Jio Prepaid Plan to Hike by 21% from Dec 1!!! See Inside Details

Jio has increased the price of its prepaid plans by up to 21 percent, with prices of unlimited category plans rising from Rs 299 to Rs 444. Both the prepaid and postpaid tariffs include data add-ons. 

The new jio cellular plans will offer 2GB of data per day and a validity of 28 days. The jio prepaid plan includes three hundred and sixty texts, and it is priced at Rs 149.

However, this jio prepaid plan has a monthly data limit of 500MB, while the postpaid plan’s limit is 1000MB. 

The new plans are priced at Rs 399 and 290. The change in jio prepaid plan is effective December 1, 2021. If you’re looking for a low-cost cellular service, there are plenty of other options. If you’re looking for unlimited data, there’s a prepaid plan for you.

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Jio Prepaid Plan to Hike by 20% from Dec 1

Jio Prepaid Plan to Hike by 20%- See Plans

The Jio prepaid plan will be hiked starting from December 1, the new plans will cost Rs 479 and Rs 533, respectively. The prepaid plan also comes with unlimited voice calls and 100 texts per day. 

As a result, a higher price will allow better use of data. This increase in Jio’s prepaid tariff will help the company achieve its goal of ensuring a sustainable telecom industry.

The jio prepaid plan has been hiked by up to 21 percent. The price of the Rs 249 unlimited prepaid plan will increase from Rs 75 to Rs 155. The existing tariff of Rs 149 will be hiked to Rs 179. 

The restructured plans are designed to accommodate customers with high-speed Internet and other needs. Aiming to be more competitive and innovative, the new jio prepaid plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility to its customers.

The new Jio prepaid plans are cheaper than any other prepaid plan in India. The Rs 159 prepaid plan now offers unlimited calls, data, and SMS. 

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Jio Prepaid Plan to Hike by 20%- Comparison

It is more expensive than the Vi and Airtel plans, but still more affordable than the aforementioned competitors. Its base prepaid plans now start at Rs 91, which is less than half the price of its former competitors.

The Jio prepaid plans will cost Rs 121. The Rs 75 recharge will cost Rs 91. The Jio prepaid plan is now more expensive than any of its rivals in India. It also has a data limit of up to 500MB per day. 

The Rs 51 prepaid plan, however, will cost only Rs 61. The aforementioned Jio prepaid recharge plans are cheaper than other telecom companies.

The cheapest Jio prepaid plan has been hiked by 20 percent. The cheapest Jio prepaid plans were priced at Rs 91, but the cheapest unlimited plans cost Rs 155. The two biggest competitors also increased their prepaid prices by 25%. 

This is due to the fact that the prepaid tariff is cheaper than any other telco. A shopper who purchases a Jio prepaid phone plan may spend more than twice as much.

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Jio Prepaid Plan to Hike by 20%- Final Words

The Jio prepaid plan will be hiked by a further 25 percent to the cheapest unlimited plans. The cheapest plan, priced at Rs 179, will be the cheapest option for prepaid customers. 

While the Rs. 151 prepaid plan will cost the same as the Rs. 719 unlimited prepaid plan, it offers more than two gigabytes of data. In addition to the data, a customer can call and text up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty times a day.

The cheapest Jio prepaid plan has been hiked to Rs 157, but the new one is Rs. 189 compared to Rs. The cheapest 28-day prepaid plan has been hiked by more than 10 percent in comparison to the previous cheapest version. The 555 base plan offers 1.5GB of data per day. A popular prepaid unlimited plan is priced at Rs. 169.

Jio has raised its prepaid plans and announced that the basic plan will now cost Rs. 155. Previously, the cheapest unlimited prepaid plan was Rs. 129. The cheapest unlimited prepaid plan is now Rs. 156. 

The cheapest unlimited 4G prepaid plans require two gigabytes of data per day. While the cheapest unlimited plans will be available for only two months, these plans will have to be upgraded before the end of the year.

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