. The Chinese company has been blocked from purchasing chips from TSMC, and instead, has resorted to making their own. 

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Huawei’s HiSilicon will make Comeback in 2022- Wrap Up

In the past, the Chinese company had benefited from a free trade agreement with the U.S. but the sanctions have affected the company’s ability to purchase those chips. This has led to a significant decline in its ability to buy them from the US.

While the company’s HiSilicon unit has been halted by the US government’s anti-terror legislation, it will be back in the single-chip market in 2022, and has announced plans to build a wafer fab in Wuhan. 

The production of these chips will start in phases, with Huawei launching a silicon Skylight 800 in late 2022.
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