LG Patent Foldable Infotainment Display for Car!!! See In-Depth Details

A new patent from LG describes a foldable infotainment display for cars that can be operated by a mobile phone or smart device. The system will be a transparent, flexible panel that can roll down when needed.

Unlike traditional displays, this one won’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road. It will also be able to show important information like the speed of a car ahead of you or the number of traffic violations in the area.

This invention may have a number of applications, including smart televisions that roll up into a tiny package. It’s not just for drivers. Passengers will also benefit from the technology, which is voice-controlled and easy to operate. 

The patent for a rollable infotainment display also shows how it might work for cars. The design would save on space on the dashboard and provide protection when not in use.

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LG Patent Foldable Infotainment Display for Car

LG Patent Foldable Infotainment Display for Car- Patent Details

In the patent, LG shows an innovative foldable infotainment system. It also shows the structure of the display panel. It can be folded flat, unfolded, or roll up. 

The design can be used in a variety of ways, from dashboard integration to backseat entertainment. It can even be used on a car’s roof or sun visor. The company has even suggested augmentation of the center console to allow the display to be more compact.

The invention has multiple application possibilities, including in-car smart televisions. It could also be applied to automobiles, which would make them foldable. 

If it is successful, it could be used to control a voice-activated infotainment system. As long as the LG patent is approved, it’s likely to become a reality. If it works, it could help drivers and passengers alike.

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LG Patent Foldable Infotainment Display for Car- Features

A foldable infotainment display can be folded and unrolled easily. The design of the panel can also be adjusted to fit a specific vehicle. This invention is a great way to save space on a dashboard and provides protection when the unit is not in use. 

The patent does not provide technical details, but it is impressive nonetheless. This innovation may be the future of infotainment systems for cars.

In addition to its TVs, LG’s patent for a rollable display has multiple applications. It can be used as a dashboard, in a car’s center console, or as a backseat entertainment system. 

It could also be attached to the sun visor or the roof of a car. The company suggests that it might be installed in the center console, too.

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LG Patent Foldable Infotainment Display for Car- Compatibility

The LG patent for a rollable display is quite interesting. The rollable infotainment display is a great way to store and transport your car. 

A transparent panel can be mounted on the passenger’s seat, and the driver can easily access the information on the screen without removing their eyesight. If the device is rolled up, it can even be used as a blind mirror solution.

The patent was filed by LG has a history of developing rollable TVs and smartphones. However, the patent for the rollable screen is not known as of yet. 

Its rollable screen is designed for smartphones and tablets. The smartphone is also rollable. Although the smartphone’s flexible display is already available, the foldable version is not yet available in the market. This will make the display easier to install in cars.

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LG Patent Foldable Infotainment Display for Car- Wrap Up

The patent is a good step for the car industry. It allows users to easily and safely carry their smartphone or tablet around. Moreover, the display is more secure than a conventional touchscreen, allowing it to be accessed from any angle. 

The design can be rolled up and unfolded. As the device rolls up, it can be used as a navigation system. The foldable panel is more accessible and can be rolled up and unfolded to save space on the dashboard.

Another great advantage of the LG patent is that it can be used for a variety of purposes. Its flexibility makes it ideal for many uses, including safety. 

It can be turned away from other road users if it needs to be turned away, and can also be turned towards other cars. Its innovative features could include a head-up display that can be folded up when not in use.

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