Imint Gen 4 Vidhance Video Stabilization Announced!!! See what’s New!!!

Imint Gen 4 Vidhance Video stabilization technology has been developed by the Swedish company. The solution can remove unwanted motion from smartphone videos. 

Compared to traditional look-ahead methods, it offers excellent performance without draining the battery. It also integrates with a variety of processors and features low power consumption. With this technology, smartphone owners can use a single application to enjoy a stable and motion-free video.

Its stabilization engine works by removing all kinds of unwanted movement from smartphone videos. The company has partnered with other major phone manufacturers including Xiaomi, Oppo, and Infinix.

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Imint Gen 4 Vidhance Video Stabilization

Imint Gen 4 Vidhance Video Stabilization- Smartphone compatibility

It has also announced a partnership with OnePlus, which will use Imint’s video stabilization solutions. The tech firm has also worked with Huawei, Motorola, and OnePlus. Its stable video and audio features are already available in tens of millions of smartphones around the world.

Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization technology has been tested and certified by leading smartphone testers. The technology removes unwanted movement from smartphone video and leaves smooth motion in its wake. 

Unlike other solutions that sacrifice memory performance for power efficiency, Vidhance’s stabilization engine can also be applied to video from cameras and video games. Therefore, it’s possible to enjoy the benefits of this technology without compromising the quality of the image.

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Imint Gen 4 Vidhance Video Stabilization- Features

The new Vidhance video stabilization solution is compatible with next-generation 5G wireless connections. It also supports the use of DMBR and video stabilization for better overall video quality. 

With the rapid growth in head-mounted displays, Vidhance is becoming an important part of a growing market. Its new partnership with TECNO makes it possible for users to enjoy more stable smartphone video clips.

The Vidhance video stabilization technology is a breakthrough for smartphones. It detects camera motion and smooths the remaining video. With the new feature, users can capture HD videos without the need for an expensive professional. 

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Imint Gen 4 Vidhance Video Stabilization- Final Words

The Imint video stabilization software has been a part of the smartphones manufactured by several other leading manufacturers. The company has been working with a variety of smartphone manufacturers to develop its software.

Its Vidhance technology is designed to improve video quality and provide stable video. It has been designed to offer a high-quality video for front-line workers and has a variety of applications. It is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices. 

Its purpose-built software platform makes it easy to install, allowing for easy integration with a wide range of mobile devices. In addition to providing stable and high-quality videos, Vidhance also offers various applications for storing, streaming and sharing videos.

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