Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone Launched- See Price, Features, & Specifications


Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone

In September, Meizu resurrected the mblu brand and announced a new sub-brand, ‘lifeme,’ for its lifestyle products. The LP21C wired earphones feature a built-in DAC and Conexant CX21988 chip for excellent sound quality. 

The Meizu mblu wireless earbuds feature a glowing 1.5-meter cable and are equipped with a microphone. 

The headset can be used in various activities, such as skateboarding, playing drums in the back of a truck, or exploring an abandoned building. These wireless earbuds also come with a built-in mic and microphone, and offer a high-quality, comfortable fit.

The Meizu mblu earphones are wireless and have a 1.5-meter cable that lights up. The Meizu mblu earbuds also have a light-up Fibrance cable. 

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Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone

Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone- Price

They’re available in China for Y=79 ($12) and are sold in China. You can find other products from Meizu at HiFiGo. Check out the Meizu mblu earphone review to find out what you can expect.

The mblu earphones use light-diffusing fiber from Corning, which is a flexible glass. The Glow version also has an illuminating cable. This pair of earbuds will retail for $139. 

The Meizu mblu earphones can be purchased at HiFiGo. It’s currently available in China, and we’ll update this review as soon as we can.

The Meizu mblu headset uses a wire connection, which means that the sound will be clear and free of latency. The Meizu mblu has a built-in microphone that is compatible with a variety of smartphones. 

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Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone- Comfortability


The Meizu mblu earphones are designed to fit comfortably in the ear. The wire used for this device is made of kevlar high-elastic wire and TPE material. 

The Meizu mblu earbuds are designed to fit most ears and have a low latency. The Meizu mblu is already available in China and will retail for around Y79.

The Meizu mblu earphones feature a 1.5-meter glow-in-the-dark cable that changes colors when you move your head. Its mblu earphones are lightweight and comfortable to use. 

Moreover, they are compatible with most devices. The Meizu mblu earbuds can be connected to most smartphones through Bluetooth. These earbuds will also connect to computers via an optical connection, which will increase their range.

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Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone- Features

The Meizu mblu is made from a special fiber that reflects light. The cable of the mblu is made from mblu, a type of flexible glass. The Meizu mblu earphones come with a charging cable and carrying case.

These headphones are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. You can also find them at a local Meizu dealer in China.

The Meizu LP21C Earbuds feature a neon effect that’s impossible with any other device. The glowsticks are controlled by an app. The earphones have three modes: night, day and neon. 

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Meizu Lifetime LP21C Earphone- Wrap Up

You can customize the glowsticks by choosing the most suitable one for your needs. They are also durable. You can wear them in a variety of situations.

The Recon 200 Gen 2 earphones are an outstanding accessory for gaming. The Recon 200 Gen 2 is compatible with Xbox Series X-S, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows Sonic. This model also supports both PC and mobile phones. 

A variety of gaming consoles and mobile devices can also use these earphones. They are compatible with most popular PC games and can be used on most mobile devices.

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