IGRSUP.GOV.IN Website in 2021-Confidently Apply for Land Details, Marriage Certificates, etc.

For the betterment of its citizens, the Uttar Pradesh government has come up with an outstanding website namely igrsup.gov.in. The website combines all the Stamp-related work in the State. Either it is the certified Stamps, Marriage certificate, or property registration the website has got all the information related to it.

The website has been made very simple and user-friendly so that be easily navigated by the users. If you are going to use the website for the first time then you might be unaware of the stamp duty charges and how to apply for the services provided on the IGRSUP website.

The website is owned by the Stamp and Registration Department of Uttar Pradesh and they also take some charges on various stamps of registration. You should know every minute detail about Stamps Duty on various types of Deeds so that it can be easily used by the users.

We all know how complicated and time-taking is government work is!! We have always heard that you will need to give bribes to government officials so that your work should be completed on time.

Thanks to the IGRSUP website, now we can fill all our stamp duty charges, deeds, and verify genuinely our certificates without giving any single penny as a bribe. You just have to pay the amount which is required for the work.

So let’s have a review of the website and take a glimpse at how to fill all the required documents on the IGRSUP website. The website seems to be new and very simple. In this blog, we will tell you to step by step method to fill the form.

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What is IGRSUP.GOV.IN and What does it stand for?

IGRSUP stands for Integrated Grievance Redressal System controlled by the Government of Uttar Pradesh comes under the Stamp & Court Fee & Registration Department. It is responsible to collect all the tax which comes from stamps, deeds, issuing certificates, property, and other means.

In other words, all the tax collected by Tehsils and Courts comes under this website judiciary. Previously, the tax was collected manually from courts and tehsils but now the government has introduced a digital system in which all the works undertaken by the departments will be handled online hence preventing corruption and bribes taken.

Since the website is new so many of us don’t know about its works and functionality. The website is very useful and if you will be able to know about this then it will be very beneficial for you.

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What are the Basic Services provided on the IGRSUP.GOV.IN website?

Since the website covers all the major parts of tax and charges paid by the citizens in tehsils and courts of Uttar Pradesh. So, there are vast services covered by this website. Most of the services are listed below.

– Know the Status of your Statutory Rules and Orders issued by tensile and courts of Uttar Pradesh.

– Registration of Property either for personal or professional use.

– Certified copies of all your documents registered in courts and tehsils.

– Search for all the encumbrance cases against your properties.

– Information about the Stamp Vendors present in your district.

– Information on Chit Funds on your property.

– Issuance of Marriage Certificates.

– Displaying whether any case is imposed on the property you want to sell or buy.

– The copies of all the registries made on a property in tehsils or courts.

– Registration is available for the society in which you are living.

– Search for the real market value according to the government for any property.

– E-stamping services.

There are also some other minute services provided which are not displayed above.

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What are the Stamp Duty Charges of Uttar Pradesh

The stamp duties of the government of Uttar Pradesh have been revised. As per the revised charges, here are the stamp duties.

1) Sale Deed– 7% of the total amount.

2) Gift Deed- It will cost from 60 rupees to 125 rupees.

3) Lease Deed & Will- Around Rs 200

4) Special Power of Attorney- Around Rs 100

5) General Power of Attorney- Around Rs 10 to Rs 100

6) Conveyance Deed Rs 60 to Rs 125

7) Notarial Act, Affidavit, & Agreements- Rs 10

8) Adoption Deed- Rs 100

9) Divorce- Rs 50

10) Bonds- Rs 200

Types of Stamps in Tehsils & Courts

There are various types of stamps for tehsil and courts. Some of the major stamps in Uttar Pradesh are

1) Indian Non-Judicial Stamps.

2) Hundi Stamps.

3) Special Adhesive Force Stamps.

4) Revenue Stamps

5) Court Fee Stamps.

6) Traditional PapEr Stamps such as Property, Agreements, Share Transfers, and other stamps.

In the above, we have listed some major stamps of the Uttar Pradesh government. Many other stamps are considered to be minor that’s why we have not included them in our list.

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How to get our Property Details on IGRSUP.GOV.IN?


1) Open the igrsup.gov.in website from your respective browser.

2) If you are new to the website then you must have to register on the website before searching property details.


3) After successful Sign In, you will find an option ‘Sampatti Panjikaran’ option.

