Instagram Link Stickers get Custom Text & Color Features- How is it Intresting?

Today, Instagram Link Stickers get new color and custom text features. The stickers will now be able to include personalized text that will increase their visibility. 

In the past, Link Stickers could only be used by verified accounts and those with a large number of followers. Now, you can use these new stickers to promote your business or personal account. 

But if you want to get the most out of this feature, you’ll have to wait until the feature is fully rolled out.

The new Link Sticker feature is a major update for users. It was limited to verified accounts with at least 10,000 followers, and only those with verified accounts could access it. 

The new feature is now open to everyone. However, new accounts won’t be able to access it immediately. In addition, accounts with a history of posting malicious content will be blocked from using the new feature. It is important to note that the link stickers will remain in place until the update is live.

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Instagram Link Stickers get Custom Text & Color Features

Instagram Link Stickers get Custom Text & Color Features- Only for Instagram Stories

Currently, the Link Sticker feature is limited to Instagram Stories. But the new feature allows you to add text, change the color, and add URLs to your Instagram posts. You can also customize the colors of Link Stickers to make them more unique. 

This is an exciting update for users and businesses alike! Hopefully, it will encourage them to use it to promote their products or services! But before you make any changes to your account, take advantage of the new feature!

When the Link Stickers feature first made its debut last October, only the largest and verified accounts could use them. But now, you can customize your stickers with the help of Instagram’s new custom text feature. 

And it will also be possible to choose between a wide range of colors and fonts. Now, you can customize your stickers with the color scheme and text. But before Instagram can implement the new feature on more users, it will have to test the new features.

While the Link Sticker is already available to everyone, Instagram has warned that it will only allow verified accounts to use the new feature.

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Instagram Link Stickers get Custom Text & Color Features- T&C

Moreover, the new feature could also be used for spamming and spreading misinformation. For now, you can only use the link sticker in Stories with at least 10,000 followers. But if you’re not a verified account, you’ll not be able to access this feature immediately.

Link Stickers are now available to all users. But before the new feature is rolled out globally, you might need to wait for a couple of days or even weeks before you see them. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll see these new links soon. And if you’re not lucky enough to get them right away, you’ll have to wait for them to show up in your stories.

Instagram’s Link Stickers have been limited to stories for a long time, but the app has recently extended this feature to all users. They replace the swipe-up link in Instagram Stories, which was previously only available to verified accounts with at least 10,000 followers. 

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Instagram Link Stickers get Custom Text & Color Features- Limited

But new accounts haven’t gotten this functionality right away and are being blocked for posting malicious content. While the new feature might be great for creators, it’s not the most useful.

In the meantime, Instagram is working to make the Link Sticker more universal. The new stickers will also allow users to create custom text and color combinations on them. 

This is a welcome development, and the new features will make it easier for users to share more information with others.

Earlier, the Link sticker was limited to accounts with 10,000 followers and verified status. But now, it’s available to all. The change will be implemented in all countries in the coming days.

Currently, the Link Stickers feature is limited to Instagram Stories. But, now, users will be able to create customized text and color for Link Stickers on their Story. 

The new feature will be rolled out gradually and will be available to all users soon. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll have to wait a few days or weeks before they become available to you.

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