MediaTek will be the first to Introduce 5G mmWave Mobile & Wi-Fi 7 Compatible SoCs!!!

If you’re wondering when the next major wave of mobile phones is coming, look no further than MediaTek. Among the most highly anticipated products of this year will be its next-generation MediaTek chips. 

This new processor will help smartphones deliver smoother video streaming, file downloads, and more. And as it’s the first chip to support 5G, it should be ready for use in smartphones in less than 6 months.

Moreover, the MediaTek M80 5G modem supports multiple 5G technology standards, including mmWave and sub-6 GHz. 

It supports ultra-fast speeds, dual 5G SIM, dual network, and dual VoNR. The M80 is the first chip to combine mmWave and sub-6 GHZ technologies.

While the overall market growth in 2022 will be lower than that in 2021, the company plans to achieve a revenue growth of ten to 20 percent. 

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MediaTek will be the first to Introduce 5G mmWave Mobile & Wi-Fi 7 Compatible SoCs

MediaTek will be the first to Introduce 5G mmWave Mobile & Wi-Fi 7 Compatible SoCs- See Details

MediaTek will be the first to introduce 5G mmWave mobile chipsets and Wi-Fi 7 solutions in early 2022. The company’s CEO Cai Lixing said that the semiconductor market will stabilize in 2022 and the chip shipment situation will remain stable.

The MMWave technology is a breakthrough for mobile phones. Although it can only cover a short distance, it is a fast solution for short-range connectivity. Fortunately, most carriers are rolling out sub-6Ghz 5G, which is slower but reliable. 

As a result, MediaTek is working on the connectivity for mmWave. The company plans to release samples of its new processors to handset makers. In the second half of the year, the mmWave connection will be available in the market.

While Qualcomm and MediaTek are the leading 5G chip vendors, the Chinese company is the biggest in many markets. 

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MediaTek will be the first to Introduce 5G mmWave Mobile & Wi-Fi 7 Compatible SoCs- Availability

The company has primarily provided modems for Asian phone makers, including Samsung and LG, and it has recently become the largest smartphone chip vendor in the world. In the third quarter of last year, the Chinese tech giant has also made a strong push into the US.

Earlier this year, Qualcomm provided the first mmWave modems for smartphones. However, after the company started to introduce mmWave in January, Samsung and Apple both included it in their iPhones. 

And now, the company is expected to introduce a similar modem in 2022. In the meantime, the MediaTek will be the first to Introduce 5G mWave mobile and wireless solutions.

Despite the success of its flagship Dimensity 9000 series, the company will have to wait a while before introducing its new mmWave mobile modem.

If it doesn’t come to mmWave-capable smartphones until at least 2022, it will be necessary to make the new technology available on smartphones and tablets.

While the new technology isn’t ready for widespread adoption, the company is preparing for the eventual launch of 5G mobile technology in consumer devices.

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MediaTek will be the first to Introduce 5G mmWave Mobile & Wi-Fi 7 Compatible SoCs- Wrap Up

Currently, most of the 5G network deployments are sub-6GHz and mmWave technology is a bit slow. In fact, only a few carriers are rolling out mmWave for smartphones in the US.

It’s still a long time before a mmWave mobile solution can truly make an impact in the market. The technology’s high price makes it a highly competitive market. It’s a very mature technology and will continue to be available for the next few years.

But the company should not lose hope just yet. The company’s new mobile chipsets will need some time to prove their effectiveness.

The company has been committed to introducing its new 5G chip for some time now. The first phones with this new technology will be marketed in China. 

The company has already started the process of expanding their presence in the US, and it’s now ready to introduce its new product in the market. The company is also developing modems for various industrial applications.

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