Meesho Supplier Panel (2021)- Guided Step to Login & Create Account

Meesho is India’s self-made reseller store mostly famous for clothing, and apparel-related items. This reseller store is gaining good popularity amongst the Indian customers and if this success continues then very soon it will give tough competition to big e-commerce companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, and others.

Today Meesho has become such a popular brand that it has thousands of customers visit daily on the site. All the credits go to the 13 Million Meesho Supplier who contributes their time and product to this e-commerce platform. In return, they are getting good exposure to their products and brand as well. The e-commerce startup has been set up in Bangalore and it is among the few companies in India to enter the unicorn club. The company CEO Vidit Aatrey in the recent interview has told that they wanted to join over 100 million meesho suppliers and very soon the company will achieve this milestone. More than the reseller platform, it is famous as India’s first social commerce startup. If you heard the name social commerce for the first time then for your kind information, this process uses social and other online media for building interaction with customers and assisting them to buy the company’s product. Currently, the total revenue generated by social commerce in India is around $2 Billion which is said to boom up to $70 Billion In 2030. If Meesho and its seller continue to fight aggressively in the market then there are high chances that they will go to capture a large part of the revenue generated.  If you also want to become one of the Meesho Supplier but don’t know How to Apply on meesho as a supplier?, what are the T&C?, What are the charges that we have to pay?, Any penalty? and other related questions then we are here for you. 

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What Documents do you need Before Applying for Meesho Supplier?

If you are applying for the Meesho Supplier first time then you will need some essential documents before creating your supplier account. Also note, these documents are so much important that without them you will not able to make your meesho seller account. 1) GST Number- The first and foremost important step for creating a meesho supplier account is that your store must have a GST Number (if you have turnover more than 40 lacs else no needed). If you do not have one then you can create it easily on the GST portal2) Proper Pick-up Address- The pick-up address is the address from where your product will be handed over to the Meesho Logistics team. After that, it will be dispatched to the buyer’s address. Before entering the Pick-up address make sure that you enter the proper landmark so that you can be searched easily by the logistics team. 3) Bank Details- Almost all Indians must have their Bank account, Hope you have it too. Make sure that you must enter your professional bank account number so that you will be able to maintain your ledger properly. 4) Self-Details- If you wanted to as a meesho supplier then do not forget to give the correct and valid documents number for verification that you are an authentic seller. 5) Mobile Number-  Please make sure that you enter your mobile number which is active so that the meesho team can contact you. Also, it is very important for the logistics team so that they can contact you for your address. Also Read- IGRSUP.GOV.IN Website review 2021

How to Apply for Meesho Supplier?

Well, applying for the meesho seller is very easy if you have all the documents mentioned above. If you have all documents then just follow the steps mentioned below.meesho supplier 1) Open your respective browser and type Meesho Seller or simply click on the link. 2) Now open the page and you will be asked to enter your Mobile number for OTP verification.meesho supplier 3) After you have received OTP, enter your name, email, city,  and other details and click on continue. 4) A new page will open asking for your GST number, Pick up address, Bank Details, Supplier Details, etc.meesho supplier 5) If all your documents are clear then your request for the meesho seller will be approved instantly. 6) Now, you will receive an email on behalf of Meesho with a form link and commission details attached to it.meesho supplier 7) Click on the form link and fill in all the details required. Now, you have to upload all the documents such as GST certificate, photo, valid ID, and other details on the website. At last, they will contact you after the approval.  This way, you can very easily become a verified Meesho Seller and generate good revenue from the business. Meesho charges very little commission from the seller. The company claims that its commission charges are even less than 1.8%. Also Read- How to Uninstall Folder Lock Without Password

T&C you should keep in mind before applying as a Meesho Supplier?

There are several terms and conditions set by a company which if violated will be led to the suspension of your account. We have not discussed every point but instead, we have given you a glimpse of some major points which you should keep in mind. 1) Provide all the details such as GST, Mobile number, and PAN card correctly. 2) If you as a seller charge unreasonably huge amounts then in this case your account will be suspended. 3) Do not share accounts with anyone and you are only responsible for your account management. 4) In case you sell cosmetic items make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations set by the government. Also Read- How to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp

FAQs related to Meesho Supplier?

We have covered almost all the necessary points related to the Meesho Supplier Logins but sometimes people have some doubts related to the topic. We have tried to answer the frequently asked questions related to the topic. We have tried to answer some of the most famous doubts and hope you will find an answer in them.

1) What can we sell on Meesho?

On Meesho we can clothing, apparel, jewelry, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and lots of more items. The best part about this platform is that if you have a genuine and authentic product then there is a sure-shot guarantee you will get more customers than in the offline market. There are lots of other seasonal and festival-related things which you can sell on meesho. For example, on Diwali colorful lights demand usually increases so if you have products related to decorative lights you can sell them here.

2) Do I need a GST number for selling on Meesho?

If you are doing business with an annual turnover of more than 40 lacs then in this case you must need a GST number for applying as a meesho supplier. But, if in case your turnover is less than 40 lacs then you sell on Meesho even without a GST number. Also, meesho promotes small businesses to their platforms.

3) Is it good to Sell on Meesho?

If you have got a small startup or run a small business then it will be best for you to join as a meesho supplier. The company is genuine and authentic which has established it’s trustworthy with the thousand and millions of satisfied customers. You can easily list your product catalog on the app. The reason why you should sell on Meesho is that you will never have to compete with huge and well-established companies, unlike Amazon & Flipkart.

4) How to change the Pickup Address in Meesho Supplier?

Meesho Supplier platform also gives their user the option to change their pick-up address, update GST number, change profile, and many others. If you have entered the wrong pick-up address or it is being unreachable by the Meesho Logistics team then you may opt to change your pick-up address.

For changing your Pick-up address, you need to contact the Meesho Customer Care number. You can find their customer care executive number from the Help section in your account. Also note that, if the product has already been dispatched then you cannot change the pick-up address but if it is not dispatched yet then the customer care executive will guide you for changing the pick-up address.

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Conclusion- Meesho Supplier Login Panel

Meesho is India’s largest reseller platform where millions of small shopkeepers and entrepreneurs sell their products directly to other customers. The app charges a very low commission as compared to other huge e-commerce platforms.

If you have a wide range of products and want to gain customers from all over India then it will be the best platform to be suggested. There is not much competition on the app as the company is not directly involved in selling products as in Flipkart, Amazon, and other big e-commerce platforms.

To become one of the Meesho Suppliers, all you have to do is to create a supplier account on Meesho. Enter all the details of yours and once your account is approved you will be notified through email or phone call. You do not have to take any pressure regarding supplying of the goods as it will be handled by the Meesho Logistics Team. They will come to your pick-up location> take products from you> dispatch them to the respective user> Then after a few days amount will be transferred to your bank account.

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