Jeet 11 App 2021- The Gamechanger of Fantasy Cricket App

Are you also one of the Player of the Fantasy Cricket Apps? If yes, then one more name is added in the Namelist, Jeet 11 App. The app is one of the best competitors of the most popular fantasy cricket apps out there such as Dream 11, Fantasy Power 11, My11Circle, etc.

All the Fantasy Apps mentioned above works on the prediction. If you predicted it right you will get money if you are wrong then you won’t. The only thing is that the popular apps pay very less amount on winning whereas the newly launched fantasy app Jeet 11 pay a good amount on winning in which you can easily redeem your money.

Jeet 11, a fantasy cricket works almost same as the other fantasy apps in which you have to create a team before the match starts. If you made the right prediction and ranked high in the Jeet 11 App winner list then you could win a big amount.

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jeet 11 app

Jeet 11, Fantasy Cricket App Introduction

Jeet 11, the Fantasy Cricket App has been launched in 2015 in India. The app was initially owned by Share Chat which is one of the Short Video content making sites with over 100 million downloads.

The app was created by the efforts of Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva. The game is currently operated by Mohalla Tech Private Limited which is an India-based tech company.

In 2021, Jeet 11 has got over 1 Lakh+ download and is just 5.8 MB in size. The app is available in 13 regional languages that is spoken by large communities in India such as Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, etc.

Besides Fantasy cricket, Jeet 11 app supports Quizzes, Football, Kabaddi, and other sports-related contests. The app popularity is increasing day by day and the days are not very far when it will rank amongst the topmost Fantasy apps available in India.

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Table of Contents

jeet 11 app

How to Download Jeet 11 Fantasy Cricket App in 2021?

Jeet 11 App is one of the most popular Fantasy Cricket App and is available for only Android. You can download the app easily by following the simple procedure that are mentioned below.

1) Go to the Google Play Store, depends either you have Apple smartphone or Android smartphone.

2) Search for Jeet 11 app in the search box.

3) Click on the Jeet 11 app which is inbuilt by Mohalla Technologies Limited, there are many fake apps out there so be aware!

4) Click on the Download button to instantly download the app.

5) After the successful download, click on the Install button.

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jeet 11 app

Jeet 11 SignUp: How to Earn upto Rs 100 as the Signup Bonus

With the Jeet 11 Fantasy Cricket App, you can earn good money monthly, weekly, or even daily. You must be very keen to know that how we can earn from Jeet 11 app.

The first and foremost step to earn money with Jeet 11 is by Referring People to the App. When you SignUp to the app, you will receive a Referring Code and if anybody Sign Up to the app and applies your Code while signing up then you will and your friends both will receive a SignUp Bonus of Rs 100.

Also, If your friend will add some amount to the Jeet 11 Wallet then you will get 10% of that amount. For example, if your friends add Rs 1000 to their wallet then you will get Rs 100 in your account and this process will be repeated each time any for your friend adds money.

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jeet 11 app

Jeet 11 SignUp: Get Rs 100 Instantly

As it is mentioned above how you can earn up to Rs 100 instantly with the signup bonus. If you place our Referral code then we will get a little support from you. So here is the SignUp procedure.

1) After successfully installing the Jeet 11 app, Open it and it will ask you to choose your preferred language.

2) You will be redirected to the Home Screen with the Sign In button on the top right corner of the app.

3) Click on the Sign In button and enter your dedicated phone number and enter the OTP.

4) After entering the OTP, Go to the Wallet section and complete your KYC procedure. You will get Rs 60 cash by completing the KYC.

5) Your account will be approved and you will get Rs 60 in your wallet after completing the KYC procedure.

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How to use Referral Code to Earn Money in Jeet 11?

If you have successfully Signed In to the Jeet 11 Fantasy Cricket App in 2021 then you have the required conditions before you get a referral code to earn.

The first and very important step to get a code is completing your KYC. The KYC verification can take up to 24 hours and before that you cannot add any money to the app wallet. Once the KYC procedure completed, you will get your code through which you can earn money on every new signup using your code.

You must also know that you can the money you earn as a Referral or KYC completion bonus cannot be transferred to your Bank Account. You can use that money to play Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Quizzes, and many more games. If you win then the money you get can be transferred to your Bank or Paytm account. Also, note that you must have at least Rs 100 for transferring into your Bank Account and the amount below that will not be transferred. 

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jeet 11 app

How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Jeet 11 App?

Playing Fantasy Cricket is super easy in Jeet 11. It is just like other fantasy cricket app such as Dream 11, MPL, etc. Here is the steps on how to Play Fantasy Cricket in Jeet 11.

1) Add the Amount in your wallet, if you are new then you will get Bonus money which will be automatically deducted from the wallet.

2) Go to the App’s homepage, you will see all the Tournaments going on there.

3) Tap on the tournament that you want to play in and create the Team.

4) Pay the Entry Fees if any and congrats! you are in the Game.

jeet 11 app

The same procedure will be followed if you wanted to play Football in the app.

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jeet 11 app

How to Play Quizzes in the Jeet 11 App?

The best part about Jeet 11 app is that it also supports the Quizzes and contest through which you can make a remarkable amount of money. You have to just answer to the questions in the contest. To participate in the contest follow the steps below.

1) From the Top Bar, Select the Quiz option.

2) Select the Topic on which you want to play quiz. Currently three options are available namely Cricket, Chidiya Udd, and Cinema.

3) After selecting the Topic, you will be redirected to the quiz interface with the questions and timer.

4) If you have given the correct answer to all the questions then you will win a prize.

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jeet 11 app

How to Transfer Money from Wallet to Paytm/ Bank Account?

Transferring money from the app wallet to Paytm or Bank account is super easy. You will face absolutely no difficulty if you will follow the procedure mentioned below while transferring money from the Jeet11 app to Paytm or Bank Account.

1) Complete your KYC and fill your Bank account details properly.

2) If the money amount is greater than Rs 100 you can easily transfer it from the Jeet11 wallet to Paytm Wallet or Bank account.

3) Please wait for 24 hours in case money has not been transacted in your Bank account.

4) If the problem persists then you can email their Customer Support. Their official email Id is

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Conclusion- Jeet 11 App

Jeet 11 app is one of the latest and most decent fantasy cricket app. With the help of this app, you can make lots of money but also keep in mind that you can also lose that money very quickly.

Jeet 11 app works almost similar to MPL and Dream 11 apps which are fantasy cricket app. This India-based company is earning huge profit through it. There are many players out there but only few of them wins and earn money in the game. There were many ads coming out the companies that I have earn this much money, we want to make it clear that this rarely happen so play the game at your own risk.

Video Source- YouTube | Online Earning