MediaTek Pentonic 2000- The 1st ever TV chipset based on 7nm

The new MediaTek Pentonic 2000 chip is the first commercial television chip manufactured using a 7nm process. It supports 8K resolution, super-fast refresh rates, and AI capabilities. Its AI features also make it ideal for smartphones and tablets.

In addition to delivering exceptional performance, it also boasts of impressive power efficiency. With the new chipset, you can expect to see more than just a bump in performance.

The MediaTek Pentonic 2000’s SoC is built on a new ultra-wide memory bus, with support for up to eight thousand pixels and 12 million pixels. Its integrated 8K 120Hz MEMC engine powers a host of new features. In addition, it also supports the latest 5G cellular modems and MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 6E modem. This means that the Pentonic 2000 will be ready for the upcoming flagship 8K TVs.

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MediaTek Pentonic 2000- Important Peripherals

The Mediatek Pentonic 2000 offers a host of new features. The first commercial TV chip, it is capable of supporting HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6E. It also supports HDR and UHD resolutions. In addition, the new TV chip has a built-in AI engine to optimize picture quality. In addition to its HDR capabilities, the Pentonic 2000 also supports HDR10 and 1080p video recording, and it is compatible with PCI-Express. In addition to being compatible with the latest technologies, the Pentonic is capable of supporting up to 144Hz gaming PCs and 8K displays.

With its HDR support, the Pentonic 2000 SoC also provides support for Dolby Atmos and a variety of video encoding formats. It can also support VP9 and HEVC video encoding and decoding and is compatible with H.266 (VVC) audio. These features are all necessary for a truly HD experience. These chipsets are designed for a wide range of smart home devices, as well as for flagship smart TVs.

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MediaTek Pentonic 2000

Mediatek Pentonic 2000- Display Support

The Pentonic 2000 SoC is designed to power smart TVs. It supports 8K 120Hz displays and will enable multi-screen, picture-in-picture, and gaming. It is the world’s first TV chip to offer the capabilities of a 7nm process. As the company’s most advanced chipsets, the Pentonic 2000 will be a great fit for most smart televisions.

The Mediatek Pentonic 2000 chip supports both H.266 and UFS 3.1. It also supports 5G and a number of other standards that make it suitable for many mobile devices. The new chip is expected to power the next-generation flagship 8K TVs by 2022. It has an impressive list of features, and the Pentonic 2000 can support various video formats. Therefore, it will be a great choice for your next smart TV.

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MediaTek Pentonic 2000- RAM & ROM Configuration

The Mediatek Pentonic 2000 chip will be able to support most of the latest gaming consoles. Its LPDDR5X memory support will also allow it to work with next-gen 8K smart TVs. In addition to that, it will also support ultra-high-resolution content. The chip will also support UFS 3.1 storage. Its processor will also support MEMS at 8K resolution. Its future applications are endless.

The Pentonic 2000 chip can support upscaled and non-HD content. It is the first TV chipset to support both high-definition and ultra-high-resolution. Its AI-powered technology is an important feature for video games and smart TVs. Its CPU is capable of boosting video playback and enabling HDR. There is also a dual-core processor with 64GB of RAM.

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MediaTek Pentonic 2000- Some Additional Information

The Mediatek Pentonic 2000 TV chipset is based on the 7nm node. It is capable of displaying HD content with the same clarity as full-HD video. It also supports multiple picture-in-picture screens. The Intel-based chipset has a high-performance GPU with low-power consumption. Its new technology will allow users to watch different content simultaneously, regardless of its format.

The multi-core APU of the Pentonic 2000 allows you to watch 4K and HD videos at the same time. The MediaTek AI-Picture Quality chip is a real-time processor that intelligently upscales content to its native resolution. The device is fueled by fast storage and generous memory bandwidth. Its AI-Super Resolution technology is also capable of handling higher-resolution video content. The Intel X-CPU is an impressively powerful mobile platform.

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