Microsoft launched Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India!!! Here are Details

Microsoft has launched a Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India. This initiative is part of Redmond’s global skilling initiative, which aims to educate 25 million people worldwide about digital security skills. 

To date, Microsoft has trained over 30 lakh people in India. The course provides hands-on training in security and identity. The training is open to anyone who wants to learn about cybersecurity. This course is free and open to anyone interested in learning.

The Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India is a government-funded initiative that will train over one lakh people in the fundamentals of cybersecurity in 2022. 

It is intended to fill the skills shortage in the cyber security sector by ensuring that the workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to stay protected online. 

In addition to being a good way to develop digital security skills, the course also aims to empower individuals in their own industries.

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Microsoft launched Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India

Microsoft launched Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India- Free for All

The course is free and open to everyone, but it’s limited to the general population. It’s not just for professionals. It’s also designed to educate women in the field of cybersecurity. 

There are several courses on cybersecurity in India available at discount prices. Participants can even earn certifications through this programme. 

The courses are conducted in partnership with leading industry and civil society organizations. You can also get your hands on a variety of new security-related tools, technologies, and tools.

The Microsoft Security Skills training programme is part of the Redmond Global Skills Initiative, with the goal of training 25 million and 2.5 crore people in digital security. 

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Microsoft launched Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India- Security & Privacy in Focus

As part of this program, Microsoft has created four new cybersecurity certifications, including the Security+Privacy which are available at no cost to all participants. 

The certification is available for free to all participants, and students can also receive a deep discount on advanced cybersecurity role-based certificates.

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Skill Programme is a new course offering hands-on training in the fundamentals of security, identity, and compliance. 

The courses are taught in collaboration with various strategic partners, and the course is available for people of all levels. It’s available for free and is open to all, regardless of their level of education. For more information, visit the website. The programmes will be offered for all levels of learners.

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Microsoft launched Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India- To train 25 million people

The Microsoft Security Skills course is part of the Redmond Global Skills Initiative and aims to train 25 million people and 2.5 crore people in cybersecurity skills by 2022. The course will provide hands-on experience in security, identity, and compliance. 

The Microsoft Azure programme is designed to be accessible and affordable for all. It offers cybersecurity courses for all levels of learners. If you’re interested, check out the website today.

In India, the Cybersecurity Skill Programme will help over one lakh people become secure and safe. The program will also empower women to take on cybersecurity jobs. 

It is a three-year programme and is aimed at equipping women with the right skills. However, it will be available only in Hindi. The program will be delivered through partner institutes. 

The course is free and open to anyone in India. It is a good opportunity to get a degree in the field of cyber security.

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Microsoft launched Cybersecurity Skill Programme in India- Wrap Up

This programme is a free training course offered by Microsoft. The company is aiming to train over 1 lakh people in India in cybersecurity by 2022. The goal of the programme is to equip the workforce with cybersecurity skills and to improve the quality of their lives. 

In addition to educating the workforce, the course will help them find jobs in the digital space. This training program is conducted by Cloudthat. It will also help employers find the right candidate.

The programme will help over one lakh people become cybersecurity experts. The training will be provided by Microsoft and partners. The company will also conduct the training sessions with partner organisations such as Koenig and RPS. 

The courses will be offered in a variety of languages and are offered free of charge. The program will also enable people to gain a certification for their work. The course will help them build their confidence and boost their career prospects.

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