MacOS 12.2 Beta Version is Available!!! Enhanced Apple Music App, Smooth Surfing, etc.

The latest macOS 12.2 beta version operating system features a new Music app that is built to be a fully native application. Although the app still displays web content, the new version will be faster. 

The beta also features improvements to the Messages app and the Apple Music voice plan. Other notable changes are bug fixes and a more stable system. However, it’s still unclear whether the beta will be available for all users.

The macOS Monterey beta was released on December 13th to developers. The macOS Monterey update comes with the share play feature and Hide My Email feature. 

It does not include Universal Control, but it is packed with several bug fixes and enhancements. For example, it fixes the problem of charging the MacBook Pro when turned off. 

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MacOS 12.2 Beta Version

MacOS 12.2 Beta Version is Out!!

While the beta version of macOS 12.2 is currently in its testing phase, it is expected to be released to the public sometime this year. The beta will support ProMotion and the new Music app should be faster than ever. 

While the release date is not set yet, the developers can start testing the updated version right now. It will also support the Apple Music app. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference this makes.

The beta version of macOS 12.2 will also bring new features to the music app. Apple is expected to introduce a new version of the Music app before the final release of the new operating system. 

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MacOS 12.2 Beta Version- Enhancements

The new Music app will make the Apple Music app faster. It uses a new framework called “AppKit”, which is part of the macOS native interface framework. It also supports JET, which is a technology that Apple developed to turn web content into native apps.

As far as the Apple Music app is concerned, the new beta will improve the way it scrolls and search in Safari. The new app will also improve the speed of Apple Maps and the Apple Music app. 

It will also include the native version of the iPhone’s music player. This update will allow for faster browsing, but it won’t be available to the general public. Nevertheless, users can test it and find out if it’s worth the upgrade.

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MacOS 12.2 Beta Version- Music App & Safari Focused!!!

The new beta version of macOS has a number of improvements in the Music app, and the AppKit system provides a native interface. The new beta version of macOS has fewer ads and is faster in music searches. 

The music player in Safari should also run faster and be more responsive than before. It will also support ProMotion in Safari, which means it will look better on a newer model of the operating system.

The new beta version of macOS is not available to the public, but it’s available to developers for testing. The new beta version is expected to add support for ProMotion on the 2021 MacBook Pro, as well as improvements to the Apple TV.

The release date of the macOS 12.2 beta update has not been set, but it’s a beta version of macOS. A number of other notable changes have already been reported.

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MacOS 12.2 Beta Version- Wrap Up

The macOS Monterey public beta version has a number of notable features, including support for 120Hz ProMotion in the Safari web browser. The new beta is designed to be faster than the previous version and should be compatible with older Macs as well. 

It also includes new updates to the FaceTime app and Universal Control. A new focus mode and Shortcuts app are also available in this beta. These are just a few of the many features in macOS Monterey public beta.

The beta version of macOS 12.2 features a native Apple Music app, faster music search and scrolling, and more. It also fixes scrolling in Safari with ProMotion on the MacBook Pro. 

The beta can be downloaded from the public beta website or through OTA for developers. The public beta version is free to download and is available for developers.

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