4) Then you will see all the options of Search Property, Register New Property, and several other options in Hindi.

5) Click on the Property Search option which is “Sampatti Vivaran” in Hindi.


6) After that, Select the district, and property ID of the land. You should have to also select whether the property belongs to the urban or rural areas.

After doing this all the land records related to the land will be displayed on your screen such as tax, civil cases pending against the property, etc.

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How to Register New Property on the IGRSUP.GOV.IN website

One of the most appealing features of the website is that we can also register our newly brought lands in tehsil online. For this, follow the steps.


1) Open the IGRS UP website and log into your account with your respective ID and password.

2) Then visit the same “Sampatti Panjikaran” section.

3) In the section mentioned above, you will see the option of Apply which is written “Aavedan Karein”.


4) Click on the option and select the option of New Applicant written as “Naveen Aavedan”.

6) Fill the district, sub-district, mobile number, password, and captcha correctly.

5) Then, enter all the required land details and pay the tax as well as stamp duties related to the property. Also, you have to add the Deed presenter name and its contact number as a witness for your new land.

After the process is completed successfully, your new property will be registered on the website portal without even visiting your nearby tehsil once.

Once your request is approved, you can download your property registry from the website within few minutes. This will save your time as well as money.

Also, if you want to give back the Stamp duty and wanted to apply for it then you should select an option of Application regarding returning of Stamp which will be written as “Stamp Vaapsi Hetu Aavedan” in Hindi. Click on the option and fill in the details. After the prior approval, your Stamp duty will be returned.

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How to Apply for an encumbrance certificate on the IGRSUP.GOV.IN website

If you to get your property certified by the government that there are no any tax, or cases pending against the property so you can get your encumbrance certificate. 

If you also wanted to apply for an encumbrance certificate then the steps are mentioned below.


1) Open the IGRSUP website and log into your account.

2) Go to the Homepage and search for the Encumbrance certificate written as Bharmukt Pramanpatr in Hindi.

3) After that, you will be redirected to a new page. Two options will be given to you which are new registrations or checking the old encumbrance certificate status.

4) If you are newly applying for the certificate then fill all the details correctly and pay the required fee.

5) Encumbrance certificate will be generated after the final approval.

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How to Apply for Marriage Certificate on the IGRSUP.GOV.IN Website?

If you are a newly married couple and wanted to make your marriage certificate then you can apply for it online on the IGRSUP Website. If you apply for it offline then you have to do ups and down daily from court to home.

Thankfully, with the help of the IGRSUP website we can easily apply for a Marriage certificate, pay Stamp charges, and after the final approval, Download it online from the same website.


1) Go to the igrsup.gov.in website and register on it.

2) After registering, you will be redirected to the main page where you will find information related to Land records, Stamps Duties, Applying for Marriage Certificates, etc.

3) You will have to click on the Marriage certificate option and enter all the valid details, witness details. If necessary, you can also upload documents authenticating your marriage.

4) After successfully entering all the information, Pay all the Stamps Duty and enter the Captcha then your form will be sent for approval

After you have successfully applied, your application regarding marriage certificate will be sent to the officials. You can check your application anytime on this website.

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FAQs related to IGRSUP.GOV.IN

We have also broadly covered the FAQs related to the website. Many times it happens that we are not able to answer your query completely so we have introduced this section so that you can get fully satisfied with our blog post.

1) How can I Check my Land Registry Online?

You can check your online registry online by checking out your land details on Bhulekh or igrsup.gov.in if you belong to Uttar Pradesh. You have to just visit the website> Select District>Town or Village> Land Details and finally enter the captch for final verifications.

After this, a document named Khatauni in Hindi will be available to you. If your registry is completed then you will see your name and date on which it is registered. Since it is a long process so it will take at least 3-5 months.

2) How can get my Marriage Certificate Online?

For getting your marriage certificate online, you should first register on the IGRSUP portal with all your valid documents and witness proof. If you have already applied for the certificate offline then you can also check your request status online.

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Conclusion- IGRS.GOV.IN

In this blog, we have completely reviewed the IGRS website which has been recently set-up by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Since this website is new, so most of the users don’t know how to use it. 

So, we have come up with a blog in which we have explained almost all the steps and methods to apply for land details, stamps duty, property tax, marriage certificates, and others.

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