LG Objet TV in the Luxury Segment launched- See Price, Specifications, & Availability

The newest LG TV in the luxury segment has been unveiled and is a step ahead of its competition. The Objet comes with a fabric cover, reminiscent of a canvas, and is designed to blend in seamlessly with your room. 

The movable frame reflects neutral colors, which creates visual harmony and an exciting viewing experience indoors. The Objet is a great addition to any home.

Other products in the line include a refrigerator, air purifier, audio system, and TV. The television is 65-inches and comes with a premium soundbar ($8,755). 

The refrigerator is$1,500 US). This is a great investment for anyone looking to live a high-end life. The refrigerator is also quite expensive, costing 1.9 million won.

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LG Objet TV in the Luxury Segement launched

LG Objet TV in the Luxury Segment launched- Details

The Objet TV uses OLED Evo technology and a fabric cover by Danish textile firm Kvadrat. It features an advanced processor and 4.2-channel speaker, as well as LG’s line view mode. 

It can also be used as a clock or date screen. It will be available in black or white. A few other models will be available in the luxury segment shortly.

The LG Objet TV features a new fabric cover that allows the screen to be flipped or turned off. The fabric covers can be changed and are interchangeable. The cover is available in three different colors, black, white, and blue. 

A large variety of colors and patterns are available for the cover. These options allow you to make the LG Objet TV blend in with your home decor. It’s an interesting and stylish addition to the home, and the LG Objet TV is a great way to show off your style.

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LG Objet TV in the Luxury Segment launched- Ergonomics

The LG Objet TV is a new concept in home electronics. It merges form and functionality. Its slim design and minimalist appearance make it an ideal choice for small spaces. 

Its high-end design is reminiscent of the luxury segment, and it will appeal to buyers who want to stand out in a crowded market. The OLED is also available in a more affordable price range, and it comes with a battery that can be charged on the go.

The OLED display is the most innovative technology in home entertainment and offers exceptional clarity and contrast. The Objet TV can also be a great tool for video conferencing and online lectures. 

In addition, it comes with a high-quality ash wood stand. The OLED display is also a powerful multimedia player, which lets you view content from the screen. The OLED screen is the best option for a luxury home, and it has been praised for its long-lasting battery life.

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LG Objet TV in the Luxury Segment launched- Display

The new luxury TV in the luxury segment is a hybrid of art and technology. It has a 65-inch OLED Evo panel and a highly advanced processor, providing a visually stunning viewing experience. 

In addition to its advanced features, the LG Objet is customizable. The covers can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle, with nine different designs and textures. This allows the owners to customize their LG Objet TV according to their specific tastes.

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LG Objet TV in the Luxury Segment launched- Wrap Up

LG Objet is a high-end brand of home appliances with an untraditional design. The Objet range features two unconventional television models, the 65Art90 and the 27Art10, which are both named after a type of obel. 

The 65Art90 OLED TV comes with a 4.2 channel sound output and is the best in its segment, but it lacks some key features, like a 4K display.

LG’s Objet televisions are designed to be more than a television. They are both home decor pieces and are made to be a focal point in a room. 

The 65-inch OLED Evo panel is designed to be attractive and elegant, and a fabric cover from Kvadrat can be added to the Objet’s display to create an eye-catching piece of furniture.

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