Kiriko Kamori in Overwatch 2- A Healer, Wall Climber, Taunting Persona, Kunai Usage

In the Overwatch media franchise, Kiriko Kamori is a fictional playable character. First appearing in Overwatch 2, the 2022 first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Kiriko is based on Japanese folklore, with her character design and gameplay mechanics influenced by Shinto folk religion.

Kiriko is a healer

Kiriko is a new Overwatch hero who has great healing abilities and can respond quickly to calls from her team. Her primary weapon is a healing talisman, but her ultimate summons the Spirit Fox to speed up the attack speed, cooldown, and movement speed of all allies. This makes Kiriko the ideal healer for heavy-duty team battles.

Kiriko’s passive ability, Protection Suzu, can help save allies from sleep and stun. This ability is not destroyed, and Kiriko can use it to reach teammates who are camping or out of range. She can also travel through walls with the help of her Swift Step.

She can climb walls

Kiriko is a support hero in Overwatch who can climb walls to reach teammates. Her kit complements the support role, as she has the ability to heal teammates and buff the team. She can also cleanse allies and herself from negative status, and has six unique abilities. Kiriko’s ninja training gives her the ability to climb walls, and her passive allows her to reach teammates that are on buildings and on top of walls.

Kiriko Kamori in overwatch 2

Like Genji and Hanzo, Kiriko can climb walls to reach high ground. Her abilities stem from her training with the Shimada brothers. When Kiriko is in a high position, she can use her passive to teleport to a nearby ally, or to heal an ally through a wall.

She has a taunting personality

Kiriko is a young Japanese woman with a taunting personality. She is one of the game’s support heroes and has healing abilities. She also carries a fox companion. Kiriko has a history with the Shimada brothers. She has been described as a “trickster.”

She uses her spiritual connections to teleport through walls and summon the spirit of a fox to help her team. In addition, she has an ultimate ability called Kitsune Rush that lets her use her healing powers to aid the team.

She uses the Healing Ofuda

Kiriko uses the Healing Ofuda as her primary ability, and this passive makes her a decent healer if you’re an airborne hero. The heal tracks at a decent range, and it can heal a large amount of damage if used accurately. However, you shouldn’t expect to heal instantly, because the heal takes time to reach its target. Regardless, Kiriko is a powerful healer, and her secondary fire (Kunai) is a very lethal weapon.

Kiriko is a new hero in Overwatch 2. She is a vigilante shrine caretaker, and her intro music reflects her lively personality. Her abilities also allow her to heal targeted allies and to deal damage to enemies.

She uses the Kunai

One of the most powerful tools for playing Kiriko is her Kunai. This powerful tool is a talisman of talismans that provides a significant amount of HP recovery when used. The Kunai is a versatile weapon that Kiriko can use to protect her teammates and to chip away at enemy health. Kiriko’s kunai can also be targeted at enemies to help score kills. While this weapon is effective for killing enemies, players should be careful not to aim too far back. It is best to stay within range of everyone when using Kiriko’s Kunai.

In Overwatch 2, Kiriko’s kunai is one of the best weapons for killing enemies in close range. This weapon is not designed for long-range shooting, so players should aim for hair-level before using the Kunai. This helps them get the headshots they need.