List of Best Pokemons in Pokemon Go in 2021-22

List of Best Pokemons in Pokemon Go

To those who haven’t heard of it, Pokemon Go could appear to be little more than the enjoyment of kids looking for virtual creatures that are spotted on their toasts or on their workplace colleague’s shoulder. But, as with the original video game of the 90s, Pokemon Go is a raging combat game that has a powerful hierarchy of Pokemon. Anyone who desires “to be the best” must be aware of this fact for them to take down other teams and gain control of gyms.

But what exactly is the order of things? How do you know which Pokemon is worth catching/hatching/evolving? Don’t worry because we’ve got a complete list of the top Pokemon to assist you in your next game.

Each animal has its own range of stats ranging which range from Strength up to Stamina and based on the location you’re in and what you’re fighting, you’ll need to be aware of which animal will do best under those conditions.

When you capture Pokemon You will have to feed them with candy as well as make use of them in battle and provide them with boosts that will help them develop to their maximum potential. For instance, let’s examine one of the most popular Pokemon known as the Pidgey.

It’s a small bird that doesn’t appear like much at first but develops in its attack, defense, and other capabilities. Although he’s not the most effective in battle he’s among the top you’re likely to see.

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List of Best Pokemons in Pokemon Go

Best Attackers in Pokemon GO- In-Depth Explaination

Fairy-type Pokemon, Unfortunately, they don’t appear to have the same glitzy stature they are on the other series. This may be due to the combination of special and physical stats into a single statistic, given that Fairy-type Pokemon generally have a high level of Special Attack and Special Defense and are extremely weak in physical attack. 

In any case, they’ll be able to put some useful abilities against the kinds that Fairy usually defeats including Dark or Fighting, and the most notable, Dragon. However, there are often more effective alternatives against these kinds.

Gardevoir Gardevoir’s Shadow version is the most popular Fairy-type in general although Togekiss surpasses it in general TDO. Gardevoir that isn’t a shadow version is also great and is ranked as one of the top Fairy-types, just ahead of Togekiss, Xerneas, and its own Shadow version. 

In addition, the fact Xerneas isn’t equipped with the fast moves of a Fairy-type makes Gardevoir ahead of its time in this regard but. If Mega Gardevoir is added to the game, it’ll become better, even though it’s in the middle of Togekiss TDO (~680 instead of 747). As a generalist, you’ll need Charm and Dazzling Gleam however Gardie’s Psychic moves of Confusion and Psychic is better against fighting types.

Togekiss can be certainly comparable to Gardevoir and is a little higher than Gardevoir’s base Gardevoir but slightly less than Shadow Gardevoir. In terms of fighting types, it’ll be about the same, however, unlike Gardie its secondary typing isn’t as strong in this area (Air Slash + Aerial Ace). 

Matchups between types are interesting in that Togekiss the Flying-type to Gardevoir’s Psychic-type, has more weaknesses, but more resistances. It will depend on the context of which one of these two types is the most effective.

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List of Best Pokemons in Pokemon Go

Shadow Granbull is the only Fairy-type that has access to two moves of the Fairy type however it is far further behind Togekiss as well as Gardevoir. It’s a step between Mega Altaria and Xerneas for TDO.

it’s able to beat both of them on DPS and it has the benefit of having an asymmetrical Fairy-type move, unlike the two other types. Granbull is an excellent choice for those on a budget, due to the popularity of Snubbull. But it is recommended to go with the Gardevoir/Togekiss duo when you can.

For the remaining Fairy-types that are listed below ( ClefableAlolan Ninetales as well as Wigglytuff) They’re good however they’re not great. For the typical Fairy opponents, like Fighting, Dragon, and Dark it’s best to use the other weaknesses of these Pokemon instead of using the above Pokemon. 

A-Ninetales can be fun when it comes to Dragons due to its secondary Ice-typingabilities, but you’ll probably be better off using Mega Altaria in that regard since its Dragon-typing ability is superior. The three Pokemon mentioned above are better in the PvP meta as opposed to PvE.

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Other Relatable Players

Gardevoir and Togekiss are able to meet every need related to Fairy you may have However, if you don’t, take a look at these options Some of them are similar to Gardie and Togekiss however they don’t include the fast moves of a Fairy:

  • Galarian Rapidash (Psycho Cut | Play Rough)
  • Xerneas (Tackle | Moonblast)
  • Mega Altaria (Dragon Breath | Dazzling Gleam)
  • Galatian Weezing (Tackle | Play Rough

List of Best Pokemons in Pokemon Go

Best Electric Attackers in Pokemon GO- In-Depth Explanation

Legendaries and Megas are the top two contenders in the Electric-type class and Shadow Electivire is the only one (and maybeMagnezone in certain situations) being able to squeeze into. With only one flaw and some powerful damage against flyingand Water-types. Electric-types cover a lot of ground.

Of all the Electric-types, Shadow Raikou is without doubt the most powerful. The maximum attack is slightly less than Zapdos however it isn’t a problem because of the additional damage it’s able to do. Wild Charge outclasses Thunderbolt completely as well as Raikou is more powerful in terms of Defense which means it’s going to stay a little longer. It’s true that Zapdos is able to overcome Electric’s weakness in Ground however it swaps those weaknesses for weak points to Iceand Rock-type moves.

Concerning Zapdos -while it’s little more than Shadow Raikou Zapdos’ Shadowvariant is not in any significantly worse than. It’s in an even third or fourth scenarioally, and has less DPS than Sh. Raikou and Sh. Electivire, however with more TDO than former. 

List of Best Pokemons in Pokemon Go

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We’ve said that Zapdos eliminates Electric’s weakness to Ground however it does have weaknesses to Rock and Ice instead, which could be beneficial or bad depending on the circumstance. However Shadow Raikou as well as Shadow Zapdos are extremely hard to find If you don’t own them, you may need to choose another Pokemon in this class.

While it is ranked third in TDO, Shadow Electivire is the best choice in pure DPS and manages to squeeze out Shadow Raikou and Shadow Zapdos. It’s not as big in weight as Sh. 

Raikou however it’s significantly more accessible and is a great alternative. Electivire also comes with Ice Punch, giving it the chance to take a look at those pesky ground-types.

There are just two electric-type Mega Evolutions in the Pokemon series and both have entered Pokemon GO. Mega Ampharos and Mega Manectric are both fantastic electric-type options, however they’re different and have different uses. 

While Mega Manectric excels in DPS thanks to its huge maximum Attack Stat, Mega Ampharos has the capacity to last longer, and also a second Dragon-typing feature that provides it with additional utility, but also it has a few weaknesses. Which one to choose will be based on your requirements and preferences, but both are excellent.

The final Electric-type we’ll talk about here is Zekrom, one of the mascot Legendaries from Gen V. Like M-Ampharos, it’s a Dragon/Electric-type, giving it some utility against some other Pokemon while also taking on more weaknesses. It’s great for either Dragon as well as an Electric attacker and both could benefit you.

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Other Relatable Players

The most popular Electric-types are Legendary Mega, Legendary or Shadows which means it’s somewhat daunting to review that ranking. There are other possibilities, many of which, in certain situations, could beat the top ones in the list below (especially Magnezone if it’s a Shadow). Here are a few others amazing Electric-types that you should take into consideration:

  • Magnezone (Spark | Wild Charge)
  • Thundurus Therian Form (Volt Switch | Thunderbolt)
  • Luxray (Spark | Wild Charge)
  • Jolteon (Thunder Shock | Thunderbolt